16 Celebs Who Never Appear To Age (+4 Who Are Unrecognizable These Days)

There's no denying that celebrities have more of an incentive to stay looking amazing than the average person. After all, their appearance is a huge part of their job. Most of them have to look a certain way in order to get roles, whether that's shallow or not.

They do also have one major advantage over the average person, though—money. Simply put, celebrities have enough money to pay for the best of everything. They can schedule regular appointments with their facialist, they can have a personal trainer come to their home five days a week, and they can pay for luxe skincare that erases all their wrinkles. Many of them opt to go a little bit further on the cosmetic side as well, but that's a whole different story!

The fact is, since they have plenty of money for personal maintenance and care, and a huge incentive to stay looking young, there are quite a few celebs who look way younger than they actually are. We're talking decades younger. Sometimes, when we learn a celebrity's actual age, we can't quite believe it!

For fans who need a little self-care inspiration, we've got them covered. Here are 15 celebrities who never appear to age, and 5 who are looking almost unrecognizable.

20 Young Forever: Keanu Reeves, Who Is Stuck In A Matrix Where Time Doesn't Pass

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It's hard to believe that Keanu Reeves has been in the entertainment industry for decades now because he's looked the same for a long time! Sure, there are subtle differences, but overall, we'd definitely guess he was in his late 30s—not that he's 54 years old! That's right—Reeves is almost halfway to sixty, despite still looking amazing.

And, he's not allowing his age to limit the types of roles he takes on—he's still killing it in action roles. We can't wait to see him on screen again in the latest John Wick movie—it must take a lot of training to pull off that kind of character!

19 Young Forever: The Gorgeous Halle Berry

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Halle Berry could easily pass for someone at least twenty years younger. In fact, we're betting you'll have a hard time believing she's actually 52 years old. That's right—she's over 50! Berry has had her fair share of relationship drama over the years, but she seems to be at a happy, healthy place in her life now.

She's a proud mom of two adorable kids and basically works whenever she finds a role that catches her interest. Sounds perfect to us! Honestly though, we kind of want the scoop on her skincare routine and eating habits because it's ridiculous how amazing she looks!

18 Young Forever: Will Smith, Who Still Looks Like He Just Wrapped The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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Pretty much the only way you can guess what age Will Smith is in any given picture is his outfit. You can tell which pictures are from his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days because he's rocking quintessential '90s styles. Other than that, though, you probably would have no idea—his actual face has stayed the same for decades now!

While there are many actors who shoot to stardom on one show and then never get another hit, he's been consistently working in the industry ever since his first show. And, he's even transitioned to movies (and released a few more songs along the way).

17 Young Forever: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Who Gets Even Better With Age


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a strange case of an actor who actually seems to be getting legitimately better with age. Back when he first burst onto the scene, he was, well, a little bit nerdy. He had longer hair and didn't really have his sense of style down yet. He kept booking gigs in the industry, and eventually started to refine his own look—and the results are pretty amazing.

He easily could pass for a cool 20-something aspiring actor, but he's actually approaching 40 now. Who knew? It's also so hard to believe that he's now a married father of two—he still looks so young!

16 Young Forever: Friend To All, Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston first was introduced to an international audience when she booked the role of Rachel Green on Friends. Hold onto your seats for this one—that was 25 years ago! The classic sitcom debuted in 1994, and a young 20-something Jennifer Aniston lucked out in a major way. She later transitioned into movies and has been an A-Lister ever since.

This year, she actually celebrated her 50th birthday, which is really hard to believe. She certainly looks different than she did in her 20s, as she's become a bit more toned and lost some of the roundness in her face. However, she could easily pass for someone ten or twenty years younger.

15 Young Forever: The Stunning Kate Winslet

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If it seems like Kate Winslet has been in the industry forever, it's because she has. She got her start on screen way back when she was just a teenager and has been working steadily ever since. She's one of the rare talents who seems to do just as well in huge blockbusters as in small indie flicks, and she's a total superstar at this point. The smash hit Titanic put her on the map—and she was just 22 when she starred in that movie!

