16 Of The Most Over The Top Disney Themed Weddings

If little girls are always dreaming about their perfect fairy tale wedding, why not just go all in and actually HAVE a wedding modeled after your favorite fairy tale? That’s what these 15 brides did, and they ended up creating some of the most elaborate, extravagant, and totally insane Disney-themed weddings ever! Instead of pretending to be a princess for a day, they actually became princesses.

Some of these weddings chose to go a bit subtler with their Disney theme, while others didn’t even attempt to hold back from embracing the wonderful world of Disney. From horse-drawn carriages, to Disney princess bridesmaids, there is no wedding on this list that hasn’t been touched by a bit of Disney magic (and by a 'bit,' we mean a bucket full) Get your Pinterest boards ready, ladies, because if you’re a die-hard Disney fan (and really, who isn’t?), you might find some sweet ideas you’ll want to use for yourself!

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16 This Pretty in Pink Detail-Driven Ceremony

Featuring super-girly details like hot pink bridesmaids' shoes, fuchsia bouquets, and magenta place settings, this wedding wasn’t too over-the-top when it comes to Disney weddings (because, as you’ll see going down this list, things get pretty crazy), but still had enough Disney magic to earn a spot!

The bride wanted to be proposed to in front of Cinderella’s castle, but the groom instead decorated their entire living room in Disney décor with a Cinderella’s castle wall-decal to create a more intimate, personal moment. Throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, this couple incorporated “hidden Mickeys” (a little Easter egg that pops up in almost all Disney films) in and around the venue—including tiny Mickey earrings, a Mickey-shaped Chinese paper lantern, a Mickey and Minnie cake topper to add some extra cuteness, and they completed the whole thing by being drawn away like the happily ever after of a fairy tale in a horse-drawn carriage! For a better look, click here.

15 This Tinder Duo Who Said “I Do” To Cinderella

While this British couple met on Tinder, they chose something a little bit more classic when it came to their wedding. After proposing to the Disney-obsessed bride at Disneyland (with the ring in a Winnie the Pooh box, naturally), the pair tied the knot in Hawaii, in a wedding that had the theme of Cinderella. Disney songs played throughout the ceremony, mini Mickey Mouses were hidden in all the bouquets, the bride and groom wore mouse ear hats, and tiny Disney characters adorned the top of their cake.

That wasn’t the most Disney thing about this wedding, though. In between photographs and all the other craziness that happens at weddings, the bride lost her shoe – just like Cinderella did! “I’m convinced the shoe did it on purpose to fit our theme,” she said. Sounds like it was fate!

14 The Tattooed Classic Disney Couple

Just because you like Disney, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your edge to celebrate it in true animated style! This couple are die-hard Disney fans who visit either Disneyland or Disney World every year. They even cite Up as being their favorite movie and actually have Disney tattoos.

For their wedding, subtle hints complemented the classic look that’ll serve as inspiration for any bride-to-be’s (or wannabe bride's) Pinterest board. Some of those little Disney details include a fork tucked inside of the bride’s bouquet (like Ariel’s "dinglehopper" in The Little Mermaid), a mailbox with their handprints and names (from Up), personalized merit badges and medals (also from Up), and Mouse hats for the bride and groom! For a closer look at all the elements that made up this edgy Disney wedding, click here!

13 The Rustic Up-Themed Wedding

Another couple that had Up as their favorite movie (and truly, who can blame them, with a love story that sweet?), this pair had some super adorable details that complemented their rustic farm setting without verging into tacky territory (which you’ll see a lot of these weddings toe the line of!) One of the best little nods to the Disney film they love so much? These custom-painted TOMS shoes that the bride wore on her special day, featuring scenes from Up!

It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, if the photos are any indication (and you can see them all here), and used the same mailbox idea as the couple above, plus centrepieces that featured silly childhood photos of the couple. This bride and groom took an idea and made it their own, with personal quirks and adorable add-ons!

12 This Pair That Just Had Fun With It

Now we’re talking! This is the couple took their love for Disney over and beyond, but the couple knew when to hold themselves back for fear of having a wedding that went from sweet to overly sugary. The bride wore yellow heels – which look like they were stolen from Belle’s feet – with the words “I Do" on the back, complete with a Disney-style letter ‘D’, while the groom handed out custom Disney-inspired figurines to all his groomsmen – featuring Mickey Mouse ears, of course!

