16 Hall Passes That Will Make Anyone Giggle

Some teachers are just too kind and that’s a mistake. Students can smell fear and kindness and they will take every ounce the teachers are willing to give…and then some. Once teachers have had enough, they get creative. They take away all the little things the students used to enjoy, like easy bathroom privileges and they make it harder than ever before. We were all students at one time or another. We understand! And we even applaud the teachers for their creativity. With hall passes like these, what student makes up excuses to go to the bathroom? Some of them probably even hold it as long as they possibly can or just wait for the between class break. In the meantime, we get to giggle at the hall passes these ingenious teachers created.

16 The larger than life pencil

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It’s one thing to use a pencil as a hall pass, it’s another to use a pencil that's larger than most students. Pencil hall passes aren’t very practical, really. They’re too small, easily lost and any student could fashion a fake. We dare the students in this class to attempt making a fake hall pass! We would love to know who made this life-sized pencil and whether they initially created it as a hall pass or if it was an art project that then morphed into a hall pass later. Either way, students aren’t getting anywhere fast with this giant pass. Though, it may take a bit longer in the bathroom as they struggle to get the pass in and out of the stalls.

15 Take the world with you

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If you really need to use the restroom or run an errand during class, it’s fine with this teacher. You just have to take the whole world with you! Perhaps, it is a geography class and there are enough globes to go around. This isn’t a pass that students can tuck into their pockets and forget to turn back in. They can’t even hide the thing in their lockers! This pass could be a bit too entertaining for some students. They might get caught up in the game where you spin the globe, point your finger and see where you land. But, assuming they’re more embarrassed to carry the thing than anything else, this should help limit outings to the bathroom, lockers and other locations around the globe.

14 Oops, she did it again

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Obsessions are something most people have. There are celebrities that even teachers look up to. Though,  most of them do so in the privacy of their own homes, so as not to be made fun of by students. This teacher lives her preferences out loud. She loves Britney and she wants everyone to know it! She even uses her likeness to torture her students a little bit. Picture a punk rock-loving student with this hall pass! It wouldn’t go over well with his friends, that’s for sure. Rather than cart Miss Spears up and down the hall, many non-fans would probably just wait for another class to ask for a hall pass. Though, they may hope that someone else uses it so Britney's not staring them down the whole period…

13 The hall pass of danger

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You wouldn’t want your students sneaking off to the bathroom to smoke during your class, would you? This teacher ensures it doesn’t happen by sending flammable hall passes with his students. It’s okay to use the restroom! It’s fine to grab your assignment in your locker! But, try to get away with anything and you risk blowing your face—and everything near you—to bits. Is this a wood shop teacher who happened to have this item on hand for woodworking projects? Or, is this a teacher with a wry sense of humor that purchased this item simply for hall pass use? Hard to say, but with any luck, it does its job well and helps prevent bad habits from forming early in students' lives.

12 Pick a pumpkin

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Need to use the restroom during class? Fine! Pick up a pumpkin and go! Pumpkins stay in fine form for quite some time, but what happens when it starts to wilt? Will the teacher get a new pumpkin or will students have to take a rotting pumpkin with them to the washroom? This is one hall pass that could go downhill eventually. It’s already an inconvenience. It can’t easily be carted from place to place and it can’t be shoved into a pocket or backpack. But, once it starts to rot, it takes on a whole new level. This teacher is training her students bit by bit. First, make it inconvenient. Second, make it disgusting. No one will ever ask for the pass again! Insert evil laugh here.

11 Embarrassment works

Via: TeachersNotebook.com

How do you prevent students from asking for the hall pass just to get out of the classroom for a few minutes? You make it so embarrassing that the only way they will wear it is if what the pass says is actually true and they have no choice but to make their way to the bathroom as quickly as possible. Because if the pass is true, staying in class is the worse of the two options. If the pass is not true, staying in class is the better option over wearing this pass, right? And when it comes to teens, avoiding embarrassing situations is at the height of their to-do list. They don’t want to give any one any reason to point and laugh at them!

10 The nasty, dirty baby pass

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Hall passes get around. Students use them on a daily basis and they get carted to a variety of locations. They touch different hands, bathroom floors, lockers and a variety of other things. But, have you ever seen a hall pass that looked quite this bad? Was this a formerly used baby doll that was carried to every playground in the city and then turned into a hall pass? Obviously, the students have had a little too much fun with markers on the poor baby doll, but the filth of the thing is enough to discourage some from asking to use it during class. And the poor doll! All she really wants is for a child to love her and this is what her life has become!

9 Rodents for hall passes

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It’s okay to discourage students from leaving class during a teachable moment. They might miss an important part of the equation that will leave them behind the rest of the students. This teacher invented a creative hall pass to get that point across. Need to leave class? Fine! You have to take a rodent with you wherever you go! The only problem is that when someone is desperate enough to actually leave the classroom with this “pet,” they could very well scare the pants off of another teacher or student along the way! Especially if it happens to be lunchtime for part of the school and they walk past the cafeteria. What if the rat disappears when they’re in the bathroom?

