16 Pretty In Pink Manicures For The Non-Girly Girls

As a non-girly girl, I totally understand the aversion to the color pink. Pink is associated with the frilly, the fluffy, and the completely frou-frou stuff that a lot of us are immediately averted to: cotton candy, My Little Pony, pre-1990's Barbie’s whole life.

However, pink is a very dynamic color. Yes, you have your typical bubblegum and Barbie pinks. But, you also have the classiness of ballerina pink, the boldness of fuchsia, the refined dusty rose, the pale sophistication of queen and lace pinks, etc. There is literally a shade of pink for every temperament.

And that is why you shouldn’t stray away from pink, especially not from pink manicures. Don’t believe me? Let these 16 fun, classy, quirky, and (mostly) easy-to-do manicures convince you.

14 Classic French

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Is there anything more elegant than the classic french mani? It is chic, yet very demure. The french mani doesn’t demand attention but instead, when caught by the eye, is appreciated. This once overdone manicure has been making a comeback recently, due to its timeless nature and minimalist appeal.

Want to give it a try? The glory of the french manicure is that it mimics natural nails. For this one, choose a natural pink or transparent polish with pink tones to it. You'll also need a white polish for the tips. On clean, filed nails, paint one or two coats of the transparent pink and let them dry. Then, very carefully, take the white paint and draw a horizontal line over the tips of your nails. Once the white tips are dry, cover with a top coat, let it dry, and call it a successful day.

13 Nude dude

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Speaking of minimalism, if there is a mani more minimalist than a simple nude, I don’t know it. Quietly understated and equally timeless as it is contemporary, a nude with a pinkish tone is a great way to maximize on the trend while sticking with a natural nail tone.

To do it, grab the nude pink polish of your choosing. On clean nails, paint two to three coats of nude polish and let it dry. Once dry, coat your new nude nails with top coat and let them dry. Your super chic minimal nude nails are ready to conquer anything you are!

12 Hit mute

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Another great minimalist mani comes in the muted variety. Muted pinks are definitely not the first pink shades that comes to mind when we think pink. However, these pinks are very sophisticated—reminding us of Coco Chanel more than cotton candy.

To get started, snag a muted pink in your desired shade (along with your trusty top coat). Cover each nail in about two to three coats of pretty pink polish and let them dry. Once dry, take your top coat and paint one to two layers for a chip-free finish.

11 There are levels to this

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When we think of a pink manicure,  we're usually not thinking of the next one I am getting ready to tell you about. Yet, this chic and cheeky nail job will take your typical mani from boring to beyond basic.

For this one, you will need three different shades of pink, your topcoat, and binder paper reinforcements (which you can find in any store that sells school or office supplies). Take your reinforcements and cut them in half and quarters. We will be using them as color guards to prevent our polishes mingle. First, decide what order you would like to paint your pinks on. In the above image, for example, the shades go from lightest to darkest. Next, coat your full nails in the first color. Then, let them completely dry. Use the reinforcement quarters to cover the base of your nails, closest to you cuticles. Then, paint on the next color above the reinforcements. Let this color dry. Then, add your reinforcement halves to the tip of your nails and polish on the final color. Once the last color is dry, peel off the reinforcements, apply top coat, and let it dry for a layered mani that people won’t believe you did at home.

10 Mix it up

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Using a variety of colors at once is not as daunting as it seems. This is a great mani if you are stuck deciding between multiple polish colors. Who says you can’t have them all? A rainbow of pink shades is simultaneously lady-like, trendy, and fun (depending upon the hues you choose).

To try it for yourself, choose between two and five different shades of pink. Make sure they vary in hue enough to make a visual statement. For each nail, choose one color and paint two or three coats onto each. For the consecutive nails, alternate the colors as you move along. Once you're done painting, let your nails dry. Then, add your top coat for a vibrant and personalized mani.

9 Vacant space

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Like your space, this is a unique mani for you. An emerging beauty trend is empty spaces in nails, which offers an interesting peek into your actual nails while still painted. And in pink, this standout mani becomes simultaneously artsy and pretty, offering the wearer nail art that is both edgy and elegant.

To recreate this look, you’re going to need those reinforcements again. Along with those, choose the pink of your choosing, and of course, your top coat. First, place the reinforcement over the area you desire to have a blank space. Then, paint over it with your pink polish. Once dry, remove the reinforcements and add one or two coats of top coat. Then, sit back and enjoy your spacey mani.

Pedal to the metal

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Metallics will always be in style. The sleek shimmer of a gorgeous metallic is best shown on fingers, but if you can’t get jewelry there, nail polish is the next best thing. Pairing your metallic polish with a low-key pink polish creates a classy dichotomy between natural, warm tones and cool, metallic ones.

To make this design, grab your pink polish, a metallic polish (the trending metallic of the moment is rose gold), scotch tape, and your favorite top coat. First, on clean nails paint two or three coats of your pink polish. Let them dry. Here's where you get a little crafty: Take small pieces of scotch tape and cover the parts of your nail that you want to remain pink. Then, on the parts without the scotch tape, paint your metallic polish and let them dry. Once dry, remove the tape, and cover with your top coat.

