16 Rumored Relationships WWE Doesn’t Want Us To Know About

At times, romances that take place behind the scenes can be even more intriguing than the actual show itself. That was true in the ‘90s with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Sunny along with Stephanie and Triple H. The same holds true today with the likes of Corey Graves and Carmella taking their relationship public despite all the controversy attached.

In this article, we’ll take a look at similar circumstances; these are lesser-known relationships from both then and now. WWE might want to keep some of these on the DL, especially those that contain some of their more promising stars, like Seth Rollins, who makes multiple appearances in this article.

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16 Velveteen Dream & Cathy Kelley

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We’re constantly getting a tease of this power couple, though none of the parties involved have officially come out and made it official. Of course, Kelley recently dated Finn Balor, though that’s a thing of the past with Finn also recently getting engaged.

Velveteen has a huge future ahead, so maybe it might be wise to keep any distractions on the DL.

15 James Ellsworth & Kenzie

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Nope, Carmella and Ellsworth was all part of the show – though in truth the two did have a close relationship, and Ellsworth admitted Carmella was the first to reach out following his WWE release.

Ellsworth landed in hot water with this ordeal, especially considering he was a family man. The indie wrestler Kenzie accused James of sending inappropriate photos. Perhaps this situation might cause WWE to think twice next time Ellsworth’s name comes up.

14 Stone Cold & Torrie Wilson

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Okay, maybe we exaggerated a little. However, according to former WWE alum Debra, there was some flirting going on between these two, particularly initiated by Wilson, at least according to Austin’s ex.

Debra was having none of it and she decided to put Wilson on blast in front of the entire locker room. It would lead to Wilson breaking down in tears, clearly, she got the message loud and clear.

13 Lana & The Old Spice Guy

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Here’s a random relationship that was revealed during Total Divas. While on her bachelorette party, Lana encountered an old flame from the past – turns out, it was the Old Spice Guy!

The two briefly dated – a factor that might not sit all too well Rusev, Lana’s current husband.

12 Eric Bischoff & Kimberly Page

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This one is an urban legend from the backstage area of the WCW days. According to several shoot interviews, the boys would love to have a good time alongside their wives.

Some say things got not so PG, with a little wife swapping. Bischoff and Kimberly were rumored to be in on it. DDP did confirm wife swapping took place, but he flat out denied Kimberly took part.

11 John Cena & Carmella

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This was an odd rumor especially given the timing. Cena had broken things off with Nikki Bella while Carmella did the same with former WWE star Big Cass. It would lead fans to believe that there might’ve been some truth to the allegations.

The rumors started after both were spotted at the same bar in Tampa... yeah, they were reaching a bit. We’ll never know if there was ever anything going on, though it seems unlikely.

10 Seth Rollins & Sunny

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This rumor really came out of nowhere, allegations were made on Sunny’s FB page. Due to all the speculation, Sunny would even address the issue. She made the claim that she hadn’t seen Rollins in years, denying anything went down.

She did confirm romances with the likes of Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, and Dolph Ziggler.

9 Chris Benoit & Michelle McCool

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Surely, WWE will want to keep this one on the DL. It is said that prior to his passing, Benoit had a secret relationship with Michelle McCool. The alarming part is that he was married at that point with a family.

The rumors remain unconfirmed. Of course, McCool would go on to marry The Undertaker – a relationship that brought a lot of heat for Michelle according to her recent comments.

8 Jenna Jameson & The Undertaker

According to The Sun, Jameson claims that she and The Undertaker were close during their earlier days. Things took a sour note when Taker unleashed on Jenna telling her he’d beat up her boyfriend and take her with him.

She was so traumatized by his words that she actually immediately left the club with her former boyfriend... Yeah, The Deadman is a scary dude.

7 Paige & Zahra Schreiber

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For a female that didn’t last too long with WWE, Schreiber still managed to make quite the impact behind the scenes. She was largely responsible for Rollins breaking up with his fiancée, not to mention she even dated WWE star, Sonya Deville.

There are rumors that she also briefly dated Paige following her split with Alberto Del Rio. Though it is also possible Paige was looking for a friend and nothing more than companionship.

6 Matt Hardy & Stacy Keibler

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Another tale from the behind the scenes. This one saw Lita get involved and let’s just say she was none too pleased.

According to the story, Keibler was getting overly close to Matt at a nightclub – Lita would step in and literally push Keibler away from her man. Like Wilson earlier in the article, Stacy got the message.

5 Alberto Del Rio & Charlotte

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Charlotte doesn’t have the best dating history. She’s already divorced twice and a rumored relationship would also quietly end. It is said that she briefly dated Del Rio, just prior to his relationship with Paige.

Given her current relationship with Andrade, WWE and Flair want us to forget about that brief coupling. We can also confirm Charlotte definitely has a particular taste...

4 Nia Jax & Luke Gallows

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Gallows would confirm the relationship and suddenly, we didn’t hear anything else. It is said that things ended on tough terms between the two – so much so that Jax was heartbroken by the split.

Wisely, both decided to keep things on the down-low as it could’ve caused quite the stir behind the scenes.

3 Paige & Xavier Woods

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A true head-scratcher a lot of us did not expect. During Paige’s leak, we saw these two together – a relationship nobody could’ve predicted especially during their NXT days. At the time, Paige was also with Brad Maddox making the situation that much more bizarre.

WWE never spoke of the matter and neither did the two WWE stars.

2 Triple H & Christy Hemme

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This is one of those urban legends we can’t completely disregard. WWE released Hemme out of nowhere, kind of like an RKO... At the time she was among the more popular WWE stars, which is why fans are inclined to believe this tale.

It is said that Stephanie didn’t enjoy the way she interacted with her man – causing the release.

1 Seth Rollins & Kaitlyn

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This is a recent rumored relationship to emerge. According to Kaitlyn’s ex, Seth sent some inappropriate messages during their time together. We saw a similar situation develop between Rollins and Schreiber as well.

At this point, neither of the two commented on the matter and we don’t expect Seth to say anything given his current status on top of the company.

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