16 Rare Pics Of Nicolas Cage's Family

Nicolas Cage, one of the most critically acclaimed actors of our time, stole the public's "declaration of independence" with his numerous strong roles wherein he gives his all in the most passionate way possible; it's easy to wonder just how much of Nicolas Cage's filmography is comprised of boisterously passionate performances!

In recent years, the actor has largely made headlines for his personal life rather than box office headlines for his strongly performing movies. Nicolas has been half of multiple famously forgotten Hollywood romances, four of which he made official by putting a ring on it. Two of Nicolas' former flames are even mothers to his children. Private family life is pretty sacred to Nic, so he keeps his ladies and little ones out of the spotlight as much as possible. Luckily for Nicolas fans who are "wild at heart" to see personal family pictures, here are twenty rare treasures!

16 Nicolas Cage Points Out The Paps

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Nicolas' character in National Treasure may have stolen the Declaration of Independence, but a persistent pap swiped a moment he could've spent privately with his former wife, Alice Kim. 'Nic' seems ready to take some action, like many of his on-screen counterparts, and have a moment with the person behind the peering camera lense.

Some celebs may be absurdly famous, but they deserve quiet moments!

15 Mickey Mouse Meets Cage

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Nicolas Cage is rarely photographed in public, especially with his family, but even the most private of actors enjoy some quality time with the most popular mouse of all-time, Mickey!

Nicolas' youngest son, Kal-El, is seen holding a drink and soaking up his time with Papa Cage at the "happiest place on Earth." Nic himself also looks to be enjoying a magical stroll.

14 Famous Actor Hangs With The Peanuts Gang

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What could be better than a little bonding time with your sons when you're sharing it with one of the most lovable pooches of all-time?

Nicolas is seen here with Kal-El, as well as Weston Coppola Cage, his oldest son. Talk about a family affair with a member of the Peanuts gang! What's cooler than seeing Nicolas' sweeter side?

13 Father And Son's Sharp Dressed Stroll

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We're not sure what's going on with Nicolas' wardrobe choices in this photo, but his get-up sure is a sight to see!

Here he is, taking a stroll with Kal-El, or maybe the fella hanging out with the youngest member of the Cage gang could be the mad hatter from Alice In Wonderland? No matter what, we've got to applaud the contents of Nic's closet!

12 'Raising' The Cage Family

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Nicolas' love life has been the frequent subject of gossip magazine speculation over the years, but Nicolas and his longtime love Alice (they wed in 2004 and divorced in 2016), managed to keep themselves shielded from the paparazzi's prying eye; photos of Alice frequently show her giving the paparazzi absolutely no attention, like she is in this photo, with her head down.

11 Father And Son Take A Bite Out Of Life

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Nicolas and Westen Cage are seen here looking like they're ready to extend their compliments to the chef while enjoying some shrimp; wouldn't this photo be a restaurant's advertising endorsement dream?

Not only is this a cool photo, but the notoriously private Nicolas also seems happy to let the public catch a rare glimpse of a private meal!

10 Introducing Mrs. Cage

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Nicolas Cage is definitely not a stranger to walking down the aisle!

The actor has been wed four whole times, with the most recent union being with Erika Koike. Plot twist on this marriage; Nic and Erika were only married for four days.

Nic attributes the short marriage to not being of very sound mind, and Erika has also spoken unfavorably about their short marriage.

9 Nic And Alice Reach For Happier Times

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You know the familiar saying: a picture captures a thousand words!

Nicolas and his ex-wife Alice are seen here leaving a public event together, and it looks like they had been holding hands prior to this photo being taken, or Nic could be reaching for his woman's embrace. Who knows the meaning behind his reach, but the frozen moment in time seems to speak volumes!

8 The Cage Family Steps Out In Style

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Little is known about the private family life of the Cages, but as far as we can see, Nicolas and Alice Kim know how to dress up regardless of a camera's presence!

No matter how stylish, celebs have to step out and try their best to live as normal lives as possible, but Nic and Alice prove they can still look good while doing so.

7 Nic And Weston Grab Grub

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As we've seen, Nicolas and his oldest son enjoying having a bite to eat for father and son bonding time. Nic and Westen are seen here walking down the street with what looks to be some groceries or leftovers.

Nic's expression looks like he's fed up with the paparazzi's attempted roadblock to his microwave; who wouldn't be when you're just trying to grab some grub?

6 Not-So-Fun Family Vacation

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The sight of the Cage family walking down the street is nothing new, despite how rare it may be, but in this particular photo, it doesn't look like they're very happy with one another at the moment!

Nic and Alice sadly parted ways three years ago, but the duo has been seen many times appearing out in public together, with and without their son.

5 The Proud Parents

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Nicolas Cage's family name is much less private than the way in which the actor famously tries to protect his own family. Nicolas grew up as part of the famous Coppola name in the film industry!

Nic is seen here posing with his parents August Coppola and Joy Vogelsang, in a very rare public appearance alongside his famous parents.

4 Even Superstars Go Sailing

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Nicolas Cage's personal life is kept so private that not only do we not see pics of his family, we don't see very many snapshots of Nic hanging out with friends!

Celebrity status may make hang out locations a lot fancier, but having priceless moments with your buds is universal regardless of your level of fame. Nic Cage just gets to go sailing!

3 Famous Family On A Walk

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One of the most annoying aspects of fame has to be those stolen moments when you're trying to spend time with your children. Nicolas Cage seems to be actively avoiding the paparazzi's cameras while trying to get his son home from school!

Kal-El is seen here holding his father's hand while wearing a backpack. Does he know he's one of the most famous kiddos ever?

2 A Romance That Once Was

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Despite their divorce, Nicolas and Alice Kim were married for a long time in "Hollywood years," so there has to be some history there, right?

If we needed proof of the longevity of Nic and Alice's relationship, this extremely candid photo definitely serves as some proof! There's a lot of starry-eyed love in their shared gaze, which proves love blooms no matter if you're famous!

1 Love Is Only A Simple Touch

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There's a good chance physical touch was part of Nic and Alice's love language, as evidenced by this incredibly private moment (literally, the photo was taken in a secret fashion), judging by Alice's hand sweetly resting on her man's shoulder!

If a photo is taken in a concealed way, there's an inclination the photo's subjects didn't want to be seen, just like Nicolas' personal life.

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