8 Clean up on aisle seven

Via: TeachersNotebook.com

It’s good to teach students life lessons as they learn about English, math, science and all the other typical stuff. This teacher is doing just that with his hall pass. And there are a variety of lessons to learn! The first is to clean up after yourself! And it’s easy to do that wherever you go when you have this hall pass with you. It’s a convenient tool if you spill something somewhere while you are gone. The second lesson is: don’t tell the teacher you need to use the restroom unless you really do. Because if you say it, you have to take this hall pass out for a spin and it’s not very cool. And everything in a student’s life needs to be as cool as possible…or else!

7 Timely breaks from class

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When teachers pass off a hall pass to a student, they want the pass (and the student!) back in a timely manner. This hall pass is simply reminding the student that they are not to take their sweet time with the pass while in the bathroom. This large, time-centered pass will stare at them and tick away the whole time they are in the restroom, reminding them that their time is limited. The large pass is also very bulky and hard to maneuver in and out of small school bathrooms. Since it is taller than most students and uniquely shaped, it definitely stands out in the hall, the bathroom and anywhere in between. This student, for one, does not look pleased to sport the large pass!

6 Take the trash out while you're at it

Via: BoredPanda.com

Need to use the restroom? Perhaps you need to get an assignment, while you’re at it? Fine! Take the trash out, too! Students won’t request hall passes from this teacher often, since they will easily be mistaken for the janitor. No student wants to appear as if they secretly work for the school. Or maybe this came from Home Ec, where there actually is a lot of trash that needs to be thrown out. In that case, the teacher hands out the pass freely to get away from taking the trash out on their own! It’s a small punishment to the student directly from the teacher, just for requesting a "get out of class free" card (even for a few minutes). Students in this class want to stay, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

5 Take the teacher with you

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When you say you need to go to the bathroom during class, your main goal in life is to get as far away from the teacher in the classroom as the pass will allow you to go. This pass, however, defeats that purpose soundly. You have to take the teacher with you—a rather large version of the teacher! And you can’t even get away from her telling you to hurry because she can still do that the entire time you’re gone. Depending on how students feel about this particular class, this pass could be a deterrent. It might be better, easier and less embarrassing just to sit through the class rather than carry this thing around the halls. Teachers beware; you don’t know what will happen to your face when it’s out of your sight…

4 Labeled for life

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Students put labels on each other all throughout their school careers. There will be certain groups and tables at lunch, certain people who fit into specific categories and so on and so forth. The teachers in this school took that fact of life and turned it into a learning opportunity with this hall pass. They simply labeled the student with an element of the truth. While they are in the bathroom fixing their hair or killing time, they have to wear this pass. So, everyone knows what they are doing. There’s no question about it. It’s not an important mission. It’s not an emergency; it’s a waste of an educational opportunity. That in and of itself is an educational moment, is it not? The only way to make it better would be to make it bigger…

3 Make-it-yourself hall pass

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There’s no way to know for sure, but this hall pass looks like it came from a woodshop class. And perhaps a student even made it. So in reality, this hall pass was a great educational opportunity in many ways. The student likely had to spend weeks carving and creating the hall pass. If they really want it that bad, they should get to use it after all that time and effort! But then, they have to drag around this large pass whenever they go somewhere, so really, it’s not a benefit. It’s a double-edged sword for the students. And it looks heavy,  too! It certainly won’t get lost in a coat pocket, but the student who takes it to the school bon fire might accidentally toss it in…

2 From Russian, with love

Via: Buzzfeed.com

There’s a lot of love for the single, carved wooden leg figure. Think about the movies. You’ve seen the leg lamp, right? So, why are these students complaining about using this leg as a hall pass? Well, quite simply, because it’s weird! Where did the leg come from? Where’s the rest of the mannequin? Is another teacher using an arm or the head? The head might be worse, but the leg is definitely more bulky. Hopefully, the staff at this school is in on the hall pass debacle, or they might stop students just to ask what in the world they’re doing with a leg in the hall! Perhaps the other side has ‘Pass’ written on it so everyone knows just what it is actually for.

1 Shelving is highly versatile

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Teachers love buying items for their classroom that they can use in a variety of ways. They have limited space and a limited budget, so they have to make things work in several different areas in order to make it worth the space and the money. Apparently, the same is true for the class hall pass. Teachers are tired of laminated, paper hall passes disappearing, so they’ve started to get more creative. This hall pass is nothing, if not that! The teacher didn’t need to hang things up anymore, so the shelf works well as a hall pass. Or maybe, she does still hang things on it and students use it less and less, depending on what she has on it that day! Today, it’s just a clip board and a basket, but tomorrow…who knows?

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