16 Of The Internet's Funniest Reactions To Beyonce's Pregnancy Announcement

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you know by now that the queen, Beyonce, is pregnant with twins. Less than a year after she released her video album, "Lemonade," which was essentially her way of calling out her husband Jay-Z for his alleged affair with another woman, Beyonce has apparently moved on from her feelings of bitter betrayal. (Well, that's what we suspect anyways.)

Now, she is looking forward to giving birth to two new members of the Carter/Knowles family. Fans were made aware of Beyonce's pregnancy after the singer released a series of beautiful photographs revealing her adorable baby bump. Since then, the world has gone a bit bonkers for the whole Beyonce baby thing. The reactions from fans and celebrities alike have been overwhelmingly positive and, frankly, nothing short of hilarious. Don't worry, though. We've taken the liberty of compiling the very best reactions to Queen Bey's pregnancy announcement from all around the Internet, and here they are:

16 We're With You, Hailey. We're With You

Obviously, Beyonce has millions of fans around the world. But members of the Beyhive aren't just any "fans," they're loyal devotees, whose fandom sometimes borders on obsession. But that's okay, because she's Beyonce and we're all just a little bit obsessed when it comes to Beyonce, right? Just ask model, Hailey Baldwin. When she heard the news about that Bey and Jay are once again expecting, she got reasonably excited.

Look, normal people have babies every day, but a Beyonce baby comes around only so often. We have to cherish these moments while we can! Sure, one's own pregnancy is pretty damn exciting, to say the least, but when one spends most their time living vicariously through Beyonce, an extra notch of excitement is only natural.

15 Blue Ivy's $$$ Is About To Take A Serious Hit

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="591"] Via WordPress[/caption]

Yikes, that's a serious drop in inheritance. Okay, in all seriousness, little Blue Ivy probably has no clue that her inheritance was just cut by two-thirds. Still, credit to this Twitter user because this meme is a classic! Blue's face just says it all! And of course the closeup of the balled-up fist as made famous by the "Arthur" memes makes it that much better.

It's okay, Blue, we're sure you won't be struggling too much through life, regardless. When your parents share an estimated worth of over a billion dollars, things tend to work out pretty well financially for the children. Besides, if Blue turns out half as talented as either of her parents, she might be making billions of her own one day. You never know!

14 Ouch, Internet, What Did Kelly And Michelle Do To You?


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For those of you who were born after the late 90s, you may not remember that the womanly goddess they call "Queen Bey" once shared her throne with two other women. That's right, Beyonce's old music group, Destiny's Child was dropping hits and selling out arenas long before Bey went solo. By the early 2000's, these three sultry songstresses were the queens of the "girl group" age.

However, even when they first dropped hits like "Jumpin, Jumpin" or "Say My Name," people noticed that one of the girls in particular had something truly special going on. That girl was Beyonce—naturally. The other girls, even former members (LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett, and Farrah Franklin) could sing, and Kelly Rowland definitely had some pipes, but Beyonce stood out from the pack. Therefore, one could certainly argue that Beyonce "carried" the others to great heights.

13 Okay, This Actually Makes Perfect Sense

This simple, yet clever tweet was sent by a guy named Zach, who was pretty much just a random Twitter user until he sent this little gem out. It's amazing that no one thought of it sooner, actually. It's simple math, right? Bey 'once' for one baby, Bey 'twice' for two! It's not that complicated.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't take a certified "genius" to come up with this tweet, but it's still golden. After all, there's a reason @itsonlyzach's tweet has garnered tens of thousands of retweets and nearly 150,000 likes (and counting) in just a few short days! I can only imagine how many new followers this guy got in the last couple of weeks from one single tweet. It may be just a dumb joke, but there's a certain subtle greatness to it, no?

12 I'm Not Crying, YOU'RE CRYING!

This not-so-subtle tweet was sent out by the lovely Brie Larson of "Room" fame. She is not a relative unknown like @itsonlyzach but she sends great Beyonce tweets like he does. Look, sometimes it's hard to control your emotions, okay?! When someone very important in your life is having a baby, especially twins, you may just cry uncontrollable tears of joy.

