16 People Who Genuinely Have No Idea How The Gym Works

No loud grunting, clean off the machines after use, re-rack the weights, share with others, be courteous, and don’t patronize people. These are just some of the unwritten rules for how the gym works. And where would we be without rules? That is what separates us from the animals. But in all seriousness, there are just some people who have no clue what is actually supposed to happen in the gym. Whether it involves using a machine in the completely wrong manner, eating lunch while others workout, or taking a quick nap on the sweaty floor, it’s hard to imagine what these people think the gym is actually used for. So without much further ado, here are 15 people who genuinely have no idea how the gym works.

16 Push It Real Good


This guy must be a big fan of Salt-N-Pepa because I’ve never seen someone push it like that before. If you’re trying to figure out which way to sit on that machine, there’s a dead giveaway. And that dead giveaway is the obvious looking seat that you are supposed to sit in!

15 TV Time


You see, in order for the gym to work and for you to build muscle, you have to actually use the equipment. Now, I know that is a pretty controversial statement, but it needs to be said. These guys apparently have never gotten the message because for them, the gym is a place to watch television.

14 Red Rubber Ball


Let’s take a vote as to what’s happening here. Is this gentleman a) working out or b) sleeping? I would tend to lean towards sleeping because I know of no such exercise where you sit on top of a red ball while on top of a workout bench. I hope someone wakes him up soon.

13 Fast Food


I know that when I think of the gym, I think of lifting weights and good food. Much like this guy does. Why eat at a restaurant/fast food place when you can take your food to the gym and just eat there? Maybe he can bring a pillow and blanket to the gym next time he’s in the mood for a nap?

12 Throw Your Legs Up


That’s not how you smith machine! And yes, I’m using “smith machine” as a verb in this context. I can certainly appreciate the flexibility on this woman, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. The giant bar and all of the weights surrounding the machine dictate that that machine is for lifting. Lifting weights; not legs.

11 Breaking News


“I don’t have time to read bro! I’m trying to get swole!” I don’t know what this next guy thinks he is doing by bringing a newspaper to the gym. I get wanting to stay up on current events, but come on… How much reading can you possibly accomplish in between sets?

10 Tour De Gym


Either there is a Halloween party at the gym, or this guy takes his stationary bicycling way too seriously. And I tend to lean towards the latter. Look, I can get past the racing shirt and compression shorts, but a helmet? A helmet?! Was this guy afraid of getting into an accident on a bike that doesn’t move?

9 Sweet Dreams


Oh boy, does that cold, hard, sweaty, dirty floor look comfy or what? And what better place to get some well needed shut-eye than a place where people are walking around carrying real heavy weights and barbells and can easily trip over you? Let’s just hope that towel over her face isn’t a used one.

8 Leg Day


What’s great about the gym is that there are equipment and machines that hit every single body part. And that includes your legs. However, it looks like nobody told this guy. I think a couple of squats might be in order.

7 Balancing Act


Gyms were made so that people could work out and in turn, get healthier. However, if you were to ask this next guy, it would appear that gyms were made for you to find new and interesting ways to in injure yourself. Don’t be like this next guy and try to squat on top of two dumbbells.

6 BFF Push Ups


Umm… What exactly do you call something like this? And which one of these guys was the first one to suggest this? And at what point is the gym held responsible for the injuries these guys will inevitably sustain from this incredibly dangerous push up tower? My back hurts just looking at it.

5 Segway Cardio


If standing on a top of a Segway that’s on top of a treadmill counted as cardio, I would be a world-class Olympian. Unfortunately for this woman, things don’t work that way. I’m not sure what makes her think that she is getting a good workout, but she could’ve just stayed home and watched tv instead. You burn just as many calories.

4 Back Problems


How much do you bench, bro? No, not with your chest. How much do you bench with your legs? I think we should cut this guy some slack because it must be his first time in the gym if he thinks that this is how you use that machine.

3 Clothing Optional


Not only does this next guy have no idea how the gym works, but I’m pretty sure he has no idea how society works. Not only should you not walk around in public wearing only a towel, but you certainly should not be running on a treadmill. There is no way on earth that that towel will remain secured around his waist.

2 Whoops!


It was at this point that he realized that he messed up. It’s ironic; he went to the gym to get healthier, but instead it was the gym that hurt him the most. Here’s a little tip: if you don’t know how to use a certain piece of equipment, or bouncy ball for that matter, either ask for help or don’t use it.

1 Sharing Is Caring


Just because there are weights at the gym, doesn’t mean you have to use all of them at the same time. You wouldn’t go to a Chipotle and take all of the chicken or carnitas, right? Yeah, it’s there, but it’s not all for you. So now, no one else can use the 45 lb. plates at the gym because this guy thinks he needs all of them.

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