16 Women Who Probably Regret They Ever Went Viral

In today's instant fame culture, everyone wants to go viral. One post can bring fame and fortune — but it can also cause heartache and humiliation and even cost people money and jail time.

These days, everyone has a camera at their fingertips, so a lot of people end up going viral on accident. From the lady who called the cops on a little girl to the woman whose foul language caused a stir at a theme park, there are times when people's behavior deserves a backlash. Others get hard lessons when they post a thoughtless tweet, such as the woman who blasted her ex in a viral video only to have to eat her words when they get back together.

Everyone has their regrets, but it's worse when the entire world sees it. Here are 16 women who probably regret they ever went viral.

16 Permit Patty, Who Called Police On A Little Girl Selling Water

Fox News

What is wrong with a little girl selling water on the street? The world struggled to figure that out last year when a woman called the cops on the little entrepreneur in San Francisco who just wanted to go to Disneyland. The mom filmed the entire thing, and that caused Alison Ettel to go viral as #PermitPatty. She said she received death threats after people thought that her reaction involved race. She claims it was the disturbance that upset her, but she went viral in the wrong way.

15 Woman Claims Revenge On Lovers, Lands In Jail


Lots of breakups go viral, but a Georgia woman took it a step too far. She posted a video putting her exes on blast, but she said that she got revenge by giving the men HIV. Brandi Yakeima Lasiter got arrested in August on a charge of harassing communications, but the police gave her an HIV test and found out that she actually made the entire thing up. Her viral video earned her a mug shot.

14 Sesame Place Sallie Went Into A Viral Rant At A Theme Park


Sesame Place is a theme park for kids, but not everything there is G-rated. One woman went viral when a mom asked her to tame her foul language. Then she went on a bigger, profanity-filled rant telling the Muslim woman to "go back" where she came from. The shameful affair got her kicked out of the park and a viral nickname of Sesame Place Sally.

13 The Infamous Ice Cream Licker


This summer, as much as everybody wanted to grab a treat to cool down from the sun, the infamous ice-cream licker kept us from the grocery store freezer. The lady went viral and even got a few crazy copy cats when she licked the treat and then put it back on the shelves. Now, though, she's facing 20 years in prison for the prank. It's not so funny anymore.

12 Sister Calls Out Woman For Faking Hiking Pic


Casey Sosnowski is one of those IGers who make us envious of their lives. Turns out it's a lie. We know that because Casey's sister Carly called her out online. Her truth bomb was that Casey's hiking photo was totally staged in their backyard. Things aren't always as they seem on IG, and we can thank Carly for the viral reminder and getting her sister back to earth.

11 A Woman Shamed For Mocking A Homeless Man

Atlanta Black Star

A woman went on a rant about her neighborhood, punctuated by a photo of a homeless man taking a nap in the local McDonalds. But thankfully people realized that the man wasn't in the wrong — she was. The Atlanta area rallied around the young man, who had recently lost his mother. They gave him vouchers for hotel stays and a car to use for job interviews to help him get back on his feet. And the woman is the one who looked bad.

10 The Kentucky County Clerk Who Was On The Wrong Side of The Gay Marriage Issue

NBC News

One Kentucky court clerk went viral when the gay marriage debate came to a head. Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and she became the face of the debate. The woman got called out for her conservative clothes and hairstyle, but there is another reason she probably regrets going viral — the state didn't want to be on the hook for the $200,000 in court costs that her case brought, and they tried to pass it all on to her, according to NBC News.

9 The Model Who Body-Shamed a Woman At The Gym

Elite Daily

You can find all kinds of body types at the gym, but everyone is there to get more healthy. One woman needed that clue when she body-shamed a lady, taking a picture of her and posting it on the Internet. But the joke was on her — Dani Mathers, a Playboy model, ended up being shamed herself for the hurtful post. She was sentenced to community service for invading the 70-year-old woman's privacy, and we hope she learned her lesson.

8 Elizabeth Holmes' Funny Voice And Fraud


Elizabeth Holmes was once a darling among business media circles. She went viral for her pitches for her product, which she claimed could test for hundreds of diseases with one drop of plasma. But after she became a billionaire, investors wanted to see the product — and they found out that everything was a fraud. Elizabeth's deep voice and blonde hair became infamous, and we think she probably regrets getting so much attention to her scheme.

7 Plane Bae Wasn't Interested In The Attention


We all eavesdrop at the airport, but it's not a good idea to post it all online. The tale of one woman who met a guy at the airport went viral when a stranger basically listened in and posted what she heard to Twitter. Rosey, the eavesdropper, switched seats with a woman to sit by her boyfriend and she speculated that the woman's new seat partner could be a romantic link. But the so-called #planebae didn't want any part of it. She hated the attention and called out the eavesdropper for making her uncomfortable and invading her privacy, according to Good Morning America.

6 An Argument That Got Out Of Hand And On The Internet

New York Post

On a crowded New York subway, it's pretty common for people to bump into each other. But one lady went on a tirade caught on video. She started cursing and calling the woman who bumped her inappropriate names. She even hit her with her umbrella — and that took things too far. Anna Lushchinskaya was charged with felony assault, according to CNN.

5 The Woman Behind The Viral Gender Reveal Trend Regrets It


Gender reveal parties go viral all the time, but it turns out that the woman who basically invented them now regrets it. Jenna Karvunidis told the Today Show that she wishes that she had never started a trend. She and her husband celebrated having a baby girl with a cake with pink in the middle in 2008, but she said she cringes at them today, especially since we now know that gender identity can be a lot different than what is revealed on an ultrasound.

4 The Tweet That Killed Her Career

Business Insider

Justine Sacco used to love Twitter. But the day she used social media to pass the time she learned how one stupid post can change your entire life. According to the New York Times, Sacco went viral with what she intended as a joke, but people put her on blast for the racial sentiment. She lost her job as a PR exec and learned the hard way the regret that can come from a single Tweet.

3 The Woman Who Got Bullied For Her App


There are a million apps these days, but one controversial one got Julia Cordray in hot water. She invented the app Peeple, which allows you to review people like you would review a restaurant on Yelp. A media report said that the app was a way to bully people, and Julia got the backlash full of people bullying her. She said on Valley Talks that she doesn't regret the app, but they have made it so that users can be blocked on the app.

2 Teen Spilled The Tea Then Got Back Together With Her Boyfriend

Buzzfeed News

When you bad mouth your ex to friends, that's one thing, but when you do it in viral fashion online, things can get interesting. According to BuzzFeed News, Kylie Griswold had to eat her words related to her posts about her cheating ex. She decided to forgive him after everything went viral, and she learned the hard way not to post when you are angry.

1 She Shamed An Actor And Faced A Backlash

Daily Mail

Karma Lawrence got some hard-to-swallow karma last year when she posted a picture of one of her childhood heroes, according to NJ.com. She ran into Geoffrey Owens, a former Cosby Show star who was working at a New Jersey Trader Joe's. A lot of people took her picture as shaming of a working actor doing what he can to feed his kids. Karma got a lot of hate, but the good thing was that Geoffrey got some acting gigs out of the publicity.

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