17 Adorably Funny Snapchats Only Your Dog Would Send

Dogs are the best, aren’t they? They’re our constant companions—watching us get ready, going on walks with us, taking photos with us and the most important one of all, making us laugh. Dogs do some pretty hilarious things, whether it’s to impress us or just as a reaction to the situations they find themselves in. In fact, they’ll even send us funny Snapchats to brighten our day (which is pretty impressive considering they don’t have opposable thumbs).

Who knew man’s best friend could Snapchat better than the rest of us, though? Dogs just want love and affection, which actually makes them the perfect Snapchat users. Kylie Jenner may have her Snapchat selfie game on point, but she’s got nothing on these adorable canines. They’ve come up with some pretty clever ways to totally mock, troll and entertain their humans. Lucky for them, their furry little faces will likely get them out of trouble. Here are 15 adorable dogs who have upped the ante on funny Snapchats and their corresponding captions.

17 Ring ring ring banana phone

Via: viralnova.com

What a jokester. This beagle's totally into playing pranks on his human. He's like one of the comedians on Whose Line Is It Anyway? when they have to create a scene around a random object. He probably saw a banana on the table and was like "Oh man, I should totally pretend like this banana's a phone. That would be hilarious!" When is a banana gag not funny, especially when a dog's involved?

Imagine getting this Snapchat at the end of a long, hard day at work. You'd probably spit out that third cup of coffee you were drinking at the sight of your dog using a banana as a phone. Seriously though, look at the expression on his face. He's totally side-eyeing the camera as if he's wondering if you'll actually believe that he just got a phone call. Next thing you know, he'll probably be FaceTiming you to see if you thought it was funny. Classic dog.

16 This is my schwasted face

Via: lifewithdogs.tv

As a dog owner, it's inevitable that your pet has seen you in the midst of some pretty embarrassing moments. After all, they love to follow you around wherever you go, including into the bathroom. There might have even been a few times that you've stumbled home from the club and actually shown your dog all those horrendous selfies you took after three shots of tequila. It’s not like he’s actually comprehending your shameful life choices, though.

Little did you know that your dog was silently judging you, waiting for the right moment to completely mock your club selfie on his favorite app, Snapchat. He even got a friend to join him in recreating his favorite one where you were trying to pull a Miley Cyrus. You can't get mad at him when the picture disappears after a few seconds, right? Admit it, this pug has put your drunken club selfies to shame.

15 #PostShowerSelfie

Via: guff.com

Alright LBH, we've all been either the sender or recipient of a post-shower selfie. There's no shame in showing off your hot bod right after getting so fresh and clean. The combination of freshly scrubbed skin and soft bathroom lighting always gives you a certain glow that's too pretty to not photograph.

Depending on the person, it can come off as cute or vain, especially when guys use them for their Tinder profile pics. Apparently, your dog thought it would be funny to mimic one of those ridiculous bathroom selfies. Of course, he had to jump on the hype train if his best friend did too.

Unbeknownst to your doggy pal, post-shower selfies aren't exactly something you share with your best friend. They're usually reserved for potential mates and are usually followed with a request for a bathroom selfie of your own. Maybe your dog just wanted to show you he could take a bath all by himself, or maybe he's ready to be more than just your best friend. Oh yeah; we went there.

14 TV? What TV?

Via: craveonline.com

Dogs are relentless in their destruction of household things, especially if it'll get your attention. Needier than toddlers and babies combined, they cannot abide a human who spends most of the day pointing an oddly shaped bone at a box with funny sounds coming out of it. How is that more interesting than all of the belly rubs and head scratches that you could be doing instead? Guess what? It's not.

Intent on convincing you of this fact, your dog has sent you a Snapchat of what he perceives as a favor to you. He has chewed up the oddly shaped bone that you hold in your hand but never throw to him. What good is a bone if you don't chew on it and play tug of war with it? Now you'll have to spend more time with him instead of watching that weird box. There’s never anything good on, anyway.

13 The #1 choice of choosy dogs

Via: dumpaday.com

Never underestimate the luxury of a jar of peanut butter. All of that creamy (or crunchy if you're a savage), sweet and salty goodness just begs to be spread on some toast or blended into your morning smoothie. Maybe you let your dog lick some off your finger one day, which unintentionally created a peanut butter-loving monster. Like you, once he had a taste, your dog couldn't get enough of it.

For some reason, peanut butter has become a special treat for dogs. It can keep them entertained all day, especially if you put some in one of those Kong toys. They'll lick and lick until every last smear of peanut butter has been savored, lips smacking in the process.

Apparently, your dog took advantage of your laziness and found the jar of peanut butter with its lid off. He's just letting you know in the cutest of Snapchats that it's all gone and it's time to go grocery shopping. What a pal.

