16 of the Cutest Pomeranians on Instagram

Pomeranians are unlike any other dog breed. They are fluffy, tiny, portable – they fit anywhere, seriously! – and absolutely adorable.

Poms have their share of Internet sensations – Everyone's heard of Boo and Jiff! But did you know there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other famous Poms out there that are just as adorable? While it's difficult to choose which ones are the cutest (let's face it, they're all freakin' adorable), we managed to gather some of our favorites from Instagram. Check them out!

15 Mia

The prettiest flower in the garden! 🌸

A post shared by Mia The Pomeranian (@miapomeranian) on

This adorable and fluffy girl is Mia, a gorgeous Pomeranian. She has her own Instagram account, where her owners showcase her doing everything she loves. She's also an aspiring food critic!

14 Mishka

I ♥️ to travel ✈️

A post shared by 🐾 Mishka 🐾 (@mishka_pom) on

The black Pom is super pampered by her human, so he gets to travel everywhere with her! She loves treats, naps and just being pretty. So adorable!

13 Ted


A post shared by Ted the pomeranian🐻 (@ted.the.pomeranian) on

Little Ted the Pomeranian lives in Oslo, Norway. When he's not napping, he enjoys snowy day walks and playing with his favorite chew toy. Look at that little ball of cuteness!

12 Peanut

دكتر پينات هستم 💉

A post shared by Pomeranian🐶🐾 (@peanut_pomer) on

Peanut knows that the good things in life are obtained through hard work, so he studies hard to get there!

11 Zoe

Wanna play!?!?!? #pomeranian #pompom #dogsofinstagram #weeklyfluff #playtime

A post shared by Miss Zoe Dog (@misszoedog) on

Zoe proves that not every adorable Pomeranian has to be super fluffy. She usually keeps her hair short because who can tolerate all that hair?! What makes her even cooler is the fact that she was rescued by a cool human and is now enjoying a great life!

10 Max

This dapper little guy is part of a big family of super cute Pomeranians that include Mel, Agnes and Julia.

Here's a family photo.

Seriously, have you ever seen such a beautiful fluffy family?

9 Lulu

Lulu is still only a puppy, but that only makes her even more adorable. Since she lives in NYC it's only fitting that she'd be super into fashion!

8 Mr. Teddy

My face every time I see a #treat 🐶🍖 #happy #dog #mrteddypom

A post shared by 🐻 | Pomeranian (@mrteddypom) on

This adorably happy dog is known as Mr. Teddy, AKA "Treat Lover." Look at that million dollar smile!

7 Mila

Mila is totally an Instagram celebrity, and for a very good reason! Every single one of her photos features the Pom doing something ridiculously cute. Look at this one of her peacefully napping!

6 Cloe

My hostage bear #mycocopom

A post shared by Cloe The Pom (@mycocopom) on

Cloe the Pom happens to be a bear cub lookalike. Look at her little face! She is three years old and loves her family as much as they love her! She's also very big on accessories, as every fabulous girl usually is!

5 Flint

Viva la Punk Pom!

A post shared by Flint the Pomeranian (@flintthepomeranian) on

Flint is not only an Instagram superstar and hairstyle extraordinaire, he's also a published author! Make sure you follow his Instagram account to stay on top of all his updates.

4 Pati

Pati (left) is a two-year-old adorable Pomeranian that lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She enjoys making new friends everywhere she goes!

3 Momo

This super sweet Pom's name is Momo. Momo is a sleepy little girl that loves to nap whenever she can. She also loves the color pink and wearing cute accessories!

2 Coron

This Japanese Pomeranian loves food – and who wouldn't when you live in Japan? Her other hobbies include playing, traveling and going on great adventures. His Instagram feed is absolutely adorable!

1 Sheila

Sheila is Turkey's own Pomeranian celebrity. With over 73k people following her daily life, this almost two-year-old has a very bright – and super cute! – future ahead of her.

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