16 Hilarious Protest Signs That Will Make Anyone LOL

The right to a peaceful protest is invaluable in society. It allows people across genders, race, religious denominations and sexual orientations to speak out and stand up for what they believe in. Over the years, the art of protesting has changed. With the advancement of technology and the blossoming of social media, protests, much like Twitter and Facebook, have become yet another platform for people to express themselves creatively. And the medium through which people do this, is of course, the protest sign.

Some take this opportunity to craft some thought-provoking prose. Others try to coin a new chant or revolutionary slogan. And a few gems out there, turn to humor. Because everyone knows if you're oppressed enough that you have to organize a protest to fight for your rights, you probably need a good laugh, too. Here are 16 protest signs that will make just about anyone LOL.

16 Stating the obvious

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A protest can be a life-changing event. You get to stand up for a cause you believe in, and witness others utilizing their right to speak up, as well. That being said, there are certain aspects of protests that are a little less peachy. Crowds can get overwhelming, food and drinks aren’t exactly provided and if you’re holding a sign, your arms are probably dying by the end of the day. And since a protest sign is essentially a way of relating to your fellow protestors, what could be more appropriate than a sign about how annoying it is to hold a sign? Talk about meta. We’re sure everyone was nodding their head to this sign in between chants.

15 Pointing out red flags

There are some things that instantly make people seem more trustworthy. Putting on a seatbelt? Definitely. An admiration for Bob Ross? Undeniable. And owning a dog? What’s your phone number so we can put you as our emergency contact? Alternatively, pointing out that someone doesn’t like these things is a surefire way to get people to raise their eyebrows. What? This person never puts on their seatbelt? That’s odd. They despise Bob Ross? What’s this guy’s deal? Okay, that’s it. He doesn’t own a dog either?! There’s definitely something up with this person. They simply cannot be trusted. Fire up the search. A suitable replacement must be found. We won’t have some seatbelt-free, Bob-Ross-hating, dog-loser in power. We draw the line somewhere.

14 Pun wizard

Harry Potter is a classic good versus evil story. It evolves into an epic battle between Voldemort and his death eaters looking to suck life and joy out of everything and a group of wizards looking to preserve all that was good in the world. Needless to say, people have been finding much comfort in the plot, especially in the current political climate. And what better way to express that comfort, than through a protest sign? Enemies are afoot… rights are slipping away already… Slytherin pun! This sign has it all. Now we just need a movement that will have everyone calling Trump, “he who shall not be named.” People are already avoiding his name, but this would really bring it to the next level.

13 Getting nasty

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When it comes to protesting, many people like to shy away from sheer name-calling and crude remarks, and for good reason. After all, attacking the policies and beliefs of a person is much more respectable than simply calling someone a “doo doo head.” That being said, there are certain circumstances where comments like these are not just welcomed, but celebrated. And that, friends, is when someone sends the world spiralling into a state of shock and chaos, in which people are left with no choice, but to succumb to their more primitive instincts, the instinct to attack their enemy any way that they can—any way that helps them find relief. Some people accomplish this with eloquent words and well-thought arguments, others do it by claiming their opponents eat farts. We all have our methods.

12 Calling in the voice of reason

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Oh, Tim Gunn. You are always a beaming ray of reason. You have stopped so many disasters in their tracks. Sure, they were all fashion-related, but that’s besides the point. We need you. America needs you. America needs a thought-provoking critique that will turn everything around. We need you to rub your chin and furrow your brow and tell us that this country is looking like a hot mess and maybe we should start from scratch. We trust in you because you always know how to drive the point home without offending (a communication that America has sorely been lacking lately). Yeah, Tim Gunn is pretty much America’s very stylish yet very grounded Dad. If anyone can save this, it’s him.

11 Abstract protest art

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we think this scribble definitely constitutes as a picture. It’s got all the characteristics of a work of art. It has color, it has passionate emotion, it can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Oh, and how wonderful—the artist herself is here, as well. We’d like to think this was her visceral reaction to the news her parents had on TV. This is what she expressed after hours upon hours of politics and hearing the same passive-aggressive tones on TV all the time. Would she have drawn the same exact thing had she been watching something else? Possibly. But we’ll stick to our theory until proven otherwise.

10 Setting the facts straight

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There are some things in the world that about 99 percent of the population can attest to. We think everyone can agree that finding money in your pocket is the best, puppies are so amazing the human race barely deserves them and Robin Williams dying was pretty much as sad as a death in the family. At this point, these are just universal truths. So, how else can we react than with pure disgust when we hear about someone opposing these truths? You don’t love finding money in your pocket? Well, that’s f**king bizarre. You weren’t emotionally distraught when you found out Robin Williams passed away? We don’t know if we can be friends with you anymore. You HATE puppies? That’s basically criminal. Good work, sign guy. Mission accomplished.

9 Enough is enough

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An organized protest is a wonderful platform to let the world know about your latest gripe. Sure, you’ve already tweeted about it, wrote a lengthy Facebook status and talked to your friends about it, but is it really a complaint if it’s not plastered on some poster board? No, not really. There are certain things that are simply too important and must be shared PSA-style. You know, things like “walk on the right side of the sidewalk,” “stop PDA,” and “ban candy crush invites.” These are things every person could use a reminder for. It’s not a personal stab; it's really just for the the sake of society and mankind in general.