Other adorable details to this Disney-themed wedding included a list of Disney couples (human and otherwise) who made it to their own happily ever after, that popular Up mailbox, naming each table after a Disney World ride, and tweaking Carl and Ellie’s Adventure Book as their own wedding guest book (such a good idea!). Who knew UP would be the ultimate choice for a wedding theme? For a better look, click here.

11 This Adventure-Driven Reception

Hey, who said Disney had to be all about cartoons? This pair chose to incorporate some movies that aren’t always credited as Disney into their wedding; like having a cake modelled after the treasure chest in Indiana Jones, and including a centrepiece fashioned after the Haunted Mansion Disney World park ride!

Speaking of centerpieces, this couple got creative and chose to design their centerpieces after a wide variety of beloved Disney films, including The Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, and Toy Story, using items from around their house. Considering how expensive weddings can be, it’s a pretty ingenious move on their part! If you’re interested in seeing all the centrepieces for this reception – plus other photos from their magical wedding – just look here.

10 This Couple Who Chose Vintage Disney

With a vintage aesthetic, this newly married couple went for classic Disney in a lot of their wedding preparations; like opting for peep-toe, polka-dotted heels for the bride, dressing the flower girls in the cutest Minnie Mouse and Alice in Wonderland costumes, plus having Mickey Mouse himself show up at the reception! The polka dots appeared in a lot of other places, as well, lending to the classic aura of things. It was also included on the wrapping of the bride’s bouquet and the border of the table menus.

But, it wasn’t all just Mickey and Minnie at this soirée! Beauty and the Beast also made an appearance, like in the glass-encased red rose on the head table, and the gorgeous rose that was tucked into the bride’s hair. There’s proof that you can still fulfill your Disney dreams without getting too out of hand! (For a better look at all the pretty details, click here.)

9 This Bride Who Found The Beast For Her Beauty

If you’re going to have a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding with a special appearance by Cinderella’s carriage – what better place to have it at than Disney World?

In addition to the crystal carriage (complete with outfitted footmen, naturally), this couple didn’t skimp on the rose petals, having them line the aisle, providing them to their guests to throw when the couple walked back in celebration, decorating the cake and centerpieces, and throughout the bouquets. Of course, the rose under its glass dome was situated at the head table, and place cards featuring all your favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast were present. Not included in the images (which you can see here) are the specially made rose-shaped ice sculptures the couple had made for every guest at the reception for dessert – a charming little detail that would make even Cogsworth happy!

8 This Beautifully Modern Take On Disney

This couple got engaged at Disneyland, so of course they had to get married at the Disney World Resort! This wedding chose to take a slightly modern approach to the Disney theme (like outfitting all the bridesmaids in custom robes for wedding prep) while still keeping it gorgeously classic (like weaving flowers into the bride's Rapunzel-inspired hair).

Instead of putting her bridesmaids in Disney princess costumes (which will happen, I promise you, if you keep reading), the bride chose to dress them in timeless, flattering silhouettes that echoed the colors of Disney princess dresses, like that of Belle, Ariel, Tiana, and Cinderella. Plus color-coordinated, individually-crafted bouquets. This fairy tale dream wedding also had a cake shaped after Cinderella’s enchanted castle, and a horse-drawn carriage, in case you weren’t already dying of jealousy. Get a better look at all the amazingness right here.

7 These Bridesmaids Who Became Princesses

I told you I’d bring you Disney princesses, didn’t I? And let me say, this wedding did not disappoint! For their first date, this couple saw Frozen, and that is what inspired the Disney theme of this event, with the bride as Elsa. For her bridesmaids, she left almost no princess out – Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella were all there, plus a flower girl dressed as Anna!

This wedding definitely verges on over-the-top with its insistence on the wedding party (or at least the female members) to be entirely in costume, but there’s no word if Tiana, Pocahontas, and Jasmine are upset at not getting an invite! However, it’s a good touch to give all the bridesmaids coordinating winter cloaks, because not only do they look cozy, but this pair chose to have a chilly wedding in December! (For a closer look at these Disney costumes, check it out here.)