For those who want a more subtle mani, instead of adding metallics to each nail, choose “statement” nails (one or two nails that are painted in only the metallic polish).

8 Cat's out of the bag

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You never understood people who didn’t like cats. You personally love them. So what if you think they are adorable? So what if people may have called you a cat lady? Don’t listen to them; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Go right ahead and paint your nails to show off your love for cats. This frisky mani would be awesome with a fun shade of pink. By now, you know the first step of the routine (coat your nails in two to three coats of nail polish and let them dry). After you've done that, take the small brush and carefully paint your four-legged fave and its paw prints. Finish with one or two layers of top coat and you will be the cats meow.

7 The eyes have it

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Eyes have emerged as a fun and unique pattern for nails. This eye mani is a perfect way to do a non-basic manicure, which screams more artsy than girly (while still embracing the color pink).

For this quirky manicure, pick a white polish, a black nail polish, and a pink polish that's closer to a peach shade. Paint your nails in two or three coats of this peachy pink and let it dry. Once your pink is dry and set, paint a white semi-circle on the bottom of the nail just above the cuticle. Once the white is dry, take the black polish and paint on your “eye lids," lashes, and pupils. Finish with a top coat and let it dry.

6 Agate great

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Agate stone slices bring their own energy to home décor and jewelry, so one can only imagine the good vibes emitted from a serious bohemian chic manicure such as this. This paint job takes accent nails to a whole new level. This is a perfect manicure for an earthy urbanista with attitude.

This is one for a pro, ladies. Take this photo directly to your manicurist and ask her/him to create this epic masterpiece for you. Otherwise, you could risk ending up as a Pinterest fail.

5 Shoot for the stars

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Stars have fascinated and captivated human beings for millennia. So, it's naturally understandable that people would want to put these celestial wonders on everything, including their nails. This is a great mani for the girl who wants a luminous step up from her typical pale pink mani.

To do it, apply your desired shade of pink. Once your coats are dry, apply stars to your nails. Add as many or as few as you would like. Then, seal the stars beneath two layers of top coat. Let your nails dry and you have a mani that's out of this world.

4 Snowflakes

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With the upcoming holidays and the winter season slowly approaching, it is not too uncommon for manis to become festive and fun. However, you may want to forgo the typical red and green nails for this delicate and elegant mani.

For this mani, choose the palest pink polish you can find. Polish your nails with one or two coats and let them dry. Then, add the snowflakes. There are many ways you can do this. You can use nail decals in the shape of snow flakes. Or, if you’re feeling crafty and have the patience (and the dexterity), you can paint them on yourself (I believe in you). For this part, I would choose an off-white or egg shell white. This is because a stark white might take away from the delicate lines of the snowflakes. Take a very thin brush (or a toothpick), carefully dip just enough white on the tip and carefully draw the lines of each snowflake. Once you are finished, coat with a layer or two of top coat and let dry.

3 Back to matte

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Seriously, is there anything more current than a matte mani? With mattes taking over the current beauty scene, it was only a matter of time before they became finger-friendly in shine-resistant shades and pigments.

To make this mani, choose your matte polish in a pink shade, as well as a matte top coat. For this mani, I would opt for a dusty rose, which gives an elegant yet artsy feel. Give your freshly cleaned nails two to three coats of your matte nail polish for full coverage and then let them dry. Finish your mani by swiping one or two coats of the matte top coat. Once it's dry, you'll have a perfectly pink matte mani.

2 Iridescent

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On the other hand, super shiny nails are also very cool. Iridescent is a huge trend happening right now in the beauty world. Nails are the perfect place to display this trend in a small and measured way (read: without looking like a '90s raver or a crazy person).

This is a job of nail decals. Nail decals used to be something a lot of women strayed away from due to their difficulty to use (or the fact that many of the best ones were almost the same price as a manicure). Not anymore! Nail decals are simple and easy to use and for this one,I would choose iridescent stickers that lean more towards pinks. Make sure you’ve cleaned your nails from dirt and dust before applying the nail decals. That way, the decals stick cleanly and stay put. Boom, easiest mani ever.

1 Keep it simple

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When in doubt, it's better to just keep it simple! Sometimes, the best manicures are the one with the least details. It is amazing how an easy and clean mani is beyond basic. A simple manicure done in pale pink is both refined, classy, and fun. It's work appropriate and sexy all at the same time. What makes it even better is that you can totally do this one with no assistance in your own home, meaning you can also maintain it your self should the unfortunate smudges or chips occur (cans we say saving big bucks?).

This mani is definitely a no-brainer. Choose your shade of pink (I would aim for one of the pinks on the paler end of the spectrum), paint each nail, let them dry, and apply top coat. Simple, sweet, and ready to hit the streets!

See? Pink is a very accessible color palette that us non-girly girls should not avoid, but embrace in our own ways.

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