16 Tweets That Just Shouldn’t Exist

The Internet has so much information on it that it's physically impossible to go through all of it in a lifetime, but there's a lot of stuff on there that I think should just go away. People are weird and when they're given a platform to really show it with minor repercussions, they will do that. There is no limit as to how strange the content on the Internet will go, and it feels like everyday, things just get weirder and weirder.

I wonder how far this evolution of content will go until it becomes too much for anyone.

If it's for the likes on a post or if they're just weird, people will show the strangest sides to them that nobody ever asked to see. From strange food combinations to even stranger living habits, the world is full of people that do things in a very unconventional way. The imagination and creativity that some people have is so strong that not even they know how to handle it properly. Because of this, there are a lot of images out there on the 'net that are just straight-up cursed. They are so bad that I just want to look away, but I can't.

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16 Possibly The Ickiest Food Combination To Exist

Kraft Singles are good for really only two things: burgers and melting it on top of broccoli. Even those two options are questionable, and most people with any sense of decency would use real cheese. That being said, there is no way on this earth that putting Kraft Singles on a strawberry Pop-Tart (or any Pop-Tart for that matter) is acceptable behavior. There is nothing good that could ever come out of this. This picture is so unappetizing to me that I think I would be fine if I never have to eat again.

To the state of Arkansas, I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that most of its citizens do not eat this travesty that's calling itself food.

I'm not totally sure because I have never been to Arkansas, and a state with that strange of a pronunciation might have some other issues. How could somebody even stand to make this food even for a joke post? It's so bad I feel like I'm about to throw up just looking at that congealed processed cheese product. Whoever made this needs to think long and hard about what they just did and they need to promise to never make anything like this again.

15 I Need To Go Home And Rest

Of all the things that people have done with their food, this isn't really that bad, but I just have one question for the person who posted it, and that is: why?

There is no amount of likes or retweets that are worth it to actually bite through the wrapper of a McDonald's cheeseburger. For someone to even have the idea when biting into a burger is crazy. There is no way that eating a bunch of wax paper is an enjoyable experience, even if they just bit into it and spit it out right after.

I really hope that nobody commented on this picture saying that they eat it like this, but considering the fact that there are several billion people on this planet, there's probably someone out there who is eating the wax paper wrapping on all of their fast-food burgers. What goes on in the mind of that person must be very interesting. I mean, even the person who is doing this as a joke has a strange enough mind to even come up with something like this.

If I was eating a burger, there is no way that I would ever think to bite the wrapper. That would be too much of a waste of a good burger.

14 Cursed But Still Cute

If you ever thought what your pets would look like on a different animal body, now you know, and it's a lot weirder than you would think. Since both animals look perfect and adorable on their intended bodies, this person may have tried to see what they would look like as bigger and smaller versions of themselves. And, as you can see, the result is a picture that I don't want to look at, but also can't look away from.

They are still kind of cute, I guess, but these new animals look like something that a mad scientist would try and create in their lab.

The cat looks strange since it doesn't really look like it's got a neck. Respectively, cat faces are a lot slimmer than dog faces, so having a cat face on a dog's body results in a lot of extra dog that nobody knows what to do with. The dog is something else entirely — it looks like a gag gift or something. That dog is so happy looking and seeing a creature with that large and smiley face on that small of a body doesn't look very natural. I love it, though, and if there was a stuffed animal of this dog/cat hybrid I would probably be down for it.

13 There's Too Many Of Them

On a daily basis, one Ted is more than enough, but someone thought it would be a good idea to triple how bad an image is. Whoever made this took the original Ted, and then tripled him and made his clones look slightly worse than the original version. Each one of them looks a bit different than the other, but they all look very unsettling to the average eye. I can't even tell who is supposed to be the original Ted out of the two on the left. The one on the right has been altered enough for me to know it's been Photoshopped, and for me to really dislike looking at this picture.

Some people say that it's Ted's fault for the Rockets losing on the day that the original photo was taken after he called a basketball hoop a "basketball ring." Man, I don't even like basketball or even sports in general but I still know that the thing the players are trying to get the basketball into is called a hoop. That's like a third grade-level piece of knowledge. Anyways, Ted may have cursed the Rockets into a spectacular loss by his presence there, but now everyone is cursed from having to look at this image.

12 It's Possible Just Not Advised

The English language is a mystery sometimes, thanks to the fact that English is a mix of a bunch of languages that are completely unrelated to each other and each have their own rules. I feel like anyone who is trying to learn English is in for a very rough time just on learning how to pronounce certain things.

For some reason "lead" and "lead" are pronounced differently and have different meanings. At the same time, "through" and "plough" don't rhyme or sound anything alike.

For someone learning the language, the lack of rules on how to do anything must feel like a total betrayal.

Another weird thing is how the "F" sound sounds just like "PH," but the reasons why we use one over the other in certain contexts is because of where the word originated from. The name "Jeff" came from the F-sound language, but Stephen came from that PH language. Besides that, there's no reason why someone couldn't spell "Jeff" as "Jephph" based off of pronunciation alone, but they really shouldn't do that. English is already complicated enough and we don't need to be more like French with an abundance of un-pronounced consonants in words. That makes things harder than they need to be.

