15 WWE & WCW Children Who Look Completely Unrecognizable Today

It is quite common for a wrestling child to enter the business like their mother or father. However, there is a handful that choose another field. In this article, we’ll take a look at both sides of the spectrum featuring wrestling children from both WWE and WCW.

Some are out on the indies trying to make a name for themselves with the hopes of duplicating their family success, while others chose a different road completely separating themselves from the world of entertainment. However, given the look on some of these kids, we wish they would reconsider career paths. Heck, Sting and Owen’s kids look like they’re in-ring ready today.

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15 Steven Borden (Sting)

via IG

Steven followed in his dad’s footsteps, unfortunately, those footsteps didn’t lead to a wrestling ring but instead the football field. Borden had a promising career.

The resemblance to his father is quite alarming, we can’t help but think of the Stinger when we see his son. Steven is also happily married, recently tying the knot and making it official.

14 Oje Edward Hart (Owen Hart)

via IG

It is rather chilling to look at photos of Owen’s son Oje, we can’t help but think of the late great Owen Hart when seeing his son.

Oje pays homage to his father via platforms like IG posting pics of his late dad along with heartfelt messages. We hope the problems between WWE and Owen’s family finally get resolved, as he deserves to be in the Hall and he deserves to be remembered forever by future generations.

13 David Benoit (Chris Benoit)

via IG

The late Chris Benoit’s son is a big-time wrestling fan. He typically attends WWE shows and he’s even given access to the backstage area.

David recently attended the AEW PPV in Las Vegas, Double Or Nothing. Who knows, maybe he’ll get the bug and climb in the ring like his father.

12 Garett Bischoff (Eric Bischoff)

via IG

Back in 2010, Garett was first introduced to the wrestling world with TNA. He joined his father Eric in the promotion – the signing was ultimately a total bust and one that fans really didn’t care about.

To Garett’s credit, he didn’t quit and in fact, he’s still in the business taking on lower tier indie bookings.

11 Terrell And Terrence Hughes (D-Von Dudley)

via IG

We might see a second coming of the Dudley Boyz in the future. Both of D-Von’s kids are in the industry and competing on the indies as a tag team. However, both have made it clear that they want to establish themselves as something totally different.

Heck, they even turned down a spot that paid homage to Dudleys during one of their recent matches.

10 Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker)

via IG

A little known fact, The Undertaker actually has four children spanning three past relationships. The most well-known child comes from his current relationship with Michelle McCool.

However, he has other kids, one from his first marriage to Jodi Lynn in particular. The person in the photo above is his son Gunner.

9 Bronson Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner)

via Twitter

Bronson, Rick Steiner’s son looks as though he’s already in-ring ready. Bronson took the football route. Back in the ‘90s, the next step following a football attempt was joining pro wrestling.

He definitely has the look to thrive and it should also be noted that he took to the ring at a small indie event. We can’t tell for sure, but let’s hope he caught the wrestling bug like his dad and uncle.

8 Brittany Page (DDP)

via IG

There was word behind the scenes that Brittany, DDP’s daughter along with Brooke Hogan (and others) had plans to start an all women’s promotion.

We don’t know if that plan is still in place, though given the boom currently going on in the women’s division, it isn’t the worst idea.

7 David Finlay (Fit Finlay)

via IG

Finlay III has definitely separated himself from his father’s shadow, debuting a different look and persona. He’s taking the proper steps at the moment working the indie scene.

He got his start in 2012 and he’s now a part of both Ring of Honor and New Japan. We won’t be too surprised if he eventually joins AEW as well.

6 Brian Pillman Jr. (Brian Pillman)

via IG

Speaking of generational talent, we now turn to Bruan Pillman Jr., who has an eerie resemblance to his late father Brian Pillman.

Pillman took part in the recent AEW Double or Nothing PPV. He was slotted into the number one contender battle royal matchup. Who knows, with more experience with MLW, perhaps he’ll eventually sign a permanent deal with the new company.

5 Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)

via IG

Some dads discourage their kids from getting into the business, but not Rey Mysterio. He was fully supportive of his son’s desires. Rey already got his son some of the best teachers out there, Dominic worked alongside Lance Storm most recently, according to Last Word On Pro Wrestling.

Once Rey hangs up the boots, it looks like his son will carry the family torch.

4 Shaul Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero)

via IG

Eddie’s daughter recently returned to the wrestling business. She worked as a commentator for Reality of Wrestling, Booker T’s promotion. Not to mention working as the ring announcer for Women of Wrestling.

Another recent announcement, Shaul joined Lucha Underground. This is exciting news that can only aid in her development. Maybe husband Aiden English might join her sooner rather than later...

3 Cody Hall (Scott Hall)

via IG

The 28-year-old definitely has the look of a star. He was blessed with his dad’s genetics standing in at over 6’6.

He continues to earn his stripes out on the indie scene wrestling for the likes of New Japan and Pro Wrestling Noah. Without a doubt, he’ll be on WWE’s radar sooner rather than later.

2 Xia Brookside (Robbie Brookside)

via IG

Robbie watched on like a proud dad as his daughter made her WWE debut at the Mae Young Classic. The remarkable part is that Xia was still a teen at the time of her debut.

She’s now 20 with still so much time on her side. She’ll work the indies and certainly, Xia will eventually join NXT, perhaps the UK division.

1 Mya Lesnar (Brock Lesnar)

via Pinterest

Truthfully, lots of fans would be able to recognize Mya as Lesnar’s daughter; the resemblance is uncanny.

Like her dad, Mya is also quite the athlete. She’s a standout track and field star over in Minnesota. She’s also a brilliant volleyball player. Who knows, with all these credentials piling up, maybe she’ll join the wrestling business one day?

Sources – IG, YouTube & Twitter

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