16 Mind-Blowing Human Versions Of Fictional Characters

Seeing interpretations of cartoon characters is pretty amazing. Especially when the art is really good and the take is something you’ve never seen before. So what happens when artists take non-human characters, such as robots or animals, and turn them into attractive humans? Magic! These translations of characters are so amazing that fifteen will never be enough. We’ve done male versions of female characters, and outrageous versions of Disney characters. But this here is so beautifully reimagined that you may have a heart attack at one or two of them. If you like Disney, anime, and video games, then you’ll love this art that captures more than you could imagine.

Sit tight, cozy up, and get ready for some amazing cartoon action. Behold, sixteen human versions of non-human characters!

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16 Meowth – Pokémon


Meowth, that’s right! Pokémon humanized art is too powerful! I wanna see him with Jesse and James. You know what I like about this? Aside from it being Meowth, which immediately wins me over. The thing that really gets me is that the artist doesn’t just make a muscular due and give him sharp teeth and a gold medal. They actually structurally create him accurately. Meowth would not be a bulky human. He’d be a tad but wimpy, a lot witty, and mischievous. So this interpretation is great! They artist didn’t conform to society’s desires and just make a hunky guy and pretend it’s Meowth. They turned Meowth into a human, and I am forever grateful for this. Much admiration heading Sakimichan’s way yet again.

15 Scar – The Lion King


Wow! The Lion King lions to humans art is amazing. I’ve seen Mufasa, Nala, and Simba. But I believe my favorite is Scar. I’ve seen him done a few times, but I definitely like this one the best. I don’t know if it’s the personality, the mouse, the hair, the accurate eyes, or what. But it’s just so perfect. I could not have dreamt of a Scar in human form that I liked better.

If Scar was a human, he’d no doubt look just like this. The era is correct, the race is correct, the demeanor is correct. So not only did they make his personally accurate, but they made him historically accurate too. That, to me, is beyond amazing. So props to Sakimichan for striking again!

14 Daffy Duck – Looney Tunes


What the Daffy Duck? This art is beyond me. Beyond my grasp of understanding. My mind is confused, but luckily my heart is intelligent enough to connect to this Daffy Duck interpretation. He is unspeakable amazing. I don’t know how she does it, but this artist takes ordinary, extremely popular characters and turns them into masterpieces. It would be so easy to mess up Looney Tunes. They are legendary! Even speaking of turning them into humans could be taboo. Yet, this brave soul kills it!

Because it is so interesting and captivating, I will definitely put it as one of my very favorite pieces of Looney Tunes art in existence. The only thing is, I may not know who it is without the background photo. Not that this is bad thing, given that it is so different than anything I’ve seen.

13 Rainbow Dash – My Little Pony


There are hundreds of humanized MLP art pieces. The reason that I like this piece more than others is…well, like most art, I just can’t explain it. Sakimichan has tons of MLP art, so what makes this one stand out? Is it because Rainbow Dash is so popular? Not likely, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are just as popular as her. But there’s just something about this Rainbow Dash that speaks to fans.

It could very well be the innocent, playful eyes that seem peaceful yet ready to run, much like Rainbow Dash. Or it could be her rainbow hair that is everything any anime character could ever want in a hairstyle. Who knows, this one doesn’t need words to express how amazing it is. Let me hear ya, Bronies.

12 Pikachu – Pokémon


Okay, Pikachu can be hunky, cause, he’s too popular, I guess. That, and he needs to use thunderbolt. Can you really call yourself a Pokémon artist if you haven’t drawn Pikachu? I think not! He’s a staple. It’s like saying you draw video game art if you haven’t drawn Mario or Link or Donkey Kong at least. So, this had to be done, that’s all there is to it. Not many have imagined Pikachu as a human, and it’s kind of hard to. If we do, it’s usually in a juvenile way, most likely as a kid or teen. But this artist turned him into a full-fledged adult. And it’s too amazing!

So, he pretty much looks like SS3 Goku with face paint, but that’s beside the point.

11 Freddy – Five Nights at Freddy’s


Five Nights At Freddy's! Is this where you wanna be? I just don't get it. Why do you wanna stay? Five nights at Freddy's?! How can you take the most popular comical horror character who is freaky and ugly as the come and turn them into an attractive female? For this reason, I have decided that out of every transformation, this one is my favorite. I think it captures the teddy’s personality while adding a little bit more…something. Something unexplainable yet again.

Not only does this turn the character into a human, but it also turns a male character into a female character. So the two together really makes for a jaw-dropping combo, and a drop dead gorgeous character. Now everyone wants to stay five nights at Freddy’s. Come here, you little Freddy Bear!

10 Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic the Hedgehog

zero chan

Again, this is more like two different sides of the same art. One in action and one for the cover art. If this was a game, I mean. One of them shows what Sonic would look like as your average anime-like hero, clothes and all. The other shows more what his running body-type would look like. It’s good, both of them. You can’t really say one is better as it seems like on the left, he is chilling and on the right he has stripped off his shirt, ready to run. Cause who can run as fast as this hedgehog can with that kind of shirt on?

Sonic is one of those characters that you never think about as a human, so it’s awesome that someone else did the thinking for us.

9 Optimus Prime - Transformers


Why hello, Optimus Prime, what do we have here? Never have I seen Optimus Prime looking so bad. I mean, he’s still very much a “good guy” but you know what I’m saying. Whoever thought to humanize Optimus Prime? Well, this version belongs to … and boy did they do an amazing job! He has the strong, just demeanor that Optimus does, but he also has a gruffness that only a human could possess. This is one of my favorite non-animal humanized pieces of art I’ve ever seen.