Now, Winslet is a 43-year-old veteran in the industry, but she barely appears to have aged over the years. She's also an outspoken advocate for women aging gracefully and dislikes photoshopping and retouching—we love celebrities that hold a strong stance on that!

14 Young Forever: Boy Next Door Turned Action Superstar Paul Rudd

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Paul Rudd got his start in the industry in the early '90s and has appeared in a wide variety of movies over the years. Many rom-com fans know him as Cher's dreamy love interest in the cult classic Clueless. Comedy lovers will know him for his role in the Anchorman movies—and, he's a frequent star in Judd Apatow's flicks.

And, as if that weren't enough, he entered the Marvel universe a few years ago and has appeared in several films as Ant-Man. There's pretty much nothing this guy can't do! And, if you can believe it, he's actually 50 years old now. He looks virtually identical to when he was just a 20-something young actor on the rise!

13 Young Forever: Blonde Pop Queen Gwen Stefani

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Fans of Gwen Stefani and her former band No Doubt will know that it took the pop star a while to settle on her signature look. When she got her start in the industry, she rocked awkward make-up, all sorts of bright hair colors, and braces. After a while, she settled on her slightly retro, edgy look, characterized by her signature platinum blonde hair and ruby red lips.

It's obviously working for her—it looks like she hasn't aged in a decade or more! She looks absolutely stunning, and we'd easily guess she was in her 30s, but she's actually celebrating her 50th birthday later this year. We never would have guessed!

12 Young Forever: Jada Pinkett Smith, Who Also Has The Potion For Agelessness

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We hope that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's kids know how good they have it—they inherited some amazing DNA! Like her hubby Will, actress Jada Pinkett Smith seems to have found a magical fountain of youth that allows her to stop the aging process. She's rocked a lot of different looks and hairstyles over the years, and she's not afraid to mix it up and keep her look fresh.

Regardless of what hairstyle or color she has, or what outfit she's wearing, she looks far younger than her 47 years. I mean, can you believe that she got her start in the industry way back in 1990?

11 Young Forever: Gwyneth Paltrow, Whose Appearance Proves Goop Must Do Something

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A lot of people criticize Gwyneth Paltrow's brand Goop, which often promotes offbeat products with sky-high price tags. However, we have to admit—based on the way Gwyneth herself looks, obviously something she's doing is working! She's been in the industry for 30 years now, and she's actually 46 years old.

Her style has definitely changed over the years, but she hardly appears to have aged over the past decade or more. We may just have to invest in a few Goop-approved creams if it means getting a complexion like Gwyneth's! There's just something about her look that's so fresh and flawless.

10 Young Forever: Jennifer Lopez, Still Slaying At Almost 50

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We literally cannot believe that Jennifer Lopez will be celebrating her 50th birthday this year. I mean, the woman looks amazing! She could easily pass for someone in her 20s or early 30s, which is no small feat. Now, it's not just good genes—Lopez has been open and honest about the fact that it takes a lot of work to look the way she does. She has a crazy workout regimen and avoids plenty of things that impact your appearance, like adult beverages.

Whatever she's doing, though, it's obviously working—she looks phenomenal. If she ever decides to hang up her dancing shoes, she should definitely launch a whole lifestyle empire.

9 Young Forever: Child Star Turned Superstar Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore has certainly had a tumultuous life. She got her start as a child actor and transitioned from that into a troubled teen before battling some of her demons and becoming a successful actress, producer, and entrepreneur in her adult years. There's just something about her energy that is so youthful and optimistic, and we'd easily peg her for at least ten years younger than her actual age of 44.

She just seems like one of those people that will seem younger than her age forever, and not because she's immature or anything like that. She just seems to vibrate with such positive energy that draws you to her.

8 Young Forever: AC Slater Turned Red Carpet Staple, Mario Lopez

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Back when he was on the teen favorite Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez had some interesting looks. He was frequently rocking teeny tiny wrestlers' uniforms as his character A.C. Slater and had a curly mullet that we certainly wouldn't want to see on him today. His style has evolved over the years, but you wouldn't be able to tell that decades have passed simply by looking at his face—he seems to have not aged at all over the years!

