16 Cringey Photos These Amateur Drivers Don't Want Us To See

The average attention span of everyday drivers might be one of the most terrifying aspects of leaving the house every morning. Looking around at other people during their daily commutes, as they text, chat on the phone, do their makeup, and read the newspaper, just proves that it's a miracle more accidents don't happen every single day.

Amateur drivers used to just get yelled at until they fixed their driving habits; nowadays, everyone around them has a cell phone with a built-in camera, so they take pictures and share them online. Of course, the irony is that taking pictures of an amateur driver while you're driving only makes you an amateur driver yourself.

But even in a social media era when the standards for cringeworthy have risen immensely, there are some pretty terrible, scary drivers out there. Keep scrolling for 16 of the worst pics that these drivers don't want anyone to see.

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16 Gimme a Hand Here

via BuzzSpeed

This photo just proves that some motorcyclists have completely lost their minds. Nevermind how dangerous lane-splitting as a practice might be, especially in dense traffic, this guy looks like he's just holding onto the van for balance. And most importantly—in terms of proving what an amateur he is—he's right in the van's blind spot.

15 Put The Phone Down

via Patch

Seeing people texting while driving or on speakerphone with one hand on the wheel has become a common occurrence on the road, despite what recent law changes require drivers to do. But this driver is about as irresponsible as it gets, not even leaving one hand on the wheel to keep the car going straight.

14 Glowy Light

via Pinterest

The morning light streaming through a car windshield might make you look great, but please don't take selfies while driving. This glowy blonde has one hand on her face, the other presumably holding her phone, and zero hands on the steering wheel. And those green eyes are definitely not on the road.

13 Nails Did

via videoblocks

Some people might justify texting or talking on the phone while driving by saying that they only do so at stoplights or that they only look at the phone for a split second. Of course, studies have shown that it's the distraction factor that leads to accidents—though have any studies checked up on how much attention it requires to paint fingernails while driving?

12 My Way Or The Highway

via YouTube

Driving in cities that are mostly made up of one-way streets can be a real pain, even for residents who might be used to their typical routes. Many drivers find keeping track of which roads go which direction difficult, despite signs posted at every intersection. One quick reference point, though, is that cars on both sides of the streets are parked facing the same direction.

11 Parking Revenge

via The Philadelphia Parking Authority

Drivers who park annoyingly infuriate the rest of the world. Sometimes, though, people who park taking up a ton of spots give everyone around them a chance for some fun. Good luck getting out of this parking job! Of course, the mess is so big that no one's having any fun at the end of this workday.

10 Late for Work, Got Stuck

via Autoweek

Way too many drivers don't keep their eyes on the road, which can result in some gnarly situations. It's hard to think of a quicker way to destroy a nice Porsche than driving it straight through some wet cement—this is even worse than when Tom Cruise let his dad's Porsche roll into the water in Risky Business.

9 That's A Pagani

via Road & Track

Pagani's cars are so rare and valuable that seeing one on the street is a treat few gearheads will ever get to enjoy. Seeing one racing around on an ice lake, then, might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not to mention driving one. But presumably, anyone who owns a Pagani and is willing to drive it on a frozen lake would know how to drive better than this.

8 Fire Her Up!

via Holy Horse Power

Days at the lake might provide fun for the whole family, but not when dad's been hitting the sauce so hard first thing in the morning that he can't figure out how to get the boat in the water. This is one of the most insane pictures ever to grace the internet. Backward doesn't even begin to describe this driver's amateur towing technique.

7 So Cold

via Reddit

The motorcycling phenomenon known as the squid comes in all shapes and sizes, but few are as radical as this guy. The hilarious part is that he's got a huge, warm, protective jacket on up top, plus gloves, a helmet, and boots, while his legs are exposed to the elements with nothing more than pink fishnets.

6 Ghost Ride The Whip

via YouTube

The only consolation that the rest of the world can find comforting about this photo is that it appears to have been taken in a parking lot. Still, this group of hooligans "ghost-riding the whip" has broken the windshield of the car—or maybe the car was already messed up so bad they didn't think the risks of ghost-riding would outpace the potential for fun (and injuries).

5 Donkey Kong's Revenge

via Pinterest

This donk just gives everyone who sees it the willies. The ride height would be impressive on a monster truck, but the bladed wheels and low-profile tires cause a sense of vertigo, like the car is going to collapse onto the pavement with a bang at any moment. Driving this car faster than five miles per hour might prove fatal.

4 High-Centered

via YouTube

Many Jeep owners just assume that because they've got a Wrangler, they can pretty much go anywhere. In fact, the opposite is just the case, as proven by this image of a high-centered Jeep in the middle of open terrain. Only an amateur could succumb to such overconfidence, no matter how many locking diffs their Wrangler has.

3 So Low

via YouTube

The generation of gearheads that grew up loving the Fast and Furious movies is now of the age where they can buy the cars they saw on the big screen and modify them in ridiculously absurd ways. Case in point is this lowered RX-8, which is too low to even get up the driveway to make it to the garage without losing its body kit.

2 Stance Nation

via Jalopnik

Stance Nation remains popular despite the fact that the fad has ruined just about every vehicle possible. Look at this Scion, which can't even make its way over a tiny speed bump to get out of way of everyone else and their modified cars. There's simply no reason to stance a car, ever, it turns out.

1 Nap Time

via Florida Today

The hilarious and cringe-worthy part of this photo is the man's bored facial expression while scrolling his phone. His eyes should be on the road, his phone should be in his pocket, and his hands should be on the steering wheel. Instead, he's taken his attention away from driving, only to be bored out of his skull.

Sources: Wikipedia, Jalopnik, and Stance:Nation.

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