16 People Who Are Our #SpiritAnimals When It Comes Loving Food

I love food. I love the varieties of dishes and cuisine you can find anywhere you go. How you can travel to different cities or continents and immerse yourself in flavors and textures that are unique to that area. Food, often times, is the template for a culture or geographic location. And nothing unites us more, than eating and discovering that together.

These 16 people are just like us: they love food! They love food so much that they have become our #SpiritAnimals when it comes to loving food. So, sit back and take the lesson that food is everything!

16 Totally worth it

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And yet, you're still utterly shocked every time you check your bank statement, so much so that you've skipped right on over to the stage where you just don't check your balance and pretend that everything is fine.

15 Nutella dreams

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Oh, Nutella. The stuff dreams are made of. Do you see the happiness on this little girl's face?! Don't you just wish you could do the same?! You know you wanna, just do it. Just dig in and enjoy! No judgement.

14 Food trumps all

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This is where trust issues in relationships stem from, people. This girl totally thought her beau was being affectionate for once, only to discover that he only had eyes for something else (and no, it wasn't another girl). Instead, it was the delicious sub in her hands. Hate to say it, but we'd totally go in for a bite, too.

13 My what big eyes you have

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It's a cheat meal, you tell yourself. You totally deserve it, even if you're only twenty minutes into your new diet. After this lil' snack, you're back on the wagon and continue refusing to acknowledge the fact that you told yourself that yesterday, too.

12 Hands off

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You don't need this kind of negativity in your life. Throw your pie in their face (no wait, you need that), and then walk away from their sad lives forever.

11 Heaven sent

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When you eat something amazing for the first time, it can be straight-up euphoric. A life-changing experience, if you will, as if the clouds opened up and a beam of light shined down upon you. You hear harps and angels singing. Your life is never going to be the same, just like this little girl's will never be.

10 The land of endless fries

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Don't be jealous. This group did what you all dream of doing, but have yet to do (an invietable heart attack or food coma scaring you away from trying). If anything, we should all be thanking them for making our dreams come true. True #SpiritAnimals.

9 Nom nom nom

You've just finished a week of being stuck in bed sick, eating nothing but chicken noodle soup and hot liquids. After all that, you deserve to chow down on the first thing you can get your hands on. And you don't care who sees or how messily you eat. You go, girl!

8 Like a dream

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When you love your food so much that you want to bathe in it!

7 Anytime, anywhere

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Who says that you can only enjoy your meal at the table?! Not this lady! In fact, she gives me #foodgoals. I think it's time to take this dinner for a ride on mass transportation. Just don't forget the gravy.

6 Worst. Feeling. Ever

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Yet another reason why humans have such bad trust issues. So much effort went into her hiding those last few slices of pizza: there was the placing them strategically behind the carton of milk with a block of tofu overtop. She even considered throwing it into a box of Tampon's to fend off the curiosity of any male! And then, she came home to discover that it was gone by some horrible monster. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

5 Not like other girls

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You and your bestie just can't understand other girls who are content living off nothing but leafy greens and quinoa salads. When it comes to the two of you, it's pizza, chocolate, pop, and burgers all the way. #FriendshipGoals.

4 I scream, you scream...

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We all scream, because ice cream is the bomb diggity!

3 True relationship goals

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Who needs Prince Charming when you have the best man in your life. Yes, he may be stainless steel and unable to talk, but does he tend to your needs? Yes, he does. Every time you reach for him, he opens up and provides you with shelves and shelves of food to eat to your heart's content. We think we know who the true winners here are.

2 Not waiting

Like this lady, I don't want to wait to eat my food. Food is everything!

1 #PizzaIsLife

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This girl became our ultimate #SpiritAnimal when she crushed two slices of pizza while the couple below locked lips for the Kiss Cam, thus proving one thing and one thing only: that #PizzaIsLife.

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