16 Memes That Only Wine Lovers Will Get

Calling all winos! If you love wine then you know that there is never a bad time for a big glass of red or white. After work, at a dinner party with your ex, or on a Sunday morning just because, wine is always there for you. If wine is a big part of your life, I bet you'll enjoy the hilariously accurate memes below.

Check out 12 wine memes that are oh so relatable for wine lovers.

16 This is real, people

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You're down to your last glass. There is not another bottle of wine in sight. The liquor stores are closed, the grocery stores are closed. The fear of running out of wine is real.

15 Poems are hard

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Even if you hadn't already had a glass of wine (or three), writing a poem is hard. That being said, three glasses in no one will care if your poem is complete garbage. Everything sounds like Shakespeare at that point!

14 Three in one

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It's wine o' clock! There is no better motivation to workout then a nice glass of wine beneath you as you go back in for that second pushup (or just hold a plank and sip on some red for a minute straight). The last image is ridiculously accurate too. Anything is a red wine glass if you're creative enough!

13 Wine tastings are classy AF

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This is just a fact. Delicately sniffing and sipping on several different kinds of wine at once should 100% be categorized as a wine tasting. Points for adding little name tags in front of each type of wine. Make this a bit more fun and add some chocolate or cheese to go with each wine!

12 The realist

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No use debating about optimism vs pessimism, the point is your wine glass is not full. And that is a crime in itself.

11 Your reunion

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You love wine and wine loves you. I bet those bottles are happy to see you every time you walk into the liquor store.

10 Seems legit

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All day breakfast? Please, we just want to be able to purchase wine at McDonald's. Is that so wrong?

9 After work wine is the best kind

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Terrible day at work? Long day at work? Tiring day at work? Wine is there for you.

8 Namaste

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If you can sort out a way to get your exercise in while drinking/trying to drink wine, then you've won at life.

7 Leftover wine doesn't exist

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Leftover wine? I literally have no idea what you're referring to. Are you trying to tell me there are times when you don't finish a bottle of wine? I really cannot comprehend that.

6 Sophistication is key

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This classy cat knows what's up.

5 Stop yourself right there

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Halfway through the sentence and you just give up entirely. No judgment, sir! In fact, I think I like you better now.

4 Drowning in wine

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A room full of wine is what some people's dreams are made of. Of course, you have to drink your way out!

3 This is just creative

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"You said one glass, doctor. You never specified the size of the glass."

2 The dream

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Whether it's your husband's money or your own, I think everyone can agree that having a wine bar built into your kitchen is pretty much the dream.

1 When will this technology become available?!

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Don't get me wrong, I love that cell phones are getting sleeker and slimmer and that we can track everything via GPS these days. But scientists, why don't we just sit down for a second and think about what's important. Downloading wine is the key to the future.

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