16 OTT Rules We Had No Idea The Kardashians Had For Their Delivery Nurses

For so many years, the Kardashians were best known for their work on reality television and their ability to turn just about anything into a lucrative business venture. Not everyone loves this high-powered family, but you have to hand it to them. They have mad game.

These days Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and the gang have all discovered a new talent that they share in common; making babies. The Kardashians are multiplying at rapid speed. Kylie, Rob, and Khloe all have daughters, and Kim and Kourtney seem busy building a football team!

Delivering the next generation of superstars poses some interesting experiences for the medical teams responsible for laboring Queens of the Screen. Here at 16 over the top rules that the Kar-Jenner clan had for their delivery nurses.

16 Kylie Insisted On Snacks Galore

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According to sources at Hollywoodlife.com, Kylie Jenner demanded a fully stocked snack bar when she shacked up at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital awaiting the birth of her daughter, Stormi. Ugh, the thought of giving birth without every, single snack food at your disposal. Never in a million years! Not for a Kardashian!

15 Khloe Requested A "Just In Case" Tub

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When Khloe was carrying baby True, she thought that a water birth might be in order. Koko insisted on having a tub suitable for a water birth, just in case she felt like taking a dip mid labor. In the end, she chose to do things the traditional way but wanted to explore all possibilities in the months leading up to her big day.

14 Only The Finest Sheets

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According to Hollwoodlife.com, both Khloe and Kylie shared a particular bedding request during their pregnancies. When it came to what they would be laying their laboring heads on, Kylie and Khloe made sure that the sheets in the delivery room were only the finest. The superstar sisters requested light gray 1,000-thread count sheets.

13 Privacy First

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Kylie is an intensely private person, which makes her slightly uncharacteristic of the Kardashian clan. Heck! She managed to keep her entire pregnancy a secret, which is no small feat considering who she is. She also made sure to put her growing family's privacy-first when she delivered and supposedly considered renting out an entire hospital floor.

12 Kim Also Needed Serious Space

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Maybe Kylie was taking a page from her older sister's book when it came to requesting absolute privacy during the birthing process. Per firsttoknow.com, Kimmy K. spent four grand on her lavish hospital suite when she welcomed son Saint into the world. She and Kanye made sure to keep their family expansion project under wraps.

11 Non Disclosure Forms Sealed The Deal

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Even with no phone requests and private suites booked, there was always the chance that personal information might get leaked into the universe. The Kardashians may have shored up with non-disclosure forms to prevent this. Per firsttoknow.com, anyone involved in Kardashian hospital stays are sworn to secrecy, and one way to do this is to have people sign non-disclosure forms.

10 No Phones!

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Per Hollywoodlife.com, Kylie was so concerned about the staff at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital catching glimpses of her labor and delivery; she asked everyone involved in the birthing process to turn their phones off. Any birth footage captured would be controlled and released by Kylie and her famous family, not nosey hospital staff members.

9 Keep That Placenta Fresh!

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Ingesting one's placenta is all the rage these days. Many Hollywood and natural loving mamas are into saving and craving the essential organ. Per Romper.com, both Kourtney and Kim threw back their placentas following the births of their final babies. The delivery nurses likely had strict orders to put those babies on ice!

8 Be Ready For Anything

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Rob and Blac Chyna had their labor and delivery plans up in the air, and the nursing team aiding them had to be ready for anything. B.C. had previously undergone a cesarean section with her firstborn son, so another surgery was possible. Her former partner Rob Kardashian wanted a more natural experience. Per refinery29.com, both Rob and Scott Disick gave B.C.  their personal views on how a delivery should go down. It can be crazy stressful for medical professionals when families suddenly change their plans.

7 Doctors On Demand


Hospital nursing staff becomes used to working with particular doctors day in and day out. They have a routine and a system that carries them through stressful situations that arise. Per okmagazine.com, the nurses working Khloe Kardashian's labor and delivery had to assimilate to working with a private doctor that Khloe flew out to her midwestern hospital from California.

6 Make Way For The Glam Squad

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Nobody looks more glamorous during birth than a Kardashian. Most of us come out of the experience looking haggard and depleted, but not Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. They look as if they are about to strut down the catwalk when they have babies, and this is not by chance. Per dailmail.co.uk, Kim had her glam squad on standby before she had even booked her hotel room. We wonder if the nursing staff had to jump out of the way so fake lashes and powder could be applied?

5 And The Family!

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If the glam squad isn't taking up all the space in the delivery room, then the laboring Kardashian sisters' family members most definitely are! One demand that any laboring Kardashian sister has for her birthing experience is that as many family members as possible attend the blessed event. Per glamour.com, Kris Jenner even helped deliver Kylie's baby! Talk about involved. How the nurses found elbow room to do their job is beyond us.

4 Alternative Meal Plans

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Regular old hospital food won't due for a superstar like Khloe Kardashian. The mother of one revealed on her app, "Khloe Kardashian Official App," that being pregnant turned her off of meat products. Judging from her new tastebuds, the hospital staff had to come up with some alternative options for the new mommy to chow down on.

3 Lights, Camera, Action!

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So many Kardashian birth have been filmed for the prying eyes of fans! Khloe, Kourtney and Rob's baby mama Blac Chyna all gave birth on television. Nurses working with these laboring patients not only had to steer clear of filming equipment, but they also had to show their faces on the screen if the moment struck.

2 Famous Patients Come First

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When you have a Kardashian or Beyonce delivering at your hospital, attention goes directly to them. Sometimes other laboring patients get the short end of the stick when staff is pulled into the rooms of the rich and famous. The New York Times reported that when Beyonce delivered, all sorts of accommodations were made for the superstar. Staff can get caught up with all of the high-stress changes, and sometimes it's the other patients that miss out on critical care.

1 Be Prepared To Be A Part Of The Getaway Team

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Nurses working with the Kar-Jenners put in extra time for their famous patients. Their work didn't stop after discharge papers got drawn up. Per firsttoknow.com, the staff was a significant part of getting the new families out of the hospital, away from fans and paparazzi. It must have been exciting ushering their high profile families out to their tinted limos in the middle of the night.

Resources: hollywoodlife.com, firsttoknow.com

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