16 Savage Snaps People Sent On Their Last Day At Work

Leaving a work environment is often awkward, bordering on painful. Even when someone leaves under amicable circumstances, their upcoming absence can feel like a giant elephant in the room.

These completely extra, former employees took that intense feeling of last day discomfort and turned it into something magical. If leaving your employment has to be miserable, then ya might as well own it.

Check out these unemployed gems and have yourself a hearty laugh at how they chose to announce their departures. Anyone out there hiring at the moment?

Who knew quitting one's job could be so much fun!

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16 They DO Make A Card For Every Occasion

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This is an awesomely creative way to soften the blow to the administration when you peace out. How can they be angry at you for leaving them high and dry when you send them a heartfelt card that expresses your empathy for towards them. This approach mixes snarkiness with compassion, and we love it so much.

15 And Then Sometimes Administration Claps Back

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Finding a funny way to leave your job is one thing, but when the higher-ups clap back with their personal thoughts and feelings, like this particular super boss, well you might want to consider leaving in the first place. If someone gifted us with a funny Batman cake after we quit, we would retract our resignation letter stat!

14 Two Birds With One Stone

via thethrillist.com/abcnews.go.com

No one can be mad at you for quitting when you leave them a cake! This guy doubled down and not only parted ways with sweet treats but made a grand attempt to drum up some future bakery business while he was at it. This is precisely why this dude will be just fine in whatever he chooses to do next.

13 This One Left Those Memories "Behind"

via elitedaily.com

See what we did there. This employee let higher management know that she was done with them by flashing her favorite "ass"et. That was surely one goodbye that no one will ever forget. Sometimes you have to commit to going out with a bang. If the job was particularly miserable and hostile, a greeting card or cake won't do.

12 It Happens

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It's not like you have to get up early in the morning to get to your desk on time any longer. You might as well tie one on and have yourself a little bit of a party. Getting sloshed after quitting is almost a requirement for a good employment exit. We aren't exactly sure why this is, and come morning the joke will be on you, but quitting and getting tipsy are like peanut butter and jelly.

11 Say It With Song

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This fellow is bent on showing his workplace that he is out like trout and he shall do it with song. Go on with your bad self buddy. We applaud the level of commitment that you are showing here. We shall pray that your performance wasn't caught on video so that someday you can land yourself a new job. Otherwise, it's Broadway for you.

10 Free Yourself!

via mashable.com/abc.net.au

This employee was asked to change the store sign one too many times. He is out. Way to stick it the man. Unfortunately, your boss will likely never shimmy up the ladder to change the sign letters himself. Once you are gone, this menial task will befall some other underappreciated employee. That's life.

9 Remember My Name

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Never let them forget what they lost when they let you go. This guy was determined to keep his face on management's minds long after he left his place of employment. For years to come, they will find themselves forgetting his features, only to be reminded of them as soon as they change the batteries in another smoke alarm.

8 Being A Savage Quitter Takes A Lot Of Effort

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This jaded employee's former manager should have probably left her far more to do while on the clock. She definitely had too much time on her hands if she was able to execute this tedious farewell workplace plan. Note to all people in positions of management: keep your people busy, or you might come into this mess one day.

7 Haikus Rule

via editorschoice.com/weheartit.com/golfian.com

Let's get serious for a second: Haikus are the Kings of all Poems. They manage to say so much with so few words. Next time you consider quitting your job, drum up a couple of farewell Haikus just in case. Maybe we should all possess a handful of these powerful messages for when it comes time to exit.

6 Not Willing To Give Up The Christmas Bash

via theeditorschoices.com/thetelegraph.co.uk

This guy is making his resignation terms pretty clear to his bosses. He will no longer work at his former place of employment, but he WILL be coming to the holiday party every year. It must be totally off the chain for him to be so brazen. Now we need to know what company he is leaving, just in case we want to take his job.

5 Telling It Like It Is

via themashable.com/peaceoutfashion.com

We do love a solid ironic exit. Sometimes symbolism is necessary for an employee to make his point clear. This company left a sour taste in his mouth, and he is going to go to all sorts of lengths to make his management team feel his pain. Sure it's a bit immature, but that doesn't matter when you are madder than a hornet.

4 We'd Be Sad To Lose This Guy

via mirror.co.uk

Give him whatever he wants and get him back on the payroll. To quit via Super Mario Brothers and Mario ONE at that? Don't let this gu slip away. We bet that he is smart, talented, and cool. Traits like that are not easy to find in employees. This was the most excellent Nintendo game of all time, right up there with Contra and Bubble Bobble.

3 EXACTLY How We Would Do It

via thechive.com

This farewell message is funny and straightforward and is precisely how I would leave my job. Everyone gets a cola and a post it. You can't be bitter at someone who leaves like this. This idea is a cheap and guaranteed way to make sure no one at your former place of employment is angry with you. We are tucking this one away just in case it is every needed.

2 Slow Clap

via thechive.com/bigcountryflowers.com/intouchweekly.com

This one is a little bit aggressive in the message choice, but Edible Arrangement bouquets are kind of amazing. Especially if there is chocolate involved. If I got sent this from an employee, I would probably still give them a great letter of recommendation. Sweet treats can soften any blow.

1 Leaving In Style

via twitter.com/metrolimo.com.au/videoblocks.com

We are not quite sure how you guys are going to pay for that limo now that you have no income flowing in, but whatevs...do you. If you are going to leave your job, go ahead and do it in style. Go over the top and live your best life today. Tomorrow it will be aspirin, tears and the want ads for you.

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