Brie Larson is a great actress, but even she can't act like Beyonce's twins announcement isn't a major deal. The universe has spoken and it wants more Beyonce offspring. That's exciting stuff, people! If you follow Larson, it's actually a notable comedic change for her Twitter page. Over the last year, she's been using the social media site for more political motives, like promoting women's rights and speaking out against Donald Trump. But when in doubt, tweet Beyonce.

11 The Former Prez Totally Pulls Off This Look. SLAY, George!

Left or Right? 😭 @beyonce

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The photo on the right is from Beyonce's pregnancy announcement shoot. The photo on the left is not an identical copy, but rather a photo of George W. Bush at Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration. They combine to provide a perfect example of what the Internet was made for. Admittedly, they both can rock the look, but the fact that someone saw a veiled, pregnant Beyonce and thought to combine it with the photo of Bush struggling with his poncho is just great.

While the former President is attempting to figure out his super confusing poncho situation, Beyonce is just sitting on some flowers, looking graceful and radiant. The only thing they really have in common is the veil, and perhaps the fact that neither one of them looks very happy.

10 Is This A Photo Of Jay-Z And Blue, Or Blue And Jay-Z?

If you hadn't noticed it before, Blue Ivy looks EXACTLY like her father, Jay-Z! The picture above is a prime example. The miniature Hova is adorable, but the resemblance to her dad is undeniable, and this Twitter user made light of that. Blue Ivy just turned five years old, but she still hasn't grown out of looking like Jay.

What if the twins are fraternal and look like exact replicas of Jay-Z and Beyonce, but just tinier?! Or what if they're two identical Beyonces? Or two identical Jay-Zs? The next generation could have a whole new set of Jays and Beys to enjoy. Okay, that probably won't happen, but one can dream, right? Judging by the size of Beyonce's baby bump in pictures, we'll probably know who the twins take after in just a few short months.

9 Naturally, It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Things Got Political

Remember when White House Press Secretary invented a whole new way to prove lies are actually facts by firmly yelling the word "period" after each falsehood? Well, the whole Spicer-period thing has taken on a mind of its own in recent days. Saturday Night Live even poked fun at Spicer's behavior by having the hilarious Melissa McCarthy dress up as the politician and impersonate him on the show.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone made a Spicer-period joke in regards to Beyonce's pregnancy. The Twitter user that made the joke, @lpbradley, was a relative unknown before the tweet. Since then, her tweet has gone a bit viral and her account is blowing up! But that's fine, she deserves it for this golden tweet!

8 A Political System We Can All Get Behind

Speaking of politics, ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election back in November, many Americans have called for a change to the current two-party political system in place. The long-standing two party system is losing steam. That's why Australian-rules football player, Ryan Houlihan only has faith in the two-party system that is Beyonce's womb.

Obviously anything that Beyonce produces turns to gold, so surely when she produces her beautiful new babies, they'll be nothing short of what this country deserves! No, but seriously, in a time when so much political controversy is filling up our social media news feeds, we needed comedic gold like this to keep our sanity and to put things into perspective. Let's enjoy this momentous occasion alongside Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, as they anticipate the birth of their brand new baby twins.

7 The President Clearly Couldn't Wait To Share His Excitement!

See, even President Donald Trump himself is thrilled with the announcement! Just look at the photo above. That is clear photo evidence that Trump is just as excited about the Bey Twins as we are, and we don't blame him, because this is exciting stuff. Though, according to comedian Travon Free's tweet, Beyonce managed to pull some strings in order to get President Trump to announce the pregnancy. LOL!

Okay, so, chances are Trump is too busy to worry about Beyonce's pregnancy, and this image MIGHT be photoshopped, but that's neither here nor there. By the way, if you don't already follow Free on Twitter, you should! He's an Emmy-winning comedy writer who's written for shows like The Daily Show, Tosh.O and Chelsea Lately.

6 Beyonce Has Yet Another Chance To Change The "R&B" Game

Beyonce and Jay-Z obviously have a daughter named Blue already. They can complete the theme if they name one of their new children "Rhythm," to make "R&B," but then what would the third kid be called?! Melody? Hopefully, they don't get too crazy when it comes to the naming of their new twins.

