16 Recent Photos Of Former WCW Stars Today

Although the company came to an end almost two decades ago, fans still talk about its impact. With AEW on the rise, we can’t help but think of the days of WCW and how they challenged WWE every single week. Here’s to hoping AEW can have the same type of success.

In this article, we’ll take a look back at some of our favorite WCW stars while taking a look at what they’re up to these days. We’ll also feature recent pics of the WCW stars and what they look like nowadays. Some aged gracefully while others look unrecognizable for all the wrong reasons.

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16 Konnan

via Twitter

Known as the Mexican Hulk Hogan, he had quite the fanbase over in his home country. Konnan enjoyed quite the run with WCW, most notably during his time with the NWO Wolfpac.

The 55-year-old remains in the business today, working in creative alongside Impact Wrestling. He also made recent pit-stops with MLW and AAA.

15 Disco Inferno

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Credit Disco Inferno and his unwavering loyalty to WCW. Despite the fact that he was a lower-card player, Inferno stayed with the company from 1995 till the very end. He wasn’t picked up by WWE following the merger.

These days Glenn is living a different life away from the ring as a manager of a gentleman’s club out in Vegas.

14 Bill DeMott

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He finally entered the mid-card of WCW during his involvement with the Misfits In Action, though unfortunately for DeMott, that was during the company’s final stages.

Bill rebounded nicely with WWE, later taking on a job as a trainer. It all came to an end after alleged misconduct allegations. He’s doing his best to improve his name these days doing lots of charity work and motivational pep talks.

13 Tank Abbott

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Looking back, Tank Abbott joining WCW could have been a genius idea given his background in the world of combat sport. However, it wasn’t treated that way and he quickly fell to the undercard as a comedic act more than anything else.

Age 54, he looks unrecognizable these days. He recently worked a shoot interview and he was also featured at a couple of conventions.

12 Sid Vicious & Stevie Ray

via YouTube

Both these gentlemen still look fantastic today, heck Stevie himself looks as though he can still take a bump.

Ray keeps active in the wrestling business today, attending conventions alongside his brother Booker – he also has his own podcast sharing stories from the past. As for Sid, well, his WCW run will always be remembered for that horrible bump off the top rope (and those hilarious promos).

11 Big Vito

via IG

He got a decent push with WCW and he was later picked up by WWE. He couldn’t replicate the same success however, and he was sent down to Deep South Wrestling – only to be released a little later.

Credit the 55-year-old who still looks great these days. Fans can follow his current journey via IG, he’s pretty active on the social media platform.

10 Juventud Guerrera

via IG

What a talent this guy was back in the golden era of the Cruiserweights. Juventud had all the tools to succeed and in terms of talent, he matched the best of the best – he wasn’t short on charisma, either. His undoing was behavioral problems backstage – it would cause his WWE demise as well.

The 44-year-old remains active over in Mexico doing lots of meet-ups while still keeping active in the ring every now and then.

9 Buff Bagwell

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Like Inferno, Buff had great loyalty to WCW. He joined in 1991 and stayed on board till the end.

Of course, fans know by now his WWE run was a complete failure both on-screen and backstage. Nonetheless, he stayed in the business and that still holds true today – Buff does lots of conventions and heck, he still takes bookings as well.

8 Mark Jindrak

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A recruit from the WCW Power Plant, Jindrak looked to be the total package. It just didn’t work for the wrestler – at least in North America.

He moved to Mexico and it was the right call as he became a massive star in the wrestling scene. His popularity would also lead to acting gigs overseas as well.

7 Lance Storm

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During WCW’s final days, they made the wise decision to build around talents like Lance Storm. He was at one time holding three WCW Titles; the US, Hardcore and Cruiserweight.

Age 50, Lance looks great and he’s still taking bumps on the daily running his own wrestling school over in Alberta. The future is in good hands with this WCW alum.

6 Nick Patrick, Jeff Farmer & Scott Norton

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This photo probably has WCW and NWO fans completely marking out. It features Nick Patrick, the tainted NWO referee along with Jeff Farmer who fans will never forget as the NWO version of Sting (man, was that a great storyline).

Of course, Scott Norton is the other dude, the veteran was still taking bumps over in Japan most recently.

5 Scott Steiner

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It might be hard to believe given his awful WWE run but with WCW, Steiner was a big deal in the 2000s and he actually did a great job in the upper card scene.

Steiner remains relevant in the business, mostly for his shoot interviews taking shots at current WWE employees. He’s also active in the ring every now and then, working alongside Impact Wrestling.

4 Marty Jannetty

via YouTube

Fans might forget but Marty briefly joined WCW. He made his debut on the B show Thunder and never made an impact during his time.

He struggled in recent years and that’s especially evident via Twitter with his bizarre tweets. He also recently took part in an interview with Hannibal TV, looking completely out of it.

3 Shannon Moore

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A member of Three-Count, Moore made a name for himself with WCW and he was claimed by WWE.

He looks quite different these days, though at the age of 40, he looks a lot more beefed up compared to his WWE and WCW days. To his credit, the veteran can still go in the ring working with various indie promotions.

2 Dean Malenko

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Arguably among the top in-ring WCW wrestlers of all-time, this guy was the ace of the Cruiserweight Division for quite some time.

Nearing his 60s, Malenko recently made a huge decision as he decided to leave WWE for a fresh new start with AEW. He is the company’s senior producer.

1 Raven

via Twitter

Raven is forever regarded as that wrestler who could’ve been so much more. He had a decent run with WCW, though he got completely buried by WWE.

Raven does sporadic appearances at indie shows these days. Fans can follow Raven via IG, he’s decently active on the platform.

Sources – Twitter, Ring Side News & IG

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