8 Dad joke initiated

Oh, yeah. Nothing lightens up a protest like a good dad joke. This man could have written “enough is enough” or “this can’t go on” and achieved the same effect, but he wouldn’t be a true dad if he didn’t go with the much-cornier: “this is the last straw.” And just to really drive the point home, he attached an actual giant straw to it. Classic pops. His kids probably tried to stop him on the way out of the house. “Please don’t do this, Dad. Just post it on Facebook like everyone else.” But he was determined to share his joke with the world. He marched on. And with every smirk and chuckle he got from his fellow protestors, his dad pride swelled up. Yep, every protest needs a couple of dads.

7 Ain't nobody got time

Unless you’re attending an event organized by your job union, protests aren’t usually a regularly scheduled part of the day. Which means you have to rearrange your usual routine. Standing up for what you believe in can be such a drag sometimes. It’s like, isn’t working, cooking, cleaning, getting chores done and relaxing already enough of a to-do list? Now, you have to make a sign, march and chant too? Ain’t nobody got time for that. And yet, if you want to be part of the change, protesting is a major part. But that doesn't mean that you can't still gripe about the fact that your already-busy schedule doesn't have time for this bullsh*t. In fact, you can do what this lady did, and use this fact as your protest sign.

6 In it for the video

At every protest, there’s going to be three groups. The protestors, the opposing side that doesn’t think the protestors should even be complaining and bystanders who are simply there for the show. From there, the latter group gets split even further into people who watch on TV, people who walk by and people who purposely go to the protest. In case it wasn’t obvious, this guy is part of the last group. He doesn’t really have anything to gain or lose from this event, but damn is it entertaining to watch. Who knows what will happen? Will thousands of people show up after the organizers expected hundreds? Will the police arrive in military gear? Will violence break out between the opposing groups? It's like an action movie! Yeah, guess we can't blame this guy for being curious.

5 A pup with a cause

Alright, we know we’ve already mentioned dogs twice in this article, but seriously, they’re the best. And the only thing better than using their adorable existence to prove a point is having their lovable little butts marching right alongside you. Suddenly, using the word “bitches” isn’t just reclaiming it from people who use it in a derogatory fashion, but it’s the literal way for this dog to describe herself. Gotta love a double entendre. Dogs lives may be simpler than most humans, but we applaud the way this pup is marching with her guardian in solidarity. Sure, this pup is probably marching against the border wall because of her general disdain for fences and regulations, but we'll pretend the ideology goes deeper than that.

4 Daydreaming of a safer world

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There are certain causes that we think everyone can get behind. Ban killer clowns? Unanimous yes. Mosquito bites are the worst? That's a given. And down with spiders? Oh, hell yeah. Sure, this little girl probably doesn't have any plan on how to get rid of all the spiders on Earth, but it's a hell of a pipe dream. Just imagine a world without spiders. No surprise pop-ins around the house. No cobwebs to clean up. No irrational fear of eating them in your sleep. It's a beautiful thought. Yeah, it would probably wreak some sort of havoc on the ecosystem and lead to some other innocent species to also die out, but damn is it a nice daydream.

3 Dropping names

Fighting for women’s reproductive rights is a noble effort. After all, is a woman truly free if she cannot decide what to do with her own body? We’re gonna vote no on that one. When people try to infringe on the rights of a women, ladies are left with no choice than to take to the streets and let the world know how disgruntled they are. They demand that the government stay out of their business, that their reproductive rights stay intact and that they keep the right to choose what is best for their own life and body. And while we’re on the topic, why not get a little more specific about what our body needs? Maybe even drop a name? Screw it. It’s Mark Ruffalo. We’re talking about Mark Ruffalo. He’s the right choice for us.

2 Valid point

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People against equal marriage will cite a lot of reasons they think gay people should not have the same rights as others. Some people claim that it's written in the bible. Others believe the lifestyle itself is a choice that should never be chosen. And a few claim that the same god that helps people in life and answers their prayers, for some reason hates gay people. While most in the LGBT community can agree that these claims have no foundation and need not even be responded to, the guy who made this protest sign kind of makes a good point. If God really dislikes the gay community so much, why are there so many attractive people in it? Does that really make ANY sense? Yah, no.

1 Same

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If there’s one thing funnier than a witty protest sign, it’s a sign about someone’s utter confusion or disinterest in the event. This sign nails both of those and the Anchorman reference doesn’t hurt either. After all, we’ve all been Brick at one point. There are just way too many issues to keep up with. And when you don’t know all the details of a cause, it can quickly escalate to a Brick situation, meaning everyone around you is practically killing each other and you still don’t know what they’re even fighting about. You'll likely end up pulling a Brick (fighting on your friends' side despite being utterly confused) so instead of hiding it, you might as well embrace it, make this sign and let others know that you're here, but you're not quite sure why.

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