16 Cringe-Worthy Memes That Perfectly Describe You Being Awkward

Have you ever been scouring the internet and have happened to come across a video or picture so cringe-worthy (and strangely relatable) that you don't know what to make of it? At first, you wonder how another human being has gone through a situation just as messed up as one you have been through. Then, you feel better about yourself that you aren't the only one who has gotten themselves into awkward situations like this. Some people aren't as aware of their surroundings as others are; which makes for an awkward predicament on its own. Below are 16 real situations that others, just like us, have gone through. Hopefully, there is some good karma coming their way after what they went through.

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16 When you're the third wheel

Via: funniestmemes.com

A time or two in our lives, we have been the third wheel or seen a person suffer through the act of being a third wheel when out in public with a couple. It's always the couple that packs on the public displays of affection and doesn't seem to understand why their friend feels uncomfortable until after the night is over.

After finding out you and the said couple were the only ones getting together, you had an uneasiness of hanging out with them in the first place. But, your friend promises you it will be fine and you will all have a good time. If you gotten anything out of the situation, it's the lesson learned to never be so gullible again. Let's be honest—third-wheeling is never fun.

15 When a cold becomes something else

Via: ifunny.co

Have you ever heard of that one website (WebMD) where you can click on a certain virtual body part and diagnose your sickness for free? If you haven't, you've probably been living under a rock. The unfortunate souls that put their trust into websites like this are revving themselves up for disaster. They may just have the symptoms of the common cold. But, once that crazy diagnosis gets inside their head, it becomes a rare disease combined with a side of smallpox that takes their stress levels over the edge.

We all know that when we put our trust into websites like this, it will never be a simple sickness. It will most likely be a disease from the 1800s that will drop your chances of living past a certain age. Lesson? Stick to actual doctors and we can all avoid stressful situations like this.

14 When you need a technological password

Via: imgflip.com

When you are in unfamiliar places (such as a new acquaintance's house or a first time visit to your significant other's parent's house), you want to be as polite and uncomplicated as possible. But after two hours, you remember your crappy phone plan only allots you with so much data. You usually are in a place with free WiFi, but the anxiety kicks in and you wonder if you will go over your small amount of data for the month. You try to find the right moment to ask, but never get the chance. You don't want to pry and make them feel like you are overstepping your boundaries, but those overage charges are expensive and nobody got time (or money) for that.

13 Introductions

Via: tumblr.com

The act of introducing yourself to a room full of people wasn't enjoyable in high school and it still isn't enjoyable when it happens as an adult. It often feels forced and lame to tell people anything other than your name because let's be honest, does anyone care? Everyone is either texting on their phone or counting down the minutes on their phone until they can leave the room full of random people. But, to make the teacher or presenter happy, we all do it because those are the types of awkward moments we have to get through in our lives. Not only are you the first one to introduce yourself, but you realize your life is pretty boring at the moment and you have nothing interesting to share with the room. Life is great.

12 The only one that didn't get the memo

Via: imgur.com

If you haven't been Neon Boy at a rave before, you have at least seen this type of thing happen. Only one dressed up in a scary costume for a Halloween party (remember Mean Girls)? Awkward. Only one wearing white at a wedding that isn't yours? Awkward. Only one dressed up in a ball gown at a casual party? Super awkward. It always seems like there are one or two people at social functions like this that are dressed inappropriately and we all feel for them. Unless you are cool with standing out like a sore thumb, you probably want to run back to your car and see what threads you have in your trunk that could be more suitable.

On the other hand, in a sea full of people looking all the same, at least it'd be a good picture where you wouldn't have to worry about blending in.

11 No butts about it

Via: memey.com

Do you remember in high school when that one teacher was completely oblivious as to where their "goodies" were positioned? It could also be the teacher that has missed a few too many buttons on her blouse or the male teacher that shrunk his pants a few too many times and now you are distracted throughout the entire lecture by his, ahem, member. Whichever situation you have had to endure, it's awkward as hell. Everyone else in the room sees your pain, but no one would have the balls to tell the teacher what is going on. All you can do is pray before class that you won't fall prey to an awkward situation such as this. After all, wasn't high school awkward enough as it is?

10 The awkward photograph

Via: dumpaday.com

We have all been in photos with friends or family where someone may not be paying attention and is looking away from the camera. The other classic situation is when someone has their eyes closed at the exact time the picture is being taken. But, no one realizes until the time has passed that it actually happened.

In this case, these women's arms are positioned so perfectly (or not perfectly at all), that the poor woman in the back looks naked. Of course, no one really notices at first, besides the "naked lady" and she has to be the one to point it out. Now everyone is picturing her naked. Hopefully there were other pictures taken throughout the night to make everyone forget about this one. Awkward!

9 When words just fall out of your mouth

Via: relatably.com

This one is awkward. Sometimes, small talk is so automatic that we don't realize the weirdness that has spewed out of our mouths until the moment has passed. It's always with strangers or acquaintances (because why wouldn't you remain totally calm, cool and collected when in social situations like that?).

For us social introverts, this situation happens more times than we would like to admit. On a first date? Might as well say something stupid. In front of your super intimidating boss and need to make a good impression? Yeah, go ahead, say something stupid. It could also be an exchange with someone you will never see again but, it's still awkward to look like a bonehead. Lastly, these exchanges are always made when you are alone and vulnerable, (because if you were with a friend, you could just laugh it off). How fun is that?

