16 Candid Photos Vince McMahon Did Not Want To Take

At the age of 74, McMahon continues on as the hardest working WWE employee. The guy just doesn’t stop and he’s now expanding his horizons to football, reviving the XFL league. He recently missed a couple of shows due to his involvement with the league.

He’s always on the go, yet candid pics of McMahon tend to be quite rare. A big reason for that is the fact that he travels on his own private plane, has VIP ground travel waiting for him the second he gets off the plane and when it is show day, Vince’s usually secluded backstage in an office only few can actually enter.

Nonetheless, we managed to dig up some candid shots from over the years. Some, feature McMahon with other WWE stars while the other pics snipe McMahon in candid settings. Enjoy, folks!

16 Behind The Scenes With Ronda

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When it is game time, be sure to stay out of Vince’s way, especially when it is an event as prestigious as WrestleMania.

McMahon works rehearsals for the show in the wee hours of the morning and at times, he even does the same the night prior to the event. He doesn’t have time for candid pics, like this sneaky screenshot taken of the boss alongside Ronda Rousey – the main eventer of the recent WrestleMania.

15 Dinner With Taker & Brock

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When it comes to keeping identities a secret, McMahon likely puts the biggest emphasis on the two in the photo above, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. In this rare photo, we get a sneak peek of the three out of their element and just letting loose like their true selves out of the ring at a dinner in Saudi Arabia.

In the photo, Vince is smirking while Lesnar also enjoys a laugh, pulling the L sign to Roman from across the table.

14 Car Troubles

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If it makes McMahon look weak, he doesn’t want us to see it. On his way to the WWE HQ, McMahon got into an accident with his stunning black Bentley. Thankfully, everyone involved was okay and escaped the ordeal.

The likes of TMZ did not shy away from posting candid pics of the incident, though.

13 Undertaker’s Backstage Collapse

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Another WrestleMania moment Vince wants us to forget about, this one for a different reason. As the boss went to embrace The Undertaker following his first ‘Mania defeat, the Deadman completely collapsed in front of the boss.

This candid shot shows Vince demanding some help. He would leave the event and tend to The Undertaker at the hospital.

12 Laughing With The Enemy

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They shared an up and down relationship, though as evidenced by Ambrose’s shoot podcast interviews, the end of his WWE career featured many more downs than ups.

Ambrose is the second major WWE star to jump ship to AEW. Certainly, that left a sour taste in Vince’s mouth. He now likely wishes that this photo didn’t exist, showing the two having a laugh after Dean’s title win.

11 At The Airport

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When it comes to traveling, rarely do we get any candid shots of Vince McMahon. He takes a private jet, while private ground transportation is waiting for him once he lands.

Such pictures are few and far between; this one features McMahon, Triple H and the head of WWE’s security team touching down at the Glasgow airport.

10 Lashing Out On KO

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At the gorilla position come show day, the mood can be very tense. Just ask the commentators who are drilled by McMahon throughout the show.

The same goes for the wrestlers, just ask Kevin Owens who didn’t receive the best feedback from the boss for his WrestleMania matchup against Chris Jericho.

9 Hiding At The Yankees Game

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Enjoying a sporting event or night out isn’t the easiest for WWE’s boss. Wherever he goes, fans are surely bound to take notice – even if he’s wearing a disguise.

This candid picture spots McMahon, though quite clearly he doesn’t want anyone to see him. McMahon took part in a Yankees game as a fan alongside his grandson.

8 Candid At The Hospital

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This is a candid pic Vince wasn’t ready for, nor did he want to take. At times, fans settle for these types of pics without asking the person. The likes of John Cena put people on blast for this in the past – it is always best to ask permission prior to taking a picture or video, as it is common courtesy.

Undertaker feels the same way according to his comments as well, especially in airports.

7 Post-Training Photo

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Not only does he work countless hours during their day and on weekends, but the same holds true after his long days. McMahon works out as if his life depends on it, heck his son-in-law Triple H refuses to work out with him because of his rigorous workouts.

In a rare photo, McMahon poses alongside soccer player Dimitar Berbatov. McMahon gym pics are few and far between, especially the candid ones.

6 Hugging It Out With Kurt

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The two shared a warm embrace both at the start and end to Angle’s WWE return. They first met at the WWE HQ following years apart. This year, Kurt would take part in a farewell match against Baron Corbin.

It was an emotional match which would carry over to the backstage area as Vince and Angle share this emotional embrace, one the boss likely would’ve wanted to keep on the DL.

5 Supporting The Troops

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A candid pic most thought they’d never see – the photo shows McMahon as one of the crew. He’s alongside some of his favorites including R-Truth, Big Show, Alicia Fox and former WWE star Eva Marie. Three of the four continue to enjoy tremendous longevity in Vince’s company.

The photo took place at a special Tribute to the Troops event.

4 Watching NXT

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Yes, that’s right, Vince does in fact watch NXT. That might not sit well with some wrestling fans as Triple H grew the brand from the ground up with lots of success.

Not to worry though, although Vince does keep tabs he’ll leave the control up to Triple H once the program makes its debut on USA.

3 Emotional With HBK

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Vince doesn’t like to show his real emotions. However, in certain cases, he just can’t help himself.

That was the case when presenting HBK, Shawn Michaels with his Hall of Fame ring. It was an emotional moment between the two, especially when assessing their long history together. McMahon probably wishes the embrace was kept behind closed doors.

2 Before The Streak Ended

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Just prior to the streak coming to an end, McMahon and The Undertaker shared a warm embrace at the gorilla position – one that should’ve been a moment that was kept behind closed doors.

We can still remember the eerie silence in the arena following the ref hitting the three count and Brock’s music playing shortly after the silence.

1 Hugging Roman

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We rarely see photos of these two behind the scenes – for whatever reason, Vince likes it that way when it comes to his marquee acts.

The same goes for John Cena as pics of the two behind the scenes are few and far between, despite years of working together. This pic comes after a devastating WrestleMania loss for Roman.

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