6 This Costume-Covered Wedding Party

Okay, if you thought the last wedding went costume crazy, then you haven't seen nothing yet! While the bride and groom dressed as Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast (which is pretty standard in the realm of Disney-themed weddings), they also encouraged their entire family to join in on the costume fun! (Hey, you can’t say this family only does things halfway.)

In this group shot, we’ve got relatives dressed as Snow White, Olaf, Goofy, and Mary Poppins, but there are also character additions that don’t usually get lumped together with the rest of the Disney cast; like the Joker and a couple of Fred Flintstones. For a wedding that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is definitely one that was probably loads of fun to be at! (You can see more of the happy couple's photos here.)

5 This Topsy-Turvy Take On Alice in Wonderland

Any wedding that uses a pet rabbit in it is definitely a winner in my books! For this Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding, this couple from Poland chose the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as the setting for their special day. The venue featured a lopsided cake, playing card cufflinks, grass-covered tables, and an assortment of clocks, teacups, and books to add to the theme. Another extra-special addition? The appearance of their very own white rabbit, Bobo!

While the couple says they were inspired more by the Lewis Carroll book than the popular Disney movie, the intimate celebration (there were only 15 people) was still beautiful and whimsical enough to have earned a spot on our list! For some excellent wedding inspiration, check out more of the couple’s wedding photos here.

4 This Real-Life Mermaid Who Wanted To Be “Part of Your World”

If you’ve been a die-hard fan of The Little Mermaid, then this wedding is the stuff dreams are made of. No detail was left without receiving the magical touch of Ariel, from shell-shaped macarons in sea-worthy colors (like turquoise and coral), to a golden conch-shell necklace that the bride wore around her neck. Even the bridesmaids had seashells ironed onto their shirts, echoing Ariel’s famous shell bra!

The exceptionally coordinated wedding walks the line between hipster chic and Disney adorable, with a romantic, extremely detailed take on every element of the wedding. Since the couple is made up of a designer (the groom) and a model (the bride), you knew it had to be extra-spectacular with special attention paid to the tiniest of details! (Not that we're complaining!) For more photos of the event that joins land and sea, take a look here.

3 This Reception That Focused On The Disney Details

While this couple kept their wedding ceremony classic and simple, they opted to pump up the Disney fun at the reception, and decorated the centerpiece of each table after a favorite Disney film! (This made sense, of course, since the couple actually got engaged at Disneyland.) A few of those centerpieces included: a horse drawn carriage and gilded pumpkins from Cinderella, red apples and roses from Snow White, a fishing net, candelabra with cutlery, and starfish from The Little Mermaid, and a tea set and antique clock for Alice in Wonderland. (For a closer look at all these creative and beautiful centerpieces, click here.)

In addition to all the centrepieces, the bride actually wore a gown designed by Alfred Angelo for the Disney line of princess gowns, and had Carl and Ellie’s chairs set atop their wedding cake. Cue the awwws!

2 This Couple Who Couldn’t Pick One Disney Movie

Like a couple others on this list, this couple chose to decorate their wedding after Disney, but they also went one step further – or across the world, to be exact! In addition to the bride’s two wedding gowns (a Belle-inspired dress for the ceremony, an Elsa-inspired one for the reception), the pair took a series of wedding photos in Paris, putting themselves into the movies they loved so much with themed photoshoots.

Throughout the photos (all of which you can see here), the couple posed as Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Lady and the Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip. The reason why they went all out? “There’s something about Disney’s fairytales that simply speaks to the child in all of us,” the bride said. Too true!

1 This Wedding That Went Above & Beyond

This is it! This is truly the most detail-oriented, extravagant, over-the-top Disney-themed wedding ever! The bride and groom were dressed as Ariel and Prince Eric, while all the bridesmaids were dressed as other Disney princesses (including a tiny Tinkerbell as the flower girl). The father of the bride was rocking his best King Triton look (although he did have a shirt, unlike his animated counterpart), and the groomsmen turned it up as Disney villains. (If you’d like to see all their wedding attire in more detail, just click here.)

Each table’s centrepiece was inspired by Disney film favorites like Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and The Lion King. The bride walked down the aisle to “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. (For the record, their first kiss was set to none other than “Kiss the Girl,” also from The Littler Mermaid.) Totally outrageous? Absolutely. But also totally fantastic.

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