16 Candid Photos Of Bayley That’ll Make Vince McMahon Sweat

In the current era, Bayley has become a huge focal point in shifting the identity of the women’s division. She turned into a mammoth babyface over in NXT and we can’t forget the roar of the crowd during her main roster debut.

Thus far, it has been an up and down journey for The Hugger. Things appear to be on the upswing with a heel turn currently in the works; perhaps we’ll see Bayley’s identity change as well – fans might be hoping for edgier clothing.

If that’s the hope, then you came to the right place as we look at some steamy candids good enough to make Vince McMahon himself sweat a little!

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16 Sharpshooter Time

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The submission hold made Vince McMahon sweat for a different reason back in the late 90s. Who can forget HBK putting Hart in the submission and the bell quickly sounding right after?

This time, McMahon is sweating for another reason, as one of Bayley’s strong point seems to be sticking out... just a little too much.

15 Yoga Pants Appearance

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She’s great with the fans, thus WWE uses Bayley a lot for PR appearances. Out of the ring, she isn’t wearing her ring gear but instead what she’s most comfortable in, like her smoking yoga pants.

We assume the soccer players must have been drooling over Bayley’s ensemble, as did Vince!

14 Showing Her Moves

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Oh, that lucky No Way Jose! He got to dance with Bayley and let’s just say it was a rated R spectacle given Bayley’s smoking attire choice – she was in her signature yoga pants, showing off her brilliant curves.

Maybe now that she turned heel, we’ll see some of these outfits a little more often.

13 She’s Got Legs

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Not only does she have a backside but Bayley also has the legs. She’s a beast in the weight room and that definitely shows.

It was an emotional conversation between these three as they reminisced on some magical moments from the past – though fans just couldn’t help but stare intensely at Bayley’s legs in her tightly fitted dress.

12 Repping The Revival

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We can all agree that The Hugger should rep The Revival a little more often – especially in such attire. With all three on the same brand, who knows, maybe that can become an actual possibility.

The candid shot is a little creepy but hey, McMahon isn’t opposed to such content, right Vince?!

11 The Heel Turn

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She had the fans talking not only with her new look but also destroying the inflatable tube men as well.

Although the younger fans likely wept seeing Bayley turn heel, the aggressive teen demographic likely loved every second of it. And heck, we all secretly awed at Bayley’s new look.

10 Gym Time With Sheamus

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When she arrives in a new city, the first thing Bayley does is head to a local Cross Fit gym; given her experience, she has a certain gym in nearly every city.

In this insane gym she’s training alongside Sheamus, though fans don’t even notice the Celtic Warrior as they’re too busy looking at something else...

9 At The Airport

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She’s at the airport and once again we can’t take our eyes off of her.

Things are different for Bayley since joining the main roster. Back in her NXT days, travel was a lot easier constantly appearing at the same venue and taking a bus with the rest of the roster for live events. Safe to say things have changed pretty drastically since then.

8 Bathroom Pic

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A rare glimpse of Bayley and a stunning dress. We all know she’s a sporty girl and one that envisioned a future in wrestling since her younger days. Heck, she broke up with a boyfriend because of a crush on the Hardy Boyz!

Now that’s some serious dedication. Who could’ve predicted that Bayley would work with them years later?

7 Twerking With Sasha

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When it comes to live events that are non-televised, wrestlers are allowed to have a lot more fun and be flexible with their personas.

That’s exactly what Bayley does in this instance, even busting out a twerk alongside her best friend, Sasha. We won’t see this on live television that’s for darn sure.

6 Entering The Building

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She’s entering the building with a smoking look! Being a WWE star isn’t easy, not only are you traveling non-stop but wrestlers are also required to arrive at the arena hours before the actual show starts.

Some like to kick back and relax while playing video games; Bayley and The New Day fall under that category.

5 NXT Throwback

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An NXT throwback as Bayley somehow manages to steal Eva Marie’s thunder in the photo, something that really isn’t easy to do.

It was an innocent fan candid but one that had the fans talking given Bayley’s obvious glute prowess. We miss this Bayley but are excited for the heel Bayley to grow.

4 Soccer Star

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Soccer would be a lot more interesting if Bayley took part. The Hugger looks more than okay in this picture. She took part in a soccer practice over in Italy alongside the Serie A team Juventus, one of the top tier teams in the world today.

She didn’t have the soccer shorts but the black jeans get the thumbs up from us.

3 Swag Yoga Pants

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Bayley looks as though she can be a New Day member with that attire, all she’s really missing is the unicorn attachment on the side!

She’s making yet another public appearance for WWE, though we assume that’ll slow down since her recent heel turn. She’ll also have to ride around with the heels as well!

2 In The Ring

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She turned 30 just a couple of months ago and it is remarkable to see how far Bayley has come. She started on the indie circuit back in 2008 and by 2012, she was a member of WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

She became the most over female of all-time with Hunter's brand. Here’s to hoping she can replicate that success, this time as a heel over on SmackDown.

1 Bayley At The Mae Young Classic

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It truly is an odd visual seeing Bayley in such attire.

We can’t help but to applaud her, nonetheless. She looks fantastic in her blue dress, a throwback shot from the Mae Young Classic, a tournament Bayley would have taken part in no doubt if she was a new talent entering WWE.

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