17 BTS Photos From America’s Next Top Model (Tyra Banks Doesn’t Want You To See)

While most of what we see is fabulous, there are times when even the models (as well as the hosts and judges) are doing some odd things.

America’s Next Top Model is a reality TV hit. The show is all about fashion, focus, and fun, and the contestants compete to win the “crown” that Tyra Banks is eager to pass along to the next up-and-coming star.

The show has been on TV for years, with each season bringing new fine-looking faces to the forefront. The judges and even the hosts have changed over time, but the premise is still basically the same. It’s so interesting to see the beauty and passion each person brings, and the stress and struggles are just as significant.

While most of what we see is fabulous, there are times when even the models (as well as the hosts and judges) are doing some odd things. People can’t be at their best 24/7, so these shots are simply part of the daily routine. While Tyra may wish these images didn’t exist, lucky for us, we get to see them. Enjoy these pics and don’t pity Tyra too much!

17 Staying Late For Selfies

Via: ew.com

Tyra and the team just can’t seem to stay away from the cameras. They are posing for a selfie when the rest of the crew has gone home for the day. Tyra wants to stay relevant on social media, so she’ll surely share this shot with her fans. Say “Cheese!”

16 The Glam Room’s Not So Glamorous

Via: yahoo.com

Behind the scenes, the makeup area is not quite as marvelous as we might expect. It’s a pretty plain place, and this fella is drowning in makeup brushes and bags. The models wind up looking lovely, but getting there means being stuck in this stuffy room for hours on end.

15 Who Knew Fashion Was So Funny?

Via: wetpaint.com

Tyra doesn’t seem to be able to keep her composure as she loses her cool and laughs like a lunatic. Perhaps someone told her a joke or she’s simply being silly. The model next to her is joining in on the joy, so at least we know Tyra hasn’t gone crazy.

14 The Sky-High Slit

Via: wetpaint.com

With a slit like this, why wear a dress at all? Ashley Graham is gorgeous, but this is quite a revealing moment for the model. She’s not shy about showing off her body, and this flowing dress helps her on her mission. Whether she’s on the runway or in this room, the gal is ready to rock her look.

13 From “Smize” To Side-Eye

Via: usmagazine.com

Tyra’s expression shows that she is not impressed with something going on. The look on her face is not one of satisfaction, so perhaps there is an issue on set that is not going as planned. Tyra is all about making a statement, but this side-eye needs no further explanation.

12 The Last-Minute Manicure

Via: nailitmag.com

Ashley needs to get her nails done, so she gets a polish before the cameras start rolling. Why go to a salon when all she needs is backstage? Getting glammed up is part of the program, so they’d never want her to be on TV with nails that need work.

11 The Team Takes It Outside

Via: zimbio.com

The crew is out and about, taking a walk before they get started on the season. Ashley and Rita look fab in their black outfits, and the rest of the team seems serious about their jobs. There’s a lot to do that we don’t see on TV, but the cast and crew know that a long day is ahead of them.

10 Private Jet, No Pants

Via: celebmafia.com

Private transportation means that Rita can get from place to place in high style. She is shimmering in her mini dress, leaving her legs exposed to the universe. Let’s hope she steps strategically so she doesn’t flash anyone in front of her. A “wardrobe malfunction” would be bad for business.

9 Models Making Faces

Via: pinterest.com

Most models would not want to create extra wrinkles, but Tyra and Ashley are taking a chance. They seem to be goofing around on set, proving that they get along as friends as well as co-workers. These funny faces are super silly, but they still manage to look gorgeous. Apparently they’ve boycotted Botox.

8 Predictable Poses

Via: pinterest.com

We all know that part of being a model is the posing, but this fella looks a little ridiculous as he goes overboard with the movements. He’s certainly a good-looking guy, but this pose is a tad too much. If he wants to win, he’d better become more comfortable with looking cool.

7 Judge Jokes Around

Via: fashionpulis.com

These two fellas obviously get along, otherwise this situation would be even more awkward than it looks. It seems like these two are having fun on set, loosening up and horsing around. Tyra may not want them to be so silly, but everyone needs a break every now and then.

6 The Girls Go Gaga

Via: teenvogue.com

The male models are making the ladies lose their cool as they stand on stage and show off their handsome looks. The reality show used to only feature the females, so it is nice to see some male models doing their thing for a change. The girls certainly like what they’re seeing.

5 Tyra Touches Up

Via: slate.com

It’s not just the contestants who need to look their best. Tyra needs a touch-up too, and she’s not afraid to admit it. While she’s a natural beauty, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to wear makeup when she’s in front of the camera. Otherwise, every flaw would be magnified.

4 Model Mania

Via: liveabout.com

Models are causing mayhem as they are all gathered in a group. With so many beautiful people parading around, things seem chaotic and crowded. This particular lady seems a bit lost, but hopefully the crew will gather everyone so there can be some coordination. Tyra wouldn’t want anyone to think that she’s not in control of the situation on set.

3 Tyra Can Barely Take It

Via: glamour.com

Even the host can’t get over the handsomeness. This male contestant is super cool and obviously hot. Tyra needs a cold shower in order to handle the heat. She’s supposed to be in charge and composed, but this fella is causing her to go haywire. She knows a good-looking lad when she sees one.

2 Awaiting Elimination

Via: vulture.com

Boredom seems to be the sentiment among these three contestants. They are sitting on the stairs and seem like they are out of sorts. Perhaps too much competition has gotten the best of them, so now they are too tired to do anything else. Let’s hope Tyra doesn’t catch them in this condition.

1 Pizza Pig Out

Via: bravotv.com

Tyra is ditching her diet and going in for the cheese pizza. Most models can’t indulge in such snacks, but Tyra has a craving for carbs. A woman can’t live on salads alone, so a slice or two won’t do too much damage. She can always unbutton her pants if her belly bloats.

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