12 No-makeup challenge

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes you just wake up looking flawless and you have to share it with the world. Your eyes look bright; your nose is cute; your lashes are perfection. Everything just screams "no makeup selfie" so you take a few shots and upload them to your story on Snapchat. It might seem like a diva move to flaunt your natural good looks on the internet, but no one should be denied the majesty of your beauty.

Inevitably, your pug has taken after you because she sent you this snap in the morning. It’s almost as if she's saying, "Hey, mom. I look good too; don't you think?" Talk about a ploy for attention, but how can you say no to that little rolly polly face? She’s your baby and you love her no matter what. Next time she better ask to borrow your falsies first before she puts them on though, or her Snapchat privileges will get taken away.

11 Squirrel!

Via: boredpanda.com

Last year, everyone was in a frenzy over the funhouse mirror filter on Snapchat. In addition to making your face look completely warped and inhuman, it also had the benefit of making dogs look like Dug from the Pixar film Up. While it was certainly an amusing effect for us to discover, imagine what it must have been like for the dogs!

After finally figuring out what this Snapchat thing was, your dog must have wanted to see what the fuss was all about only to find the resemblance uncanny. Dug was, in fact, a golden retriever, although his features were exaggerated in a cartoonish way to make him appear even cuter than normal. In turn, they are the perfect breeds to test out this filter because it made their already large noses look larger and their little eyes look smaller, just like Dug. After hearing you wish that your dog could talk, he just couldn’t pass up an occasion to Snapchat you as Dug.

10 Eh, walking is overrated

Via: guff.com

Dogs are like small children. They very often reach a point of desperation where they just can't anymore. Even after bugging you for hours to take them on a walk, they still manage to give up in the middle and throw a tantrum. God forbid they go for another block or take a few more steps to the front door. No, they just lay down instead like they're resisting arrest or something.

Knowing full well she does this, your dog couldn't help trolling you with this Snapchat message. She was probably like, "this is what goes through my head at the end of a walk, FYI." Dogs have no concept of time or distance so doing anything other than what they want to do just doesn't come naturally. Still, it was kind of a d*ck move. Maybe you should send her one back with you on the couch and a caption that says, "I'll never go outside again." Maybe then she'll value those walks a bit more.

9 The perils of being a Corgi

Via: buzzfeed.com

When your dog needs help, what does he do? Why, he sends you a Snapchat of course. What better way to get your attention while you're on your laptop in the other room? Barking, whimpering or howling would have been too easy. In the age of social media, dogs have become just as lazy as their humans when it comes to helping themselves.

Leave it to a corgi to get stuck on top of a couch, though. How did he even get up there? They can barely even climb stairs, never mind jump high enough to get onto a couch in the first place. Their stubby little bodies aren't exactly made for physical activity, especially climbing, yet they still try to do it anyway. If a dachshund looks like a wiener, a Corgi looks like an overstuffed burrito. Maybe he smelled food and tried to take what he thought was a shortcut over the couch until he realized just how high up that shortcut was. Poor little bubble butt.

8 Spay me next time, will ya?

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Oh, the joys of motherhood. There's nothing quite like it for a dog. Pregnant for two months until a bunch of sticky balls of fur come out and drink their milk. Then, the puppies hang on for eight weeks or more, taking away any semblance of solitude or freedom the mother once had.  If she's lucky, her babies will get adopted out to some new humans. That is, until you decide to let your other dog have a go at her again when she's in heat.

Can you tell how enthusiastic she is about the whole process? Just look at her face. She's like, "Let's get this over with. Only a few weeks left." Snapchatting her apathy was just her way of showing you that having a litter of puppies isn't all it's cracked up to be. You try having seven babies all at once and see how you feel afterward. It isn't all sunshine and daisies, that's for sure.

7 Dog dealer

Via: ruinmyweek.com

Oh lord, look what your dog just sent you on Snapchat. He's wearing that hoodie again. Ever since you guys started watching Breaking Bad together, he's been dressing like Jesse Pinkman. This better be a joke. Look, just because the guy says “b*tch” all the time, doesn’t mean he’s someone worth idolizing. Jesse was a drug dealing, drug abusing, high school dropout. Walter White was the one with all the power. Jesse was all bark and no bite.

Asking kids if they want to buy some drugs is only the beginning, though. If you’re not careful, soon he'll be buying a used RV and cooking meth with his old high school chemistry teacher. Don't throw your life away, Rover. You've got plenty of years left, buddy. What do you need all that money for anyway? There are only so many gold plated dog toys and gourmet treats that money can buy.