11 Good Pun, Bad Image

Via: Pinterest

I love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson very much, but I really do not like his footwear counterpart, Dwayne "The Croc" Johnson.

I never thought I would say this, but there is a place on this earth that I don't appreciate The Rock's face placed on, and that is on a pair of Crocs. Dwayne is such an important person that it just feels wrong to defile him in such a way as to put him on a pair of the ugliest shoes on the planet. The only thing that would be equally as bad is putting his face on a pair of Uggs, which should stand for "ugly," even though it actually stands for the sheep's wool on the inside of the boot.

While I do dislike this shoe visually with a lot of passion, I do have to appreciate the thought that went into making this pun. For a bad Internet post, it's pretty good. I'm just a little offended that someone would try to taint the image of one of the greatest men in the world (if not the greatest), but it's fine. I bet if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson saw this post, he would laugh in that calm way he does and find it a little funny. If these shoes actually do exist out there, should anyone wear them? Absolutely not.

10 Has Fashion Gone Too Far?

There is a market that this fashion website is trying to sell to, but for the life of me I have no idea who would want to wear a shirt like this. I have a very sweaty brother who works for a bank, so to cover up the sweat stains on his button-up shirt, he has to wear a t-shirt underneath to soak it all up.

This shirt kind of takes that concept but in a very strange way, to the point where it's pretty much unwearable.

I don't think that there is any context where it's appropriate or wanted to wear a t-shirt with a button-up sewn in front of it, for it to just flop in front of the person. Not even considering how unappealing it looks. Like, I can't imagine that it's very comfortable for the wearer. There is a lot of extra fabric happening in the front of this shirt that looks like it's just going to get in the way. For casual clothes that are supposed to mimic nicer clothes, this shirt is a definite bust. It was trying to do that painted t-shirt tuxedo thing but it just isn't going to happen, nobody actually wants this.

9 Think About What You Have Done

Lately there's an internet trend with people trying weird food things to get the attention of the Pop-Tarts social media person. The extent that some people will go through for a little bit of internet attention is amazing, and it seems as though they will do pretty much anything to get there.

Look at this sandwich, for example. There is no reason why anyone would ever put an un-toasted toaster pastry in a sandwich unless they're trying to get something out of it. That just looks Disgusting. Not only is there a toaster pastry in a turkey sandwich, but they also used the end of a bread loaf — this person truly has no indignity.

As someone who doesn't like food that is out of place, I declare that people stop messing with their food at this instant. I truly dislike scrolling through my feed and seeing some wacky food concoction that should have never been made. Food is supposed to look a certain way and messing it up for the retweets isn't a good enough excuse. I think that if anyone is going to post this kind of content on the Internet, they should also be forced to eat whatever gross thing they made.

8 Look Into His Eyes

I'm a fan of Howl's Moving Castle and I love that sassy little talking stovetop flame named Calcifer, so I would probably really enjoy a spatula that looks like him. That is, I would like it until its true side came out in the cooking process. This spatula looks very adorable in the first picture, like the spatula is just a friend with a face trying to help you with some cooking. The second picture, though, makes this spatula look pretty demonic, like it's going to steal your soul through this smiley-faced sausage patty.

To be fair, those smiling sausage patties are kind of strange-looking on their own. It's always a little unsettling to eat something that has a face on it because even though it's food, it's got some sort of emotion to it now, and it would be wrong to just eat something that has feelings.

Sure, a frozen patty isn't going to actually have feelings, but try looking at your food directly in the eye sometime — it's hard to do, even when you're really hungry.

It's especially hard to do when your spatula gives your food some nice demon eyes to really make you wary of the food that you eat.

7 Open Your Heart, Surrender It To Propane

It's everywhere on the Internet, but there is something that is quite unsettling about seeing pictures of Hank Hill in other animated universes. I once saw a video of Hank Hill as Ash Ketchum doing a Pokémon battle and Bobby was Butterfree and yeah, it was really, really weird. Anytime I see Hank Hill in a place that isn't on his show, I get flashbacks back to that video and I feel unsettled again.

This picture is on the same kind of level since Hank is dressed up as Sora, who is a young teen with pants that make no sense and way too many belts. This outfit is definitely not something that Hank Hill would ever wear, since he is only ever seen wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, and seeing him in some futuristic Square Enix-style clothes makes things even more unsettling. At least they kept Hank's original haircut, because if they put Hank's face on a head that has Sora's obnoxiously geometric hair, it would be very, very weird.

I think what makes me unsettled the most, though, is how there is apparent fear in Hank's eyes. He always looks confused and I have to say that I am usually equally as confused.

6 When Memes Go Too Far

Like everyone else, I was very impressed by the young yodeling boy in a Walmart and I'm glad that he got the attention that he deserved. This boy is like, 10 years old and he's way more successful than I will ever be. I mean, this kid played at Coachella for crying out loud! I don't even think I'll ever be able to get tickets to that festival let alone perform at it (I'm not a musician though, so I don't know why that matters too much).

