16 Memes That Will Make You Say, "That Is So Me"

You're not a #basic person, but you do consider yourself to be an average Joe. You don't wear Ugg boots in the heat of the summer, because you know that there is a time and a place for furry footwear. Nor do you use emojis unnecessarily, because you are well-aware that emojis don't belong in every single text conversation that you have with your friends. You aren't the stereotypical guy or girl of this era. But you're a relatable person. You are "hella dope," as the kids these days say.

No matter how little you have in common with your fellow peeps, there are some things that we can all relate to. Memes, for instance. We all love memes. And if you don't, then get out of our face. We don't need people like you in our lives. For everyone else, check out these 16 memes that will make you say, "That is so me."

16 You get your kicks at home

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You walk in 2 da club like wut up you got a big—project at work tomorrow, so you should really be on your way home now. You want to change out of your heels, put on your beloved sweatpants, and catch a few episodes of Fuller House before bed. You're too old and tired to go club-hopping. You have adult obligations. You have bills to pay and a job to go to. You don't have the energy to drink cocktails with small umbrellas in them and tear it up on the dance floor into the wee hours of the morning. Your adult body can no longer recover from sleepless nights of dropping it like it's hot.

That's why this meme describes you so much. As you've matured into the functioning adult that you are, your sense of fun has morphed into something that young you wouldn't even recognize. Forget going out every night. Staying at home and doing nothing is where it's at.

15 You get paranoid when people stand behind you while you're browsing the web

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Maybe what you're doing is completely virtuous. Maybe you're just reading about Harriet Tubman on Wikipedia. Or maybe you're looking at pictures of puppies and kittens with inspirational quotes written in cursive floating in the background. But it doesn't matter. When someone walks up behind you, no matter how unassuming the content on your monitor is, you get nervous. Your hands start to sweat and your muscles tense up. It's like when you're driving and a cop pulls out behind you. You're not breaking any laws, but what if you are?

Don't people understand that it's rude to stare at someone's computer screen? Don't they get that you should never spy on someone while their browsing the web? Like, sure you do it, but that's not the point. Other people should be better than that. So yes, this meme of a kitty being paranoid about another kitty rings particularly true for you.

14 When your mom gets Snapchat and you start acting like a saint

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It's all fun and games until your mom signs up for Snapchat. No matter how dope your life was before, you have to leave all of that behind now. You have to sober up, ditch those fly honeys, and give up on your partying ways. If your mama knew just how thug your life was, she would wash your mouth out with soap and ground you until your fortieth birthday. You may be an adult, but you're never too old to be afraid of your mom.

Since you don't want to spend the next ten to twenty years trapped inside your parents' home, and because you really can't stand the taste of Dial bar soap, you ditch your pitch fork and devil horns in favor of a bright and shiny halo. Wave goodbye to the thug life, fam. From here on out, as far as your mama knows, you have been canonized.

13 You say you're not afraid of the dark, but you totally are

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Pfft! Afraid of the dark? Of course you're not! What makes people think that? Sure, you still sleep with a nightlight and a teddy bear, but plenty of adults do that. It doesn't mean that you're afraid of the dark, or that you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about all of the terrible creatures that could be lurking in the shadows, waiting to jump out when you least expect it. Hahaha. Nawwwww, you're not scared!

Oh, who are you kidding? You are totally afraid of the dark! In fact, if anything, you are more afraid of the dark now that you're an adult than you were when you were little, because now you know about all of the horrible things that exist in the world. Any number of terrifying monsters could be hiding out there in the darkness. Giant centipedes, sharp-toothed monsters, Justin Bieber. Anything. So when you hear the bushes rustle after the sun sets, be afraid. Be very afraid.

12 You think you're the funniest

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OMG, look at this text that you just wrote. LOL. That is comedy gold, right there. That's hilarious. And to think, you just came up with that on the fly. You are an improv genius. You can't believe how funny you are. You deserve your own Netflix special and a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. Your friends don't know how lucky they are to know you before you become famous.

