16 WWE Stars Who Are Quietly Taken

In this day and age, keeping a relationship quiet is a lot easier said than done. With the rise of social media, we’re starting to see more and more wrestlers expose their real-lives to the public. Back in the day, this was unthinkable; breaking kayfabe wasn’t a norm, especially in the ‘70s and ‘80s. That has all changed today.

Call these 16 WWE stars old school, but it seems as though they’re sticking with the old times, deciding to keep their relationships on the DL. In fact, a couple of WWE heels are surprisingly married, though few were even aware that they were dating someone to begin with!

Here are 16 WWE stars that are quietly taken. Enjoy the article and be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

16 Baron Corbin

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Nowadays, keeping a relationship private isn’t the easiest thing. Baron Corbin seems to be an old school guy however, choosing to keep his personal life on the DL.

Corbin married his long-time girlfriend back in 2017, a wedding he kept on the down-low. In fact, you wouldn’t even think the guy is married if you take a scroll down his IG account.

15 Drew McIntyre

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Drew’s first relationship was the complete opposite. He married former TNA star, Taryn Terrell. Given that both were in the spotlight, the relationship made the headlines a few times, especially when they separated.

McIntyre might've learned from this, marrying someone who isn’t in the business at all, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The two quietly married in the winter of 2016. McIntyre doesn’t publicize his relationship, wishing to keep it on the DL.

14 Xavier Woods

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According to Heavy, Woods chooses to keep his relationship outside of the ring private. We’ve only seen Xavier’s wife a handful of times, particularly at red carpet type of events.

He married Jess Watson in 2015 – though few even realize he’s married, to begin with. The only single one of the group is the lovable Big E.

13 Pete Dunne

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According to Wrestling Forums, Dunne became a proud father back in November of 2018. The 25-year-old has such a promising future, without a doubt, he’ll be all over the Universal and WWE Championship scenes in the future.

He had his first child alongside partner Demi Burchell. The young WWE star keeps his personal life away from the fans.

12 Kyle O’Reilly

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He’s living the American Dream (although he's from BC, Canada...). O’Reilly recently took to Twitter expressing his gratitude for moving into a new home alongside his wife. This was one of the first times fans caught a glimpse of his life away from the ring. Here’s what he had to say;

“My wonderful wife, partner and pharmacist @mrskoreilly purchased the other 1/2! When we met she was putting herself through pharmacy college, I was secretly sneaking into the country chasing a not-so-similar dream and we hardly had any money to our names.”

11 Sonya Deville

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She recently dated former WWE developmental star, Zahra Schreiber. However, it seems like the two quietly separated.

As of late, Sonya’s posting intimate photos alongside Arianna Johnson, though none of the sides have confirmed the relationship despite the rumors. It seems like they’d rather keep it on the DL before making it official.

10 Sheamus

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It was a photo alongside Rusev that leaked this couple to the public. According to Sports Gossip, the two share quite the age gap as well.

She's is significantly younger and it is said that she’s still in her 20s while Sheamus is at the twilight of his career recently entering his 40s. Truth be told, we’ve seen worse age gaps in the past.

9 Tommaso Ciampa

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We see a lot of Gargano’s relationship on NXT but not Ciampa’s. Given his gimmick, it wouldn’t be the best look to see Ciampa as a happy family man alongside his beautiful wife and daughter.

Samoa Joe is surprisingly the one that introduced the two. Jessie Ward is a former wrestler and TV producer.

8 Rowan

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Similar to Ciampa, it wouldn’t be the best look for Rowan to be revealed as a family man out of the ring – however, that’s exactly the case.

Rowan is happily married to long-time wife Jamie Ruud, it is almost a decade that the two are happily married. They also have two children.

7 Alicia Fox

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Things might not be the best for Fox in the ring. We really haven’t seen much of her and she’s constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Out of the ring though, she seems happy in her DL relationship alongside Dark Horse Saloon guitarist and singer, Fitz.

6 Luke Harper

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At the very least while he watches from the sidelines, Harper can spend some extra time alongside his wife and two children. A lot of the WWE stars miss several moments such as their kids growing up.

Harper can find some time at the moment to fulfill his dad duties - though most fans are hoping he returns before the deal runs out.

5 Mia Yim & Keith Lee

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This is a DL relationship featuring two WWE stars working in developmental with NXT. Both are promising stars with Yim tinkering in the NXT Women’s Championship scene at the moment while Keith Lee is also in line for a monster push.

According to recent news, Lee’s Netflix involvement might bolster his stock with the brand.

4 Montez Ford & Bianca Belair

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Another NXT couple, both are doing their own things in the developmental brand. We can say these two are a power couple, Belair is a sure future Women’s Champion while Montez has the potential to be something special – we’re already seeing snippets of the tag wrestler on RAW in the recent weeks.

With all the success and busy schedule, the two would even manage to tie the knot in the summer of 2018.

3 Chad Gable

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Perhaps the most underrated WWE star, Gable has a perfect DL family life away from the ring. He married long-time partner Kristi Betts in 2011. The two have a beautiful daughter while living a quiet life in the Florida area.

Here’s to hoping WWE gives this guy a push, he’s a fine man both in and out of the ring.

2 Scott Dawson

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We have a hard time associating Scott Dawson with anything love related. However, he’s a proud family man out of the ring, married to wife Maria Nickopoulos since 2012. The couple also has a lovely daughter, Kayci born two years later.

The family lives a quiet life away from the spotlight in North Carolina.

1 Finn Balor

Not only is Finn Balor quietly taken but he also recently asked for time off for a specific reason. Balor got hitched in what was a quiet ceremony overseas.

He married sports host Veronica Rodriguez. We wish Balor nothing but the best and most fans hope to see him back in the ring sooner rather than later.

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