8 The missed hand gesture

Via: wifflegif.com

Awkward! Now that people like to whip out their phones whenever they have a chance, videos like this get caught on camera and the rest of us get to laugh at the awkwardness it exudes. Sometimes, two people aren't in sync with each other and awkward exchanges such as this are made. All you can do when you are caught on camera is act like it didn't happen and move on. Not caught on camera? Do the classic hair swipe and hope no one else in the room had to see that. Human beings are awkward by nature; but seeing cringe-worthy videos such as this make us realize even cool kids like Tom Brady have done it, too. Hopefully he got a full-on high five later.

7 Miscommunication problems

Via: funniestmemes.com

Usually, most strangers on public transportation want to be as polite as possible because they have to sit and listen to the people near them. There aren't a lot of situations that are more awkward than when a stranger and yourself have miscommunication and you don't feel comfortable enough to correct them. Sometimes, after a long day at work, all we want to do is have some peace and quiet on our long journey home. But, sometimes, the adventures of public transportation doesn't work out that way. We don't see it coming, but a stranger decides to strike up a conversation with us. We panic and end up doing the opposite of what our brain is telling us to do. In this case, it's using sign language as a means of communication when it's not necessary. Very awkward, indeed.

6 Check your hearing

Via: lockerdome.com

This one could happen to the best of us. Sometimes, we can't seem to cope with multi-tasking and thus, forget to actually listen to what the person that is talking to us is saying. If it's someone we don't know very well, it could get pretty awkward. After all, you can only say "what?" so many times. So, in order for the person to not completely give up on you and stop talking, you realize your fault and agree (hoping that whatever they just said didn't get you in a predicament to do something ridiculous). Sometimes, it's manners over honesty in situations like this. Sometimes, you just need to get through life's situations by smiling, nodding and pretending like we know what is going on around us.

5 Flirting and failing

Via: tumblr.com

Trying to flirt with someone you don't know is tricky. They could absolutely love it or think you're a creep. That's just the risk you have to take for human connection. We've all had a crush that we wanted to impress. We practice what we are going to say in the mirror so the conversation goes smoothly. Then, we get the bravery to approach them and everything falls apart. Some of us are great under pressure and stress; others don't do so well. We can be great at our jobs, our hobbies and the bonds that we keep with our friends and family. But when it comes to flirting, our brains decide to throw that all out the window and instead, come up with something along the lines of what you would only hear in a bad romantic comedy. If you're lucky, your crush might be as awkward as you are when it comes to flirting and love everything you say.

4 Remembering puberty

Via: funnymeme.com

Most of us were '80s and '90s babies. Us girls liked Doc Martens, glittery eye shadow and butterfly hair clips. For the boys, it was frosted tips, baggy pants and Starter jackets. In those days, it was mandatory that we all go through that awkward stage of being a preteen transitioning into a teenager. Nowadays, it seems as if teenagers skip right to adulthood. You could say it's society's fault. You could blame their parents for letting them out of the house like that; but it seems like so few teenagers go through that awkward stage anymore. While we had Teen Vogue and subtly took our mom's People Magazine, teenagers are now exposed to social media influences by celebrities or fashion trends that require less clothing. No matter what's in their Kool-Aid, we wish we could've been this cool back in the day too, don't you?

3 The wrong one

Via: tumblr.com

Isn't it the pits when we thought we were right all along and then suddenly, we find out we aren't? We had such a good argument as to why we were right and we were willing to fight for it. Usually this happens with parents or a significant other; and if you are like most people, you hate when those types of people were right the entire time. It's like time stands still when you try to muster up something to counteract your wrongness. You want to be right so badly that you just keep going on with the argument, hoping the other party subsides. At this point, your face gets red and you start to lose all hope. If you are really clever, you might be able to pass off that you were joking around or that you just wanted to get a reaction out the person. Either way, the realization of figuring out you were wrong is awkward.

2 Storytelling

Via: tumblr.com

When there's a group of friends sitting around talking with each other, it's hard to get a word in sometimes (especially if you aren't one of the loud and obnoxious ones). You have this great story but cannot get a word in, so you just forget about it. Then, another subject comes up and you have yet another great story, but you get overshadowed. And in an attempt to be heard, you start talking, hoping everyone starts to listen. It doesn't go so well because you are half way through your "great story" and no one is looking your way. Unless they have excellent hearing, they don't realize that you are talking. For anyone that has been that person, it's excruciatingly awkward. Half the time there is someone staring at you and halfheartedly listening, but they don't let on that they are. Sigh.

1 Awkward thoughts at midnight

Via: tumblr.com

Finally, the mother-load of them all. We can all attest to the fact that sometimes our brains just don't shut off when we want them to. We are so incredibly tired, but our brain starts thinking about that recipe we saved on Pinterest four weeks ago or that weird comment our friend Monica said to us at that party a while back. No one knows why this phenomena happens, but it's awkward even when there's no one around. When the initial situations happened, the moment passed and it was done. Now that you are comfortable in your own bed, the thoughts arise and start swirling around in your head. You think about all the "what-ifs" and how you could have stopped a certain awkward situation from happening.  If you are lucky enough, sleep will take over and in the morning you will forget any of these 16 awkward situations ever happened.

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