6 Pizza party

Via: memeguy.com

So you're having a poker night in with your buddies, just drinking beer and eating pizza, when you get a snap from someone named HuskyDoge1. Curious, you tap the message and it opens to reveal this potential disaster zone. Your dog has somehow managed to send you a Snapchat of himself along with all the leftover, uneaten pizza that's still sitting out. His only caption is “Yummmmm,” which spells out trouble for you.

He must have been hanging out with that hoodie wearing dog across the street. Every time they hang out, it’s like they instantly get the munchies. Despite that longing look he's giving those slices, if he eats even one piece, he'll instantly regret everything. Having a lactose intolerant dog is no joke, even if he thinks diarrhea's funny. He’s not the one cleaning it up, although if he can use Snapchat, there has to be a way to train him to pick up his poo. One can only dream.

5 Dognerys Targarfyen

Via: vidmid.com

No one can seem to get enough of Game of Thrones these days, especially as they approach their last few seasons.  We're all waiting with baited breath to see who will take the iron throne. Cersei has done too much evil to deserve it for long. But will it be Dany or Jon? Or will the White Walkers come and destroy them all, leaving Westeros in an eternal winter? Perish the thought.

Leave it to your dog to go all out and cosplay as Daenerys Targaryen every day leading up to the premiere on July 17th. Her Snapchat says it all. She just can't get enough of Dany's bada** leadership, especially now that (SPOILER ALERT) she's aligned herself with Dorne and the Iron Islands. It's too bad that your little fur-baby runs and hides every time Dany's dragons come on screen. Guess she could use a little more of that Targaryen courage after all.

4 Tucked in pooch

Via: ifunny.co

While you were in the other room watching TV, your dog sent this Snapchat over to encourage you to come to bed and snuggle with him. Can your pup get any more adorable? He's just like a little person. Look at how he’s tucked himself into bed with those little paws hanging over the sheets. He’s so excited, he even has a big smile on his face. All he wants is for you to come and read him a bedtime story before he falls off to sleep, snoring away.

How can you deny that face a bedtime story? He loves hearing about Clifford the Big Red Dog and his best human pal, Emily. What dog wouldn’t love the story of Clifford? His owner’s immense love for him caused him to grow 25 feet tall. Although it’s a sweet thought, if that could actually happen, you’d have to move to a much bigger house with high ceilings to accommodate your big gray dog.

3 I'll have a venti mocha puppucinno

Via: tumblr.com

Starbucks is always coming up with new ways to take our money like that crazy, new unicorn frappucino drink. Although their coffee might not taste the best, you can't say they aren't inventive. Even dogs can enjoy a pleasant afternoon there huffing coffee fumes and chilling on the patio. If you ask nicely, a Barista may even make your pooch a puppucino, which is basically a shot of whipped cream or milk for them to lap up in style.

So was it any surprise when your jet-setting pug send you this snap at the airport yesterday? He's off to another public appearance sponsored by some brand or another, ready to bask in the adoration of his many fans. If only you could reap some of the benefits of having a famous dog. You're the one with the bank account after all. Instead, you'll just have to be content with him accepting payment in the form of free food and chew toys. Bummer.

2 Officer Doge is on the case

Via: imgur.com

Your pup found the perp! Looks like your Corgi's career as a police detective has started to pay off. He sent over this photo via Snapchat last night after apprehending a hamster he's been looking for. You were convinced it was a rat he was looking for, but it looks like you were wrong and he was right. He’s like, "Told you so. No one messes with Officer Doge."

His partner must have taken this photo right as they caught the rodent in question. Look at him; he even has his tiny hands up and everything. He's probably afraid your dog will eat him if he doesn't comply. Apparently, this little guy has been on a rampage, eating through the crops of nearby farms. Rumor has it he can consume five times his own body weight in fruits and vegetables, although a lot of that's probably stored for later when he gets the munchies.

1 Harry Dogger and the Half-Mutt Prince

Via: pinterest.com

No one has more of a Harry Potter obsession than you, except maybe your dog. For some reason, he's just as fascinated with Dogwarts as you are. Maybe it's the thought of being able to use a stick to make food appear or spending holidays lounging in the common room by a warm fire. Or perhaps it's all that talk of "bone of the father" in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He was so confused when Voldemort dug up that bone to make a potion. Didn't he want to at least chew on it first?

Today, he Snapchatted you with a very clever impersonation of Severus Snape. We all remember that moment when Snape told his potions class to "turn to page 394." You're probably reading that in Alan Rickman's voice right now, aren't you? As much as you love Snape, it was surprising to learn that he was your dog's favorite character. Sirius Black is the one who turns into a dog, but then again Snape is a half-blood just like your dog.

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