16 Haircuts That Gave Us Uncontrollable LOLs

We’ve all had major lapses in judgment when it comes to getting our haircut and styled. When I was a kid, I proudly rocked a bob that went a little past my ears and bangs. Nowadays, whenever I see my parents proudly displaying photos from that era on the étagère, my first instinct is to cringe so hard and resist the urge to grab those pictures so that I can safely burn ‘em to smithereens. They’re an embarrassing reminder of my past fashion fail and I hate the fact that my parents display those photos that show off my terrible haircut for all visitors to see in their home.

Then there are the people that proudly upload their haircut faux pas to social media, and don’t seem to realize that stylists all over the world—and pretty much everyone else online—are cringing at their terrible taste. Whether it is a mullet or a terrible cut and dye job, the following 16 ‘dos are so bad that it makes us want to bawl our eyes out from the epic fails.

16 I Want To Know How They Got The Net To Stay Put

Via: Imgur

There is so much fail going on this this haircut and it really is unbelievable. First off, that is a PITIFUL mohawk and I’m pretty sure the punk rock crowd would laugh their butts off if they saw this. Second of all, how the heck did the stylist manage to glue an ACTUAL net to their hair? Even with the strongest glue I can’t imagine that it would stay on for THAT long. What the frick did they do, use a spell from the Harry Potter universe to make it stay in place? Now I just have a mental image of a hair stylist waving a magic wand and shouting “Tragicus hairstylus nettis,” just as a basketball net appears fully formed onto the side of this dude’s mohawk.

15 Gotta Leave A Part For The Headphones

Via: Pinterest

I have a sneaking suspicion that this person wanted a cool haircut that looked vaguely futuristic but it seems like their stylist dropped the ball. Sorry dude, but this ‘do doesn’t look like something that would’ve appeared in an awesome sci-fi movie about our dystopian future when we were battling aliens. It looks more like you got sick of your hair getting caught in your ear buds and you decided to shave the sides of your head so they would stop getting tangled.

I hate to break it to this person, but they really need to fire their stylist ASAP because the minute they step outside, everyone within a five-mile radius is going to have to go to the emergency room because they’re breathless from laughing so hard.

14 Not How You Do Layers

Via: Pinterest

This hairstyle brings up SO MANY QUESTIONS, with the main one being “Was the stylist DRUNK when they cut this chick’s hair?” It honestly looks like they took a ruler and started chopping off ends at random. It is SO damn obvious that whoever was cutting this woman’s hair had NO clue what the frick they were doing and instead of layers, it looks like a pseudo-mullet. This poor woman must have been SO UPSET AND MORTIFIED when she saw the end result because you KNOW that crap is going to take FOREVER to grow out. Plus, there’s a good chance it might grow out uneven too and she’s going to have to look for a whole new salon in order to fix the damage Drunky McDrunk stylist caused.

13 Claude Frollo Lives, Y'all

Via: Imgur

How did NO ONE take one look at this guy and not IMMEDIATELY break out into "The Bells Of Notre Dame"? This dude looks like he wants to cosplay as Claude Frollo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Where is Phoebus, Quasi, the gargoyles, and the rest of the cast from the animated film? I really want to know why he decided to get his hair chopped off like a darn monk. On what planet does someone see the stained glass windows with pictures of ye olde monks from ye olde Medieval times and think to themselves “Damn, that’s a cool haircut and I NEED TO GET IT IMMEDIATELY.” Just WTF, my dude, WTF. How his parents and his relatives didn’t choke to death from laughing so hard at the sight of his bald head is beyond me.

12 Look, It's The Eye Of Sauron

Via: Pinterest

Listen lady, J.R.R. Tolkien contacted me via Ouija Board from the great beyond and he told me that he wants his Eye of Sauron back. That’s called copyright infringement y’know.

That’s a lot of hair spray on the “eye lash” and this woman had better not stand too close to a stove, otherwise her hair might catch fire. If she had done an ombre with longer layers, her hair would’ve looked pretty damn cool, but this? This is a perfect example of a hot mess. The eye looks like it was drawn on the back of her head by a rambunctious toddler and I can’t help but cringe at the thought of how much bleach went onto her head in order to create the white strip in the middle. Her hairstylist needs to be fired ASAP.

11 Google's Should Sue Him

Via: Pinterest

Okay sure, Google Chrome is a better Internet browser than the old Internet Explorer or even the old-school AOL browser, but I can’t get over the fact that someone shaved his head AND dyed it to look like the icon. There’s being a computer geek and then there’s this epic fail of a haircut. That poor barber must have been shaking their head at this guy all throughout their styling session. Although there is always the chance that Mr. Google Geek here decided to grab a pair of scissors or a razor and this ‘do is a DIY job. Man, he’s going to regret this haircut so hard once those colors start to fade and he looks like a washed-up Ronald McDonald. Let's hope the color was only temporary.

10 Someone Really Loves Their Cigarettes

Via: Imgur

Who on earth wakes up one morning and decides to get a haircut that looks EXACTLY like a pack of cigarettes? Can we say WTF? Who the heck thought this looked cool? It seriously looks like she took a carton of cigarettes and glued them around her strands of hair. Not only is this haircut the weirdest damn thing anyone has ever seen, but it is also in poor taste. Many people dislike cigarettes because they have lost loved ones that were smokers to Lung Cancer or they are actively trying to quit their smoking habit, so it is pretty tacky to get this hairstyle. Then again, karma’s going to get her when she gets sick of this ‘do and it hurts like hell trying to get her normal hair back.

