16 Couple Age Gaps Vince Doesn’t Want Us To Know About

It is starting to be a growing trend in the industry, wrestlers dating fellow wrestlers. Given the grind of the road life, it only makes sense to date someone that understands the industry and heck, WWE stars can spend time with a loved on the road. Almas and Charlotte along with Lynch and Rollins are examples of that.

Those couples are relatively close when it comes to age. However, we can’t say the same for those on this list. We’ll feature current and retired WWE stars dating people that are a lot younger. We also have a case of a former WWE female married to a huge WWE star (and she’s the eldest by a decade!).

Enjoy the article, folks; here are couple age gaps Vince doesn’t want us to know about.

16 Finn Balor & Veronica Rodriguez – 6 Years

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Finn recently confirmed why he was taking time off from WWE. Balor married sports host Veronica Rodriguez this past week. Visually, most would think the two don't have an age gap at all.

However, Balor is close to entering his 40s while his wife recently entered her 30s. Nonetheless, the age gap is quite tame compared to the others on this list.

15 Sheamus & Isabella Revilla – 19 Years

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To his credit, the age gap doesn’t look as bad since Sheamus decided to get in the best shape of his life, transforming his physique completely. A comment from the boss completely set Sheamus off. He looks better than ever today.

His girlfriend seems to agree. The beauty Isabella Revilla is only in her early 20s however, while Sheamus recently entered his 40s.

14 Peyton Royce & Tye Dillinger – 11 Years

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Another new couple to recently tie the knot features an AEW talent along with a WWE talent. Despite the different schedules, Royce and Dillinger aka Shawn Spears remain madly in love and they recently made it official.

Like Balor and Rodriguez, the age gap really doesn’t look all that bad – at least for now.

13 Batista & Sarah Jade – 20 Years

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This age gap is a little more intense spanning two decades. Batista underwent two failed marriages prior, his first took place way back in 1990, lasting eight years. His second also spanned eight years with ex, Angie.

He seems happier than ever nowadays alongside dancer Sarah Jade. The two tied the knot in 2015.

12 The Rock & Lauren Hashian – 13 Years

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We can add The Great One to the list of wrestlers that recently tied the knot. It was a busy year for WWE stars locking down their partners; Balor, Dillinger, and Johnson are just some of the wrestlers that walked down the aisle this year.

Rock has an age gap of 13 years with his wife Lauren. We can hardly tell, heck this is the same guy that brought his gym to the honeymoon destination! No joke.

11 Paige & Ronnie Radke – 9 Years

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As evidenced by Total Divas and well, social media in general, it is common knowledge that Paige likes to date. However, that might’ve come to an end as she’s locked down with Ronnie Radke, a musician, in the last couple of months.

The couple seems to be having a great time together, evidenced by their IG accounts. The near decade long age gap really doesn’t show.

10 Matt Hardy & Reby Sky – 12 Years

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Matt Hardy has a great way of keeping things fresh with the audiences – he does so by changing gimmicks on the regular.

This creates longevity in the business and few fans realize he’s going to be closer to 50 than 40 very soon with his 45th birthday looming in September. Wife Reby is still on the other side of her 30s, recently turning 33 in August.

9 Hulk Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel – 21 Years

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Here’s a huge age gap. Back in his prior relationship, Hulk and Linda were a lot closer in age.

It isn’t the case in Hogan’s new relationship – you know it is a pretty seismic age gap when the media and fans associate Hulk’s wife with daughter Brooke... they do look eerily similar, we must admit.

8 The Undertaker & Michelle McCool – 15 Years

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Age 54, Taker is still somewhat wrestling. Though he spends most of his time back home alongside his lovely wife Michelle McCool and their daughter.

Undertaker had two other relationships prior, his first took place in the ‘80s with Jodi Lynn. McCool was a nine-year-old at the time while Undertaker prepped for his first wedding...

He would tie the knot once again in 2000 to Sara, though even that would end in divorce.

7 Brock Lesnar & Sable – 10 Years

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Surprisingly, this age gap works in the opposite direction; Sable is the elder one in the relationship. The two met during Sable’s final WWE run.

They started a family away from the public – the two moved off the grid to Saskatchewan. We don’t hear much about the couple and both would like to keep it that way.

6 Sasha Banks & Sarath Ton - 8 Years

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Sasha is married to WWE seamstress Sarath Ton, aka Mikaze. There’s a reason she always has the best gear...

The two have been together for quite some time and Ton even wrestled like Sasha back in the day. Banks isn’t the biggest advocate for posting photos of the two given the backlash it caused amongst fans via social media. Followers can be nasty with their comments at times.

5 Raymond Rowe & Sarah Logan – 9 Years

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Off camera, these two are married. Who else thinks that Logan should be added to her husband’s tag team? She would be the perfect fit, in truth.

Logan is really just getting started at the age of 25 while Row is nearly a decade older and got his start in the industry way back in the early 2000s.

4 Bret Hart & Stephanie Washington – 26 Years

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The WWE legend went through a couple of relationships during his time in the wrestling industry. His longest came with Julie Smadu, a marriage that lasted 20 years.

Hart briefly married Cinzia Rota in 2004, though things didn’t work when Hart refused to move. He’s now happily married to Stephanie Washington – a partner that Hart has a near three-decade age gap with!

3 Kurt Angle & Giovanna Yannotti – 18 Years

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Living the retired life, Angle definitely has his hands full out of the ring, Kurt has six children from his former and current marriage combined. Of course, Angle previously tied the knot with Karen Jarrett, who later married Jeff.

Angle is happily married to wife Giovanna Yannotti nowadays. The two are nearly two-decades apart.

2 Ric Flair & Wendy Barlow – 19 Years

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Yup, Flair went through his fair share of failed relationships. It all started back in 1971 with his first wife Leslie Goodman. Then came Elizabeth Harrell, the mother of Charlotte Flair. The two stayed together from the ‘80s till the early 2000s.

Tiffany VanDemark and Jackie Beems are Flair’s other failed marriages from the 2000s. He remarried for a fifth time in 2018, tying the knot with Wendy Barlow.

1 Jerry Lawler & Lauryn McBride – 39 Years

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The biggest age gap on this list of almost 40 years! The age gap shows in this one; according to The Sun, Lawler suffered a stroke during a 'steamy' session between the two. They also had a domestic dispute a couple of years back as well.

Despite the age gap, they seem to be on great terms nowadays.

Sources – The Sun & IG

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