We have a feeling that his prominent dimples have a huge part to play in that. There's just something about dimples that communicates youth—although he probably has a pretty intense skincare regimen to keep the wrinkles at bay as well!

7 Young Forever: America's Sweetheart Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock has reached a point in her work where she's started to take on more interesting, meatier roles. For a while, she was the reigning rom-com queen and was the female love interest in countless light-hearted romantic movies. However, she didn't transition from those types of movies to more serious dramas because she aged out of the romantic lead roles—in fact, we could easily still envision her playing a 30-something starlet.

It's tough to believe that she's now in her mid-50s—54 to be exact—because she just looks so amazing! We don't know how this busy star does it, but whatever she's doing is obviously working.

6 Young Forever: Scandal Star Kerry Washington

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Kerry Washington captured the world's attention as the incomparable Olivia Pope on Shonda Rhimes' hit drama Scandal. Many fans of the show assumed that she was a young actress just getting started, when in fact, she's been in the industry since the mid-90s!

Scandal is definitely the project that put her on the map, but she had been working steadily for well over a decade before landing that role. While we would easily believe that she was just in her late 20s or early 30s, Washington is actually 42 years old. Seriously, we need all the details! She's just always absolutely glowing.

5 Young Forever: Gabrielle Union, Who Could Still Play A 20-Something

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Many people assume Gabrielle Union is much younger than she is because of the roles she took on. Back in the '90s, she became a household name after appearing in a ton of teen movies, including She's All That, Bring It On, and 10 Things I Hate About You. However, when she appeared in those movies, she was actually not a teenager—she was in her mid to late 20s!

She eventually progressed from playing a teenager to playing more complex adult roles, but she definitely doesn't appear to have aged at all. She's now 46 years old, which is totally crazy—we would have guessed late 20s, max!

4 Unrecognizable: Lindsay Lohan, Who Had Several Tough Years

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It's no surprise that Lindsay Lohan has had a rough decade. She went from a successful child actress to a successful teen actress who seemed on the path to becoming a total superstar. The transition from teen roles to more mature roles can be challenging, but most assumed she could handle it.

She ended up falling victim to some personal demons, though, and had a rough patch for a while. Unfortunately, many of the decisions she made took their toll on her looks, and she ended up looking way different than the fresh-faced redheaded teen starlet she once was. She seems to be back on the right track now though!

3 Unrecognizable: Blonde Babe Melanie Griffith

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Melanie Griffith has been around in the industry for decades now. She got her start as a blonde babe back in the '70s and went on to star in hits like Working Girl. She had a few less successful projects over the years, but she was always absolutely stunning. However, as she got older, she turned to unnatural means to try and preserve her looks. She ended up changing her face over the years until her natural beauty was totally transformed.

She's made some decisions, as she told Porter, saying that "I went to a different doctor, and he started dissolving all of this stuff that this other woman doctor had put in." We're so happy for her—she should definitely just embrace her natural beauty!

2 Unrecognizable: Teen Star To Partying Hard, Tara Reid

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For a while, it seemed like Tara Reid was absolutely everywhere. She was starring in a ton of popular teen movies and had a blue-eyed, blonde look that spelled major success in the industry. Sure, she didn't seem like the type to appear in indie flicks, but most envisioned she would have plenty of success in more light-hearted roles. She ended up focusing more on the glamorous, partying elements of the celebrity lifestyle than the actual work, though, and things started to unravel a bit.

Then, to make matters worse, she decided to make some adjustments to her look via artificial means. We can never understand why such gorgeous actresses decide to change the way they look!

1 Unrecognizable: Brendan Fraser, Who Pretty Much Disappeared From Hollywood

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In his younger days, Brendan Fraser was a box office sensation. He had the strong, classic good looks that made him perfect for a wide variety of roles, and he flawlessly moved from being a teen star to a successful adult actor. Then, however, things got a little bit rougher. He had some things happen in his personal life that took their toll on his appearance, and he pretty much disappeared from Hollywood for nearly a decade.

Lately, he's been working his way back into the industry, appearing in a few projects, and we can't wait to have him back! He certainly doesn't look the same as he did when he was younger, but as long as he's healthy and happy, that's all that matters.

Sources: Ranker, Screenrant

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