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, you know that you're funny. In fact, you're the best and you love you. You are your number one fan. That's why every time you text your friends and family members, you always end up cracking yourself up with your own jokes. Maybe they think you're just a ham, but you understand you. It's entirely possible that you are the only one who gets your sense of humor, but you know that your sense of humor is fab.

11 When you're still in your shell even when you've come out of it

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Your friends think you're so close, and you probably are, but they think that you've opened up to them. They think that you're being your true self around them. But they're wrong. You're a closed book, shut so tightly that your binding is starting to fall apart at the seams. Your lips are sealed. Nobody knows all of your secrets. And nobody will ever know them . . . unless you get incredibly drunk, or stay up way past your bedtime. Then, everyone will know everything.

Even when you've come out of your shell, you're still in your shell, ya feel? You must be an ogre, honey, because you are like an onion. You have layers. You know what else you're like? This can of cat food. At the very moment that your friends think they've successfully gotten you to open up, they peel back the pull tab, and there's another one underneath it.

10 When you get the house to yourself for a few hours

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Whether you're still living with your parents, or you have a roommate, or even if you're married to your soulmate, it's always epic when you get the house to yourself. Nobody's here to criticize you. This is your opportunity to be who you really are—a cape-wearing Cap'n Crunch lover. Don't be afraid. There are no judgements here. This is your time to shine.

When you get the house to yourself, all bets are off. You can do whatever the eff you want and you don't have to answer to anyone. Rule number one: there are no rules. Rule number two: don't ever tell people what you actually do when you're alone. If you do, they'll realize just how weird you really are, and they will probably never speak to you again. So unless you're planning on becoming a hermit, don't tell your friends about how you eat breakfast cereal while pretending you're a superhero when you're alone.

9 You're too busy to have a social life

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Dating? Hmm. Yeah, that sounds like fun, but you're busy. Life is just too hectic for you to even think about seeing someone right now. You've got a crap ton of stuff on your plate at the moment. You just don't think you could fit a boyfriend or girlfriend into your schedule at this time in your life. Maybe in a few years when things have settled down. But for now, you really need to focus on your priorities.

And just what is it in your life that has kept you so busy, and has prevented you from going to parties and meeting cute, dateable guys? We'll tell you what. It's something very important. In fact, your friends probably wouldn't understand even if you told them. Things like this don't happen every day. So what is it that's kept you from meeting your soulmate? . . . Your cat's birthday.

8 When you say you're ready, but you're lying

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Your friends text you like, "Where u at??????" They're at that party you were supposed to go to, and they're looking for you. As one of the founding members of your squad, you are duty-bound to be there. But you aren't there. You aren't even close to being there. You're living it up at home, munching on cookies, listening to your playlist, and taking a hot bubble bath. But you can't tell them that. So instead of being honest with them, you lie. "On my way. B there in 5," you send, and then you laugh as you turn your jams up and grab another oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

We've all done it. What's the big deal? So what if we told our friends that we were on our way when we hadn't even left the house? It's not like we weren't going to be on our way soon. It's technically not a lie, it's more of a half-truth.

7 Your bed is your bae

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Some people say that there are no such things, but you don't agree. You believe in love at first sight, and you believe in soulmates. In fact, you have experienced both of those phenomenons firsthand. Oh, but not with another person. With your bed.

Your bed is your bae. Your mattress and blankets know how to treat you right. They console you when you're feeling down, they caress you between layers of 100% Egyptian Cotton, and they always tell you how pretty you are. Okay, so maybe your bed can't compliment you, but you won't hold that against him/her. You know that if your bed could talk, he/she would whisper sweet nothings into your ear as you fell asleep every night. Your bed is so thoughtful.

All of this talk about our beds is making us sleepy. You guys keep reading this lineup while we go have a quick nap. BRB.

6 You lose your mind trying to kill bugs

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It's a normal Saturday morning. You're still in your pajamas. Sure, you're in your mid-twenties, but that doesn't stop you from pouring a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles and marathon-watching, Adventure Time. You prop your feet up on the coffee table, sit back, and allow yourself to relax for the first time in a week. Then, a spider comes crawling across the couch, and whatever meditative state that you were just in has vanished.