Would you just look at those eyes one last time before moving on? I don’t know this guy but whoever he is should star in a humanized Transformers movie, no doubt. Now I want to see Megatron and Bumblebee.

8 Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed – The Lion King

If there was ever an animal gang in Disney, it’s these three baddies here. One thing that makes this art stand out is that the artist actually remembers that Shenzi is female, which most fans often forget. You can also see in this art that she is the responsible, intelligent one of the three. Banzai is the strong one, and Ed’s over there with his tongue hanging out like an idiot. Those details are what separates good from great. If the Lion King was turned into a live action modern human-starring movie, this is what the Hyenas would look like. Unlike Scar, who is historically accurate, these Hyenas are beautifully modernized. Shows that an artist can do either and still be a success. They both speak to be, how about you?

7 Lightning McQueen – Cars

Speaking of Lightning McQueen, what if Cars was an anime. An anime with humans rather than cars. This is exactly what it would look like. Lightning McQueen in the flesh right here, and he’s looking better than ever. The only thing I saw in another piece of art that amazed me was a bruised and battered Lightning McQueen. Who would think about turning the wrecked Lightning McQueen into a human? Since he isn’t always beat up, I’d say that this clean, polished art is acceptable. More than acceptable, but beautiful and accurate. What makes it even better is that Hudson Hornet is included! And accurately aged! Shoot me now, I need to see this anime! And Sally. Please show us Sally and Mater next, it’s all any Cars fan ever asked for.

6 Sandy Cheeks – SpongeBob SquarePants


SpongeBob art is usually really weird and disturbing. Especially when they make the innocent characters grotesque humans. No one wants to see that. We don’t want realistic, we want eye-catching, appealing. This Sandy Cheeks on the other hand isn’t inappropriate, but she’s also attractive. She’s cute, has personality, and she makes you smile. In short, it’s everything a cute Sandy art needs. Sure, you can go for the whole cowgirl, bucktooth version. Which is okay, but I think this version can be more than appreciated as well.

Imagine an entire crew that had this art. Larry the Lobster, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs. It could really work. Seeing a cute SpongeBob anime may or may not be on my bucket list. I mean, everyone likes SpongeBob.

5 Dixie Kong – Donkey Kong

anime forums/thai-draws

You get two kinds of Dixie Kong human interpretations. You get the cute, young, anime girl versions. Then you get this very realistic version. I can’t decide which one I like better. I really enjoy the cutesy look, but gosh, the realistic one is just too human-like to pass up. I mean, Dixie is adorable as a monkey, but seeing her as an adult human takes things places that you’d never think of whereas the cute ones really are a literal translation for lack of a better term.

Still, just in case you also can’t decide which one you like better, I’ve added them both to help you. Which do you like better? The cute one or the hot one? It’s quite the tossup.

4 Roxanne – Goofy Movie

Carlos Eduardo

I’m glad that didn’t “adult” up Roxanne. She need to stay innocent, she needs to stay a child. Making her too attractive wouldn’t be right. She’s already designed to be attractive, but in a school kid way. So I’m happy that this art, even though it turns her into a human, is appropriately attractive. She’s adorable, similar to the original, but still humanized. Some might say it’s not different enough, but I think at times, not changing much works out. It just shows you the differences in the original and human. Like this one, her nose is still slightly discolored, but not in an unnatural way. It’s just enough to pay tribute to the original animated version from the Goofy Movie where she is somehow a dog.

3 Lola – Space Jam


Let’s start off with the master, Sakimichan. There is no doubt in my mind that this isn’t one of the best animal to human pieces of art in the world. It captures everything that there is to capture in that sense. Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend who debuted in Space Jam, the Looney Tunes movie that every 90s kid still dreams about. Sadly, after Space Jam, when she appeared in TV Shows, she came across entirely differently than she was meant to. Originally, she was intelligent, strong, athletic, and a little bit flirty. Afterwards, they made her seem less intelligent with the whole dumb blonde cheerleader persona. Not cool.

Thankfully, this art portrays her as she is in Space Jam. Strong, attractive, and smart. So props to the artist for this.

2 Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes


Take one of the most popular, if not the most popular cartoon character in the world and humanize them and what do you get? Perfection. This art has everything! From the carrot to the attitude to the whole demeanor! Not only is the accuracy something we can’t even dream of, but the art itself is more than amazing.

There’s no confusion as to why this is one of the most popular animal to human transformations on the internet. Now, I want him to be a werehuman, just so we get to see this version of him. Is that too much to ask? Just once a month maybe he could turn into a human? That sounds pretty good. It doesn’t have to be a full moon, it could be anything.

1 Sully and Mike – Monsters University


This one is actually pretty cute and very anime-like. What I enjoy about it is that the artist chose to do a piece around Monsters University rather than the more popular Monsters Inc. Why? Probably because doing a teen piece rather than an adult one is more alluring. As in, most people who want to look at cartoon art are under 30. Also, when choosing anime/manga as an art style, it seems younger is better. For, most anime star teens or pre-teens.

So, Monsters University was good choice. I think that they artist did an amazing job capturing the personalities of the two characters. You may notice if they personalities were switched, but since they did so well, it’s so natural that you don’t pay attention to the accuracy. Which is a good thing!

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