16 Halloween Costumes Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Divas

WWE knows a thing or two about Halloween. Back in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, the women would typically dress up and take part in gimmick matches specialized for that day of the year. WCW did the same thing during their run in the wrestling business. Heck, Halloween Havoc was one of the favorite PPVs of all-time; who can forget that stunning stage?!

We don’t see it as much with the Divas these days – though they still love to play dress-up outside of the ring. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best costumes rocked by the current crop out of the ring. We’ll also feature throwback shots of steamy outfits worn by the likes of Stephanie and Trish on WWE television in the past.

Enjoy, folks!

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16 Charlotte With A Batwoman Twist

via Pinterest

Perhaps a future gimmick for Charlotte? Well, she’ll have to make adjustments to the attire as it really isn’t FOX friendly and quite revealing, to say the least – we assume Andrade would turn red in the face seeing this ensemble.

Though it is pretty cool that he can easily dress up as Batman. Maybe he can cut off the sleeves for some extra-skin showing of his own...

15 Trish As Wonder Woman

via Pinterest

Back in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, it was common for a Diva to play dress-up during a Halloween special or heck, even on a Thanksgiving episode.

Although more viewers tuned in, the women’s division was filled with gimmick matches. Of course, Trish never disappointed when it came to her costumes of choice.

14 Paige As Harley Quinn

via Pinterest

Who wore it better? Paige or Alexa Bliss? Both rocking the Harley Quinn look – Alexa actually did so on-screen.

We can say that Paige put more of an edgy twist on the costume – one that could have been suitable for the Attitude Era back in the day. We don’t mind it, but Vince might.

13 Edgy Cinderella

via Pinterest

She entered WWE through the Diva Search and despite coming up short, Maryse managed to stick around, creating a great career for herself.

She could have been a great Cinderella as well – she looks like the Cinderella you might see at a theme park. The only problem though is that might be a little too much cleavage for the kids – Miz might beg to differ.

12 Stephanie McMahon Throwback

via YouTube

During her days as the SmackDown GM, Stephanie McMahon used an edgier character. Conforming with the Ruthless Aggression Era, McMahon had our attention on most nights, especially with such costumes.

This one is among the most memorable. Steph’s night ended with a steamy encounter alongside Eric Bischoff – a moment she calls the most regrettable of her entire career. Ouch!

11 Oh Torrie

via Pinterest

Torrie took part in several different gimmick matches during her time on SmackDown. Wilson admitted she wasn’t into the in-ring aspect all that much, though she loved to play dress-up and weave her way into storylines by other means.

She rocks a costume in the pic above that she wore on SmackDown back in the day, alongside Dawn Marie.

10 Alexa Bliss As Goldust

via WWE

Alexa Bliss as Goldust... this is truly awesome! Heck, maybe Cody could’ve lasted a little longer with his Stardust gimmick had he had someone like Bliss by his side in that type of look.

Surely, Vince won’t be happy with this costume given that Goldust now works for the competition – a promotion started by his brother!

9 Super-Girl Twins

via Pinterest

Oh, the Bella Twins; they continue to take our breath away, even though their WWE involvement is limited these days.

The twins got their start in FCW and would make it on the main roster. Both would end up thriving with the company – more importantly, they became the catalysts for allowing WWE to thrive on reality TV with Total Divas.

8 Catwoman Carmella

via Pinterest

Who wore it best: Carmella or Charlotte? That’s one heck of a battle, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Carmella has all our attention with the outfit and we can say the same for her appearances on WWE TV, since she’s always looking top-notch. Mella works just as hard out of the ring than she does in it.

7 Becky & JoJo Throwback

via Pinterest

It wouldn’t be a complete list without featuring The Man, Becky Lynch! She stole our hearts at the SmackDown premiere on FOX, rocking a suit. She’s a star and obviously at the moment, the company’s biggest one.

Here she’s in a throwback pic that Vince might want us to avoid, looking a little less like The Man. Alongside JoJo, Becky is her sidekick. We all know The Man never plays second fiddle!

6 Braun’s Sidekick

via Twitter

A rare throwback pic McMahon might not be too fond of. It shows the lighter side of his most dominant WWE star, not to mention one of his best female heels at the moment.

This great photo was taken at the Performance Center. Both were just getting started with WWE, having a little fun with the costumes.

5 More Harley Quinn

via Pinterest

This time we turn to Lana for the Harley Quinn outfit. It suddenly turned into a Triple Threat Match for who wore it best.

These days, Lana totally changed gimmicks aligning herself with Bobby Lashley. It is one of the more cringe storylines considering her real-life marriage with Rusev – who’s basically watching all of her current steamy antics...

4 Paige The Army Girl

via Pinterest

Oh goodness, Paige definitely has our attention with this outfit. She’s an Army girl but definitely with a rated R twist.

With all the edgy content on RAW at the moment, who knows, maybe Paige might be allowed to appear on the show with a similar ensemble. Here’s to hoping the fan favorite returns in some capacity in the near future.

3 Sasha As The Hugger

via Pinterest

Here we have the Boss changing identities and turning into her best friend The Hugger, Bayley. It would be quite the moment seeing the two alongside one another dressed in the same attire. Maybe they should have done so during the tag team run at the top of the division. We’ll have to dream about it instead.

2 The Shining Twins

via Pinterest

The Bellas are loved by WWE executives, including the most powerful man, Vince McMahon. A big reason is for their brilliant PR skills outside of the company, constantly promoting the brand.

They dressed up with these creepy costumes on Jimmy Fallon – a show they’ve appeared on multiple times in the past.

1 Bayley & Nia

via Pinterest

These two would make quite the duo together. If Bayley needs more heat, this would definitely be a strong choice.

Okay, partnership aside, we can’t help but to laugh at Bayley’s representation of the Pink Power Ranger. She would get quite the ovation if she ever decided to rock that outfit in the ring.

Sources – Twitter & WWE

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