This is your house, fam. You are the king of this castle, not some puny little spider. You can't let all of those bugs just waltz in and scare the crap out of you. You have to show them who's boss by smashing them with a fly swatter. Send a message to all of the other bugs in your house by exterminating one of their own. Let that unlucky spider be a warning for the ants, flies, and mosquitoes who dare to enter your domicile.

5 You smuggle your movie snacks because you can't afford theater popcorn

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You can pay your bills and continue to eat, wear clothes, and live in a nice one-bedroom apartment, or you can take out a loan and buy some snacks at the cinema. It's up to you.

Dude, why is everything so expensive at the movie theater? Like, don't even try to sit there and tell us that that crappy popcorn with cancer-causing "butter" is worth fifteen bucks a bucket, okay movie theaters? We aren't falling for it. We can buy perfectly good popcorn and non cancer-causing butter at the store for under five bucks. And if we could figure out a way to smuggle an extension cord and a popcorn popper into the theater, we would.

As it is, what with Milk Duds costing seven dollars a box, and Twizzlers being priced at about ten bucks, we moviegoers risk life and limb to avoid paying those outrageous prices. Even if it means wearing weird ass coats like this one.

4 You're a 2 out of 10, but you still give it your best shot

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Look, you know you're not as good-looking as your friends, but you've grown kind of fond of your face. It's not the best, but you like it. And besides, it's the only face you've got, so you feel like you're better off liking it than not. But the struggle of being a two out of ten is real. And it's doubly hard when all of your friends are easy eights and nines. You can never show them up, being a two and all. You may be ugly, but you still give it your best shot.

But, hey. Don't be down on yourself. Take heart in this bit of research, which suggests that other people think that you are actually 20% more attractive than you believe yourself to be. So, even if you don't feel like your makeup is on fleek, and even if you think your outfit is far from on point, other people may not agree.

3 You don't know what to do with yourself when you're chatting on the phone

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Phone calls, woohoo! Aw, yeah. Grab that cell phone and hit up your friends. It doesn't matter how far apart you are, the sound of your BFF's voice is just a tap on your touchscreen away. And that means that you can discuss all of the hottest gossip with your friends any time, day or night.

The only problem with phone calls is that it occupies your mind, but it keeps your body in this weird state of limbo. What are you supposed to do when you're on the phone? Obviously, you're supposed to talk to the person on the other end, but we mean physically. Should you cook or clean? Should you pet your dog and play fetch with him? Should you organize your vinyl collection? Yes. Of course. You should do all of those things. But do we actually do any of those things when we're on the phone? No! We wander around like the idiots that we are because we are failures when it comes to multitasking.

2 You try to play it cool when you meet someone you've internet stalked

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Some people love it and some people hate it, but the truth is that social media is benign. It isn't corrupt, and it isn't pure. It simply is. It's a tool, and it's left for the user to decide whether to use it for good or for evil. As (mostly) mature adults, we are quite capable of using social media for good. We use it to look up the volunteer information of local animal shelters, and to check up on our friends to see if they're doing alright.

But as adults, we are also capable of using social media for diabolical purposes, like stalking people. We use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to dig up all of the dirt that we can about the people in our lives, whether we like those people or not. And sometimes, we don't even know the people we're stalking. But does that stop us? No. Not even.

1 Whenever you have fun, reality taps you on the shoulder

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Isn't fun so much fun!?! We love having fun! Fun is the funnest kind of fun to fun, are we right, or are we right?

But do you know what isn't fun? When you're having fun, and reality comes up behind you, sighs heavily, glances at its watch, then taps you on the shoulder. Like, okay, Reality. We hear you. We haven't forgotten about you. We just needed a little break. As soon as we're done having fun, we'll get back to you. For now, why don't you just have a seat in the back of our mind, and we'll come get you when we're ready for our lives to suck again? Thanks.

It never fails. You're out with your friends, laughing your head off, having a great time. Then suddenly, you remember that you have to go to work tomorrow. And you have bills to pay. And one time, you called your teacher mom. And now, another pleasant event has been soiled by reality.

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