This boy really did take the world by storm and that's totally fine, but like any meme, it's going to die one day.

That's why I have no idea why people think it's a good idea to tattoo memes onto themselves. The relevancy of a meme can change within a mere matter of hours, but tattoos are forever. Sure, the yodeling boy meme has lasted longer than some other memes out there, but it's only a matter of time until he too is sent to the land of meme obscurity.

Whoever decided to get this tattoo, though, is stuck with it for life. I can imagine 10 years from now, the person who got the tattoo will barely remember what meme it came from because there are just so many. Tattooing memes may be just as bad as tattooing your significant other.

5 Gym Kardashian

This picture is one of those things that I can't stop thinking about once the image has already been put into my head. I never would have thought of Kim Kardashian with such large arm muscles, but someone else did and now I, and everyone else, have to suffer through looking at this picture. This image of an extremely buff Kim Kardashian-West is going to be imprinted in my mind forever. It's not the worst thing that could be stuck in my head, but it's certainly not the nicest thing that I could be thinking about either.

To get her actual body, there's no question that she does a lot of working out, but she would have to be on a completely different regimen to get arms that look like that. Her whole thing is to have small arms but a thick waist, and unless the standards of beauty change a whole ton very soon, I doubt that she'll ever have arms as big and strong like that.

I think she would much rather stay the reality star that she is and not become a deadlifter. If she was thinking about that kind of career change, then this would be her new look.

4 People Who Need Help

Before being involved in the Internet, I would never have thought that people in their right mind would ever do something so crazy as to peel their strawberries. I'm not a huge fan of peeling fruits that I don't have to, and you really only need to peel fruit when the skin is too thick or nasty to eat.

On the other side of the coin, if I saw someone eat an orange with the peel still on I would think that that person is absolutely insane.

Orange peels taste nasty. But going back to the strawberry debacle: there is no reason why anyone should ever need to peel a strawberry. The skin on the outside is so thin that it's barely even noticeable. Also, you're probably going to end up eating a lot more than one strawberry so taking the time to peel all of those is just a gooey, sticky mess that I would like to take no part of.

I know that people get into these food habits based off of what their parents do, of course. For example, my parents never cut apples, and they definitely don't peel them, so I also do not peel or cut my apples — I just bite into them like the wild person I am. I would like to know, though, who this person's parents are just so I can see how people who peel strawberries, of all things, look like.

3 Kirby With The Legs

Just like Uncle Ben once said: "With a 3D printer comes great responsibility." These contraptions are going to arguably be the future once people figure out how to work them and when they're inexpensive enough for the general public to buy, but for right now they're still an experimental tool for the intellectually elite. It takes a lot of knowledge on computer stuff and match to construct anything out of a 3D printer. I certainly am not smart to do it.

It's not really surprising, since it's pretty apparent by now that nerds have a sense of humor, but the people who know how to work these things don't always take their knowledge very seriously. Instead, they will take the time to construct a pattern for a 3D printout of Kirby with a set of very nice women's legs. I don't know how this person thought up of this design, but I wish that they hadn't. It's not so much that it's Kirby with legs, but the fact that it's only Kirby and then a pair of legs. There's no other body to connect the head to the legs and that's the most unsettling part of this very cursed object.

2 Concert Of Nightmares

Via: Twitter/@nickdenbow11

I honestly do enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb and objectively I think that a live musical performance by the cast would be a fun and entertaining time. But in reality, the costumes these actors are wearing are just straight-up horrifying. There's something about strange-looking puppets—and also things that look like puppets—that really put me off. It might be the fact that their mouths open into a giant void of nothingness, or that a bunch of puppets from the '70s look like things I woke up in a cold sweat over, but plushy puppets like that for me is a bad time.

Sometimes I think it would be cool to have cartoons come to life, but after thinking about it for a little bit, I start to think that it's not the best thing in the world.

For example, the Powerpuff Girls look cute because that's the animation style, but if children with no fingers and eyes that big were to happen in real life, there would be some major issues.

The same goes for Pokémon. You've all seen those hyper-realistic drawings of Pokémon in real life and you have to agree with me that you wouldn't want any of those hopping around in your backyard. Then there's this musical, which should have been stopped after the first few kids in the front row started crying, which I can bet you some kids did cry at this show.

1 Probably The Worst Mashup

I guess if you run an account called "beans memes," then this is an opportunity for a post that you can't pass up (because the pun is perfect) but this person should have looked at their life before making this. I guess if someone's running a social media account where they Photoshop Beans from Even Stevens on things, then they really haven't been looking at their life all too well. It's not a complete waste of time, but it's also not a productive use of time by any means.

Like most other punny works, I despise this mostly because it is so good. It's bad, don't get me wrong, but it's also very good and I have to appreciate it. Like Beans on the show, he's just going to keep showing up in our lives without stopping, even though we wish that he would. Beans is an ageless character that has transcended time, and the run of the show he was on. Even Stevens hasn't been on in way over a decade and nobody remembers much except for Beans and the fact that Shia LaBeouf does weird performance art now. So much has changed over the years, but Beans will stay in our hearts forever.

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