16 Wrestlers Who Are Jerks In Real-Life

Meeting a wrestler can go one of two ways – it can be a dream come true or a massive letdown. Usually, it depends on the circumstances. Meeting a wrestler at the airport or in a candid setting can offer a different result than meeting them at an organized event. Take current WWE stars Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins – the two despise fans approaching them at airports, however they’re all for interacting with the people at organized WWE events.

In this article, we’ll highlight wrestling stars who are jerks at both settings, whether it be at a candid location like the airport or even at an organized meet-up location. Fans pay a lot to see their favorite wrestling stars – getting little out of them during that precious time can be quite the heartbreak, especially for younger supporters.

Enjoy the article, folks!

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16 Sami Zayn

via Twitter

Vince McMahon might agree with this one; Zayn admitted on The Edge & Christian Podcast that the boss finds him a tad bit annoying. Turns out, Zayn feels the same way about fans at the airport.

He was caught cursing at a fan to leave him alone when exiting the airport area overseas. For some wrestlers, they just don’t have the patience with the fans after a long flight and seriously, can you blame them?

15 Mick Foley

via Twitter

This might be the most surprising entry on the list given his infectious persona on-screen as a big-time fan favorite. However, in real life, lots of fans complained about Foley’s lack of interaction, especially during events like meet and greets in which fans pay a lot of money to see the legend.

According to Reddit and Twitter users, the experience is a letdown with the Hall Of Famer at times.

14 Bubba Ray Dudley

via Twitter

Just a month ago, a fan released a story detailing his interaction with Bubba Ray at an ROH event. Bubba used intimidation tactics according to Ring Side News, putting a fan down backstage for his treatment towards the performers.

That’s not the way to go, especially given that the fans are the ones that put the money in the pockets of the wrestlers.

13 Sabu

via Twitter

Sabu is a current example of the dark side that pro wrestling can offer. He’s in bad shape but continues to hang on in order to pay the bills. Heck, we’ve seen Sabu show up to these events in a wheelchair.

Given the struggle, it is said that the ECW legend really doesn’t look too involved or enthusiastic at the meet-ups, his main goal is to collect a paycheck and get out of these as soon as possible.

12 Virgil

via Twitter

Speaking of wrestlers in it for the money, we now turn to Virgil. He has a bad history especially when it comes to meeting the fans. Some stories indicate that Virgil would trick fans into taking a picture and asking them for money.

There’s also another story of Virgil telling promoters that he would show up to the event with Ted DiBiase in order to get himself a spot – however, when it came time for the appearance, he would show up alone without Ted even knowing.

11 Kevin Nash

via YouTube

Nash continues to profit off of his ‘90s and early 2000s fame. He’s a mainstay at lots of wrestling conventions and he also gathers quite the line to his credit.

However, in terms of the fan experience, it isn’t all positive. Reddit users complained about Nash’s lack of dialogue and in some cases totally neglecting the fans altogether and just signing their memorabilia.

10 Konnan

via Twitter

Given his shoot interviews alone, it becomes rather obvious that Konnan isn’t a big advocate for anything interaction-related (unless it takes place with someone that he’s comfortable with).

The same goes for his candid experience with fans – Konnan admitted in the past that he’ll just walk away from a fan that tries to approach him. Ouch!

9 Brock Lesnar

via Twitter

This is perhaps the first name you thought of when clicking the article. In truth, Lesnar isn’t the worst person on the list and a lot of his stories are deeply exaggerated.

Truth is he just likes his privacy while living a quiet life. Also, don’t bother Brock when he’s at the bathroom. According to a recent Wade Barrett story, the Beast totally lost it on a young fan for following him into the urinal section.

8 Chris Jericho

via Twitter

This encounter might depend on the way Jericho is feeling that day. Y2J has good encounters, but he also has really bad ones as well. Who can forget when he pushed a fan while driving off in his rental car?

Chris was also recently irate during WWE’s Saudi Arabia trip, turning down all picture requests.

7 Scott Steiner

via Twitter

Yup, Scott Steiner has quite the temper. For those that love shoot interviews, it is rather obvious that Scott speaks his mind without any filter.

He has a sketchy history with the fans. According to a Reddit user, Steiner brushed him off at a meet and greet while telling the security guard to take the fan’s money for the photo.

6 Alberto Del Rio

via Twitter

He encouraged fans to visit his old restaurant La Cantinita, the only problem, he was never there to greet any of them. He would eventually decide to close the restaurant altogether.

His candid pics don’t look the most fan-friendly either, the picture above is an example of that – at the very least he’ll accept the request even if he doesn’t want to.

5 Scott Hall

via Twitter

Similar to Kevin Nash, Hall doesn’t make too much conversation nor does he look involved when meeting most fans – unless the person is a female...

Despite the reputation, Hall makes great coin at wrestling conventions – the legend is still one of the more sought after wrestling stars from the ‘90s, despite all his past struggles.

4 Lana

via Twitter

She isn’t the biggest talker outside of the ring according to some that caught up with the WWE star at the airport. It is said that Rusev is the more talkative of the two – he also has quite the sense of humor with fans.

To Lana’s credit though, she does interact quite nicely with the younger fanbase.

3 Sasha Banks

via Twitter

She’s definitely honest... Sasha doesn’t appreciate being bombarded by fans especially at airport settings. She put lots of fans on blast online for posting pics of the two at the airport.

Sasha likes her privacy, so approaching her might not be the best idea unless it’s at an organized event.

2 Seth Rollins

via Twitter

“Gathering intel on flights. Staking out baggage. Intrusively demanding autographs. That's called stalking. It's not okay. Stop doing it.”

Seth tweeted this out – he doesn’t appreciate fans approaching him with 8x10s ready to be signed. Seth also lost it on younger fans for bombarding him and his fellow Shield brothers at a gas station; he refused photo requests.

1 CM Punk

via Pinterest

Parking lots, airports and even Blackhawks games, Punk has been involved with the fans for negative reasons in the past.

A fan would even tell a detailed story on how Punk snubbed him at a Chicago Blackhawks game in true prima-donna fashion.

Similar to Brock Lesnar, Punk just loves to live a quiet life in his own bubble.

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