15 WWE Stars Triple H And Vince McMahon Don’t Agree On

Triple H lays the foundation and McMahon either builds on it or completely crumbles it. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the negative side play out more times than not. It is clear, Triple H and Vince don’t see eye to eye on certain talent.

In this article, we’ll take a look at talents Vince and Triple H booked completely differently. Some sunk under Vince while in other cases, McMahon was able to maximize the talent while Trips didn’t really do much with them.

Fans are hoping that some of the wrestlers on the list rejoin Triple H and NXT at some point and hopefully, they’ll be able to relive their glory days with the brand.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

15 Finn Balor

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Clearly, McMahon and Hunter had different views on Finn Balor. Finn was Triple H’s guy with NXT and that held true on the main roster when Balor was crowned as the first-ever Universal Champion.

Following his injury, Balor would not continue the same success and McMahon basically booked him as an upper-mid carder. Finn is now back under Triple H with NXT – meaning McMahon likely sees less value in him.

14 Lio Rush

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Vince and Trips had different views when it came to Lio Rush. Triple H saw Rush as a big star in the ring. McMahon instead, saw dollar signs with Rush on the microphone and as a manager instead.

We believe Trips had the right idea as Rush recently returned to the ring capturing the NXT Cruiserweight Title in his return match. This guy belongs in the ring, not as a manager flapping his gums.

13 Elias

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With NXT, it was clear that Elias was a lower-card act in Triple H’s eyes. He barely won a match during his final days.

That all changed on the main roster as Vince turned Elias into a massive star. Suddenly, his live performances turned into the talk of Monday night RAW. Surprisingly, Vince maximized a wrestler’s potential, better than Hunter.

12 Drew McIntyre

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Both Vince and Triple H clearly see dollar signs in Drew McIntyre. However, they went about pushing Drew in different ways.

Hunter pushed McIntyre as a babyface. It was refreshing to see a big-man pushed as a fan favorite. However, McMahon reverted to old school booking, pushing the massive man as a heel.

11 Gran Metalik

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During the Cruiserweight Classic, Hunter pushed Metalik like the big deal he was pegged to be. Metalik made it to the late stages of the tournament and he almost won the entire thing.

He looked like a million bucks after the tournament, though it was all for nothing as he lost his way under McMahon. Let’s hope Triple H can rejuvenate this uber-talented WWE star.

10 Bayley

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Back in the prime of her NXT run, thinking about Bayley turning heel was a ludicrous idea. She was beloved by not only the younger fans, but all of the NXT Universe.

Somehow, that magic got completely squandered – so much so that Vince would be forced to turn Bayley heel in the recent episodes on WWE television.

9 EC3

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This was a big signing for Triple H and NXT – he worked the upper-mid card scene under The Game’s promotion, though he was called up prematurely.

The call up did a lot more harm than good. Under McMahon, the talent completely sunk to the bottom. It was said that Vince was none too pleased with the crowd reaction to EC3 during a match against Dean Ambrose... Vince is a strange fellow.

8 Alexa Bliss

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McMahon gets a lot of heat for his treatment towards certain WWE stars – on the flip side, he does tend to maximize a lot of others as well, on the contrary.

That was the case with Alexa Bliss, who really wasn’t doing much under Triple H with NXT. It all changed on the main roster, in McMahon’s eyes she’s among the elite in the company.

7 Apollo Crews

Who can forget the hype for Uhaa Nation as NXT played brilliant video packages hyping up the talented WWE star.

His NXT run was far too short and he was completely squandered by Vince. Since the move, Apollo has been nothing but a lower-card act. Here’s to hoping Hunter rescues this talent and we see him on Wednesday nights.

6 Lacey Evans

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Similar to Baron Corbin, Lacey wasn’t winning too many matches under Triple H. Vince instantly saw dollar signs in the talent, pushing her to the moon early on with a match against Becky Lynch.

We expect the push to continue as McMahon remains high on the talent. She appears to be the “chosen one.”

5 King Corbin

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During his final NXT days, Corbin couldn’t win a match and he was often booed by the NXT faithful.

Vince saw Corbin differently and he would forge quite the resume, winning both the MITB briefcase along with recently, the King of the Ring. Vince got it right with Baron as he’s among the elite heels these days.

4 Sami Zayn

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Looking back, it all started with the “Underdog from the Underground” putting NXT on the map. Sami became a lovable babyface who could’ve been compared to Daniel Bryan. He was truly that over.

Perhaps because he rubbed McMahon the wrong way backstage, Zayn was turned into a heel. Hard to believe the former NXT Champion has still yet to win a championship on the main roster... Ouch.

3 Shinsuke Nakamura

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Nakamura was NXT during his time with the developmental brand. He was leading the way for months and fans salivated at the thought of Nakamura on the main roster.

It all started off so great with the Rumble victory. It would soon come crashing down shortly after, he would be reduced to a forgotten mid-card act and later, change to a new heel persona.

2 Asuka

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Undefeated and untouchable, that describes Asuka’s run on NXT. Defeated and forgotten, that’s what she became on the main roster following a WrestleMania defeat to Charlotte.

Under Paul Heyman, Asuka seems to be regaining her edgy side; let’s hope McMahon stays away for good.

1 Brock Lesnar

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We close off the list with Brock Lesnar. Certainly, Triple H wouldn’t book Brock with such prominence given that he’s a part-time act. Hunter never really praises Brock either in some of his past quotes.

Of course, Vince has a different take. Time and time again, Lesnar is pushed to the moon with fans wondering "why"?

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