9 Prepare For Takeoff

Via: Pinterest

The fact that this woman teased her hair into a freakin’ HELICOPTER made me burst out laughing. Hell, even my dogs took one look at this photo, backed away with their hackles raised, and started barking their fool heads off. THAT should tell everyone reading this that this haircut was one of the weirdest things that has ever graced the pages of the Internet. All she needs is a pilot’s outfit with one of those goggles and those long scarves, and she’d be set. I’m also cringing at the amount of hair spray she probably had to use in order to tease her hair into a literal helicopter. Not only is she now incredibly flammable, but it probably took COPIOUS amounts of shampoo and conditioner to get all that gunk out of her scalp.

8 Drunk Haircuts Never Work Out

Via: Pinterest

I hope this lady learned her lesson: never, EVER leave a razor out in the bathroom after drinking with friends, otherwise the alcohol will tempt you into shaving off a strip of hair from the back of your head.

This is probably one of the worst cuts I’ve seen. Not only is it utterly hilarious, but there is NO way to hide the damage unless this chick just shaves off the rest of her hair and wears a wig until it all grows back evenly. Unless she wants to rock the bald look. What possessed this woman to do such a stupid stunt? Was it the evil spirit that controls bad hairstyles? I think someone needs to perform an exorcism of the razors and scissors, it seems as if they are possessed!

7 Totes Punk Rock


What the heck is the deal with this ‘do? So they shaved their head except for the two braids on the side and the bangs. Did they have an infestation of head lice or something like that? I just don’t understand how someone can be like “Ah yes, I am going shave off most of my hair and just leave this bada** fringe and these two braids.” No one tried to talk them out of it? No one tried to toss them a wig and then and be like “Hey bestie, you need to wear this until your hair grows back in normally.” I don’t get it. Did a beaver sharpen his teeth and go to town on this person’s scalp while they were sleeping?

6 Mad Scientist Alert

If you listen closely, somewhere you can hear Bill Nye the Science Guy screeching his head off from shock after he saw this guy’s attempt at having a cool “mad science” hair do. The fact he shaved his head except for three tufts and THEN dyed it an ugly color of yellow is so damn cringe-worthy. Who the heck was his stylist, Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s It? Then again, this haircut is so bad that I’m pretty sure Pennywise would've took one look at him, thought to himself “I need to do the world a favor and make sure this hair fail never sees the light of day EVER AGAIN” and dragged this dude down into the sewers. Heck, even the Loser’s Club wouldn’t want to save this dude from the killer clown because his haircut is so bad.

5 They're Way Too Flammable

Via: Pinterest

This person must’ve used so much hair spray and hair gel on their locks that now they're freakin’ flammable and is now a fire hazard. What sort of Willy Wonka bull crap is this? I keep staring at this photo because I half expect a bunch of Oompa Loompas to pop out behind them and engage in a song and a dance. I’m utterly shocked that Gene Wilder’s ghost hasn’t appeared to him and snatched away all that hairspray and gel. He’d definitely say something along the lines of “You totally need to stop looking like an extra in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because this is NOT a cool style and everyone’s laughing at you. Just go back to the salon and ask for a much-needed makeover.”

4 Artsy Fail

Via: Imgur

How much hair spray was required to tease this woman’s long flowing locks into a literal VIOLIN? And what the heck required her to do this kind of thing, anyway? Is she a violinist? Did she always secretly want to play the violin and is now living out her dream via her hair? WTF is this hipster haircut? Just looking at this photo makes me wince because I can’t even begin to imagine the migraine she’s going to have after wearing her hair like this for a few hours. Heck, her head is probably going to hurt after only a half hour — that violin has to be heavy AF. Someone run to the nearest store and grab her some Excedrin ASAP because I have a sneaking suspicion she’s going to need it.

3 And The Award For Most Atrocious Mullet Goes To...

Via: Imgur

Mullets are a terrible hairstyle, but this one has to take the cake. The top part of his hair sticks straight up, which is a fashion atrocity in and of itself, but he had to go and add a mullet too. This dude’s facial expression is also hilarious — he honestly looks like he thinks he is tough. I hate to break it to him, but this haircut is LAUGHABLE and does NOT make him look tough, WHATSOEVER. People are going to laugh hysterically at his haircut rather than run away because they are scared of him. I really want to know how his stylist didn’t crack up laughing when they gave this dude a mullet. I know I would’ve been rolling around on the floor if I was asked to give him this ‘do.

2 Part Human, Part Skunk

Via: Imgur

And here we have a part human, part skunk hybrid. I’m not sure what’s worse, the mullet or the bad dye job. Is this woman trying to woo Pepe Le Pew from the Looney Tunes cartoons? I’m shaking my head at her hairstyle choices. Didn’t ANYONE pull her aside and try to talk her out of this hot mess? I can’t believe none of her friends saw this epic fail and went “Meh, let her find out on her own.” If one of MY friends wanted to get such a terrible haircut I would do EVERYTHING in my power to convince them to go back to the salon to get it changed. Since this photo’s been plastered all over the Internet, maybe all of the teasing and the jokes got through to this woman and she realized looking like Pepe Le Pew’s cousin was NOT a good look so she made the decision to change it.

1 This Dude Really Loves Geico

Via: Imgur

It blows my mind that some dude woke up and decided “Not only am I going to get a mohawk, but I’m going to paint it so it looks like the Geico lizard; I REALLY want to save money.” Did he think that if he modeled this ‘do after Geico’s mascot they’d be REALLY impressed and give him a discounted rate for his car insurance? Sorry my dude, but it does NOT work like that. The best part about this hysterical haircut fail is that he actually glued real GOOGLY EYES TO HIS MOHAWK.

I can’t. I just can't.

If I saw this in real life I think I would pass out from laughing so darn hard at this mess. One of these days he’s going to look back at photos from this period in his life and he’s going to be utterly mortified.

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