As we all know, celebrities have a strange habit of giving their kids extremely... well, unique names. Hopefully Bey and Jay can come up with some clever names without reaching too deep into the celebrity bag of super-weird baby names. But who knows? Maybe they can have even more kids after the twins and name each of them after a different genre of music. Stranger things have happened as it pertains to celebrity baby naming.

5 How About These Hilarious Comparison Photos? LOL!

One of the best things to come from the Beyonce pregnancy photo shoot is all of the clever comparison photos that fans and other celebrities have taken and posted to the Internet. However, Instagram user, beysdaily, posted one of the most hilarious photo renditions of Bey's pregnancy shoot just after the announcement was made.

His photo, however, contains just a few minor differences. For instance, instead of lush plant-life and beautiful flowers, the insta user went with fast food items like McDonald's cheeseburgers, sodas, and delicious looking tacos from Taco Bell. The result is absolutely hysterical! After all, we've all had that "food baby" moment where we stuffed ourselves to the brim so badly that we literally feel pregnant. Oh, and instead of flower tattoos, beysdaily went with some lovely pizza slice drawings. How quaint...

4 Ellen Joining In On The Fun Because - Ellen!

Me too!

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Okay, raise your hand if you don't LOVE Ellen! Nobody? That's what we thought. Seriously, how can you not love this woman? She is just too perfect! Ellen has always been known for her hilarious antics and this isn't the first time she's photoshopped herself onto the head of celebs in famous photos.

Just look at how seamless her head fits onto Beyonce's body in the picture. And she even lightened the skin and changed the underwear from blue to white to make it look more believable. Naturally, it didn't take long for the picture to spread around the Internet like wildfire, as it already has over one million views and counting! Of course, it's all in good fun, as Ellen is known to be a huge fan of Beyonce's work because, well, who isn't?

3 Kim K Does NOT Like To Be Second Fiddle When It Comes To The Spotlight

(@drgrayfang )

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made serious headlines of their own a few years ago when they had their first child, baby girl, North West. North has become something of a mini-celebrity (quite literally) like Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy, who was born around the same time. Still, there's been a running joke going around that Kim wishes she could be as fabulous as the Queen Bey but obviously she never will be.

It's no secret that Jay-Z And Beyonce have an on-and-off relationship with fellow celeb-couple, West and Kardashian. It's also no secret that Kim K. is obsessed with fame and attention. So when her counterpart, Beyonce, has twins, OBVI Kim needs to one-up that and shoot for triplets! That's just celebrity science, people.

2 Basically How We All Reacted When We Found Out "Queen Bey" Was Expecting

holy shit sound on

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This is perhaps the most overused, yet somehow, underutilized video to make memes with on the Internet. Just take anything exciting that's about to happen, and let Michael Scott and the rest of The Office crew lead the way! Admit it, you basically freaked out just like Michael when Beyonce dropped the baby bomb, though, right?

Who could blame you, though? In just a few months time, Beyonce will basically be giving birth to pop-culture ROYALTY. Naturally, it's hard to just "stay calm" in a situation like this. So, sound the alarms, alert your family, friends, and neighbors, because Bey is about to have child number two and three, and yes, that's a big deal. In all seriousness, Jay-Z is probably freaking out more than Michael or any of us, combined. Twins aren't easy!

1 Salt Bae Or Salt Jay?

It's not a meme-party unless a Salt-Bae-inspired meme is invited. To nobody's surprise, the hottest Internet sensation of 2017, after the "Cash Me Ousside" girl, has been Salt Bae. You know, the chef who slices up mounds of meat and then seasons them up in the sexiest, most passionate way possible? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet: Salt Jay.

It was only a matter of time before the wave of Beyonce pregnancy reactions turned into memes. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the memes turned into Salt Bae memes. That seems to be the way the Internet works these days. Just look at Salt Jay sprinkling two little twin-baby emojis down. Just like the real Salt Bae too, the emojis sprinkle down and land awkwardly on Salt Jay's forearm.

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