16 Celeb Moms Who Can Steal Their Daughter's Boyfriends If They Want

Would a mother really steal her daughter’s boyfriend? Perhaps it is something we’d see on an episode of Jerry Springer, but the likelihood is low…let’s hope. A mom who would do such a terrible thing to her own child would be quite a monster, and the daughter would be forever devastated, or at least plenty pissed off.

That said, there are some celeb moms who are certainly hot enough to snag a fella half her age. Not that they would ever do it, but they could get their daughter’s boyfriends to wonder what it would be like to canoodle with a cougar. Celebrity does have that effect on certain “cubs.”

By no means are we suggesting that these stars below would betray their darling daughters, but they could get any guy they wanted. Check out these 16 moms who are so delicious, they could date a man from any decade.

16 Kim Kardashian – When Her Kids Are Older, They Better Watch Their Backs

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Kim Kardashian is the IT Mom of the moment and probably will be for a long time to come. She’s gorgeous and goes the extra mile to look like a million bucks. There is no way that guys will get bored with her anytime soon. Kanye better keep an eye on her.

15 Kris Jenner – The “Momager” Is The OG IT Mom

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Kris Jenner is currently dating a guy more suitable age-wise for one of her daughters. Not to say a gal can’t get with a younger man, but Kris is always super flirty with any guy she gets around. She’d never go after one of her daughters’ guys, but she may go in for an extra-long (and awkward) hug.

14 Lisa Rinna – Her Daughters Got Their Good Looks From Mom

Via: people.com

Lisa Rinna has been famous for years, from the time she was on soaps to her reality TV life we watch today. She has two gorgeous daughters who are both up-and-coming models. Lisa is madly in love with her man, but she wouldn’t mind getting some attention from a college-aged cutie.

13 Katie Holmes – Suri Will Be Dating Soon

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Since things didn’t work out with Tom or Jamie, Katie Holmes is single, and we assume, ready to mingle. Her daughter is too young to date, but soon she’ll be in the dating pool alongside mom. Let’s hope they don’t go after the same guys! The tabloids would have a field day.

12 Demi Moore – A Certified Cougar

Via: Washingtonpost.com

Demi Moore famously married a man far younger, but her union with actor Ashton Kutcher didn’t last the long run. Her three daughters are now young adults, so who’s to say that mom won’t be seeking the attention of men they’d also be interested in? This could make for some awkward encounters.

11 Vanessa Williams – The Singer’s Still Sultry

Via: live.warm1069.com

Vanessa Williams has been a fabulous beauty for decades, and like a fine wine, she’s getting better with age. Her daughter better watch out because men her age surely find mom attractive. Vanessa would never step on her daughter’s toes, but some guys won’t give up on the chase for a cougar.

10 Tina Knowles – Beyoncé Isn’t The Only Beauty

Via: PopSugar.com

Beyoncé’s mom is a glamorous gal, proving the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Men who admire a classy lady would surely think Tina Knowles is a knockout. Beyoncé is happily married but that doesn’t mean mom can’t find a “Jay-Z” all her own. Solange better keep mom in line.

9 Kyle Richards – Four Daughters…Dang!

Via: celebzz.com

Reality star Kyle Richards has four amazing daughters and she is married to a very handsome and successful man. But let’s just imagine if she were single. This babe would be the best Beverly Hills had to offer. Kyle could be the star of a spin-off where we’d watch as she scooped up the studs.

8 Jada Pinkett Smith – She Must Drink From The Fountain Of Youth

Via: rollingout.com

Jada Pinkett Smith is stunning. Her youthful glow is gorgeous and she could pass for a woman at least a decade her junior. Jada has a beautiful daughter and she must wonder if her friends are hot for mom. They probably are since it would be a sin to ignore such a goddess. Will wouldn’t mind a bit.

7 Kate Beckinsale – The Brunette Loves A Boy Toy

Via: people.com

Kate Beckinsale recently made headlines because she was apparently dating a much younger gent. If the roles were reversed no one would think much of it, but when the woman is older, everyone goes bananas. Since Kate seems to have a thing for guys half her age, she may cross paths with dudes her daughter may be into. Let’s hope they are attracted to different types.

6 Kate Moss – The Model Still Turns Heads

Via: newstatesman.com

Model Kate Moss is as attractive now as she was when she first came on the scene. Now her daughter is following in her footsteps by becoming a model as well. While Kate can show her the ropes, let’s hope she doesn’t get too involved in her dating life. After all, once a guy sees how beautiful mom is, he may set the bar quite high.

5 Reese Witherspoon – She And Her Mini-Me Are Practically Twins

Via: refinery29.com

Actress Reese Witherspoon’s daughter is her spitting image. Guys from all walks of life must constantly compare the two ladies, making her daughter feel funny. On the other hand, Reese is probably quite flattered. Of course, Reese would never intentionally embarrass her child, but she can’t help it if younger fellas think she’s fine.

4 Uma Thurman – A Classic Beauty Never Fades

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Uma Thurman is striking a pose in her swimsuit, probably because she knows she’s still a stunning woman. Her daughter may not want mom to be so bold, but this actress will flaunt it forever. Men of all ages must find Uma irresistible, making her daughter want to stick her head in the sand.

3 Candace Cameron Bure – The Full House Star Still Sizzles

Via: PopSugar

2 Lisa Bonet – She And Zoe Could Be Sisters

Via: tumblr.com

Actress Lisa Bonet is ageless. Her youthful looks make her one to watch, and her daughter is surely keeping an eye on mom just like everyone else. These gals look more like sisters than a mother-daughter duo, and men must find both of them attractive. Let’s hope Zoe appreciates the fact that she’ll probably age as gracefully as her mother has.

1 Tish Cyrus – Miley’s Mom’s A Hot Mama

Via: Usmagazine.com

Miley may get all the attention, but when guys catch a glimpse of her mom Tish, they realize where Miley got her good looks. This woman is vivacious and glowing, proving to the world that even moms have a spark. Miley can take a page from her mom’s book on beauty.

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