17 Candid Pics Of WWE Women Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See

Candid photos can be the most flattering or unflattering photos out there. In the world of pro wrestling, these types of pics are a common occurrence, especially given that most WWE telecasts are live. Not to worry though, even on non-televised events, fans will have proof on their smartphones if something goes astray - we have evidence of that throughout the article with photos that Stephanie would rather we didn't see.

The images include malfunctions that took place in the ring along with candid photos of the WWE women, both in and out of the ring.

Here are 17 candid photos of current WWE females Stephanie McMahon doesn't want us to see. Enjoy the article folks and be sure to share it with a friend. Let's get started!

17 Bayley Pre-Match

via Twitter

Whether it be a live event, RAW, SmackDown or a PPV, certain fans have a knack for taking inappropriate pictures. To be fair, some do it unintentionally, though it gets the fans talking via Twitter.

The photo above gives a not so PG look at Bayley’s highly discussed back-side... Given that she’s the most PG character on the roster, Stephanie would rather suppress such candid photos.

16 Charlotte’s Malfunction

via YouTube

Wisely, WWE has a minor delay in the event that something like this unfolds. We recently saw the delay at the WWE Hall of Fame when a deranged fan stormed the ring and attacked WWE legend, Bret Hart.

In this case, the delay was needed because of a malfunction, though at the very least it took place on the opposite end of the camera. Only a candid shot could have caught the malfunction.

15 The Boss Getting Ready

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She usually keeps things PG friendly outside of the ring. This candid shot gives us a rare glimpse of Banks looking not so PG, in an outfit we’re not sure would make it on WWE television, at least not under Stephanie’s watch.

Maybe when she decides to return, she’ll bust out these edgier outfits.

14 Bayley’s WrestleMania Malfunction

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It was quite the night for the Hugger as she successfully defended her Women’s Championship during her WrestleMania debut.

The match did feature a forgettable moment though, one WWE would have tolerated in the Attitude Era but not today. Only for a quick second, Bayley popped out of her attire. It really wasn’t the worst malfunction but one the fans still caught.

13 Asuka Covering Up

via YouTube

Asuka isn’t the first WWE star we think of when it comes to revealing attires – that nod goes to the likes of Mandy Rose and lots of others, including Charlotte and Lacey Evans.

Nonetheless, Asuka (similar to Bayley in the entry above) popped out of her ring gear, only briefly though. The minor hiccup was a rarity for Asuka who’s one of the more polished Superstars on the roster.

12 Becky’s Leather Pants

via Twitter

Becky has lots of candid photos. We give her lots of credit when it comes to pics with the fans; rarely does Lynch reject a picture and in fact, she’ll even give a smile at an airport setting alongside a fan.

She’s caught in a not so PG picture above, rocking a tight pair of leather pants – an attire reminiscent to the Attitude Era.

11 Nattie’s Wardrobe Fail

via YouTube

In the business for the entirety of the 2000s, Natalya has had her fair share of hiccups in the past (just like everyone else).

Recent hiccups are few and far between, in truth, the veteran has seen it all – until this particular moment (and the Bret Hart HOF moment mentioned earlier). When she landed on the outside, cameras spotted a noticeable tear in her gear in the middle area, let’s just say a not so PG area...

10 Bliss On The Apron

via Twitter

We really can’t say for sure what the intent behind this picture was. It could’ve been an innocent photo of Bliss or it could have been an overly enthused fan trying to get a sneaky up-front look.

Nonetheless, it gives off a not so PG vibe – though in truth, we could have done an article alone on these types of Bliss pictures, but Stephanie wouldn't be too pleased.

9 Lynch At The Rumble

via YouTube

In a massive match to kick start the Royal Rumble, the last thing Lynch needed to be concerned about was her ring gear. Thankfully, she knew something was up and salvaged the moment immediately. WWE cameras also switched focus quickly when they realized the malfunction.

It was quite the night for Lynch as she would go on to win the women’s Royal Rumble later in the show.

8 Rousey & The Yoga Pants

via Twitter

Rousey’s a not so PG character and that’s strictly because of her aggression in the ring. Though in truth, her ring-attire is a little revealing, usually rocking short shorts and a tiny, low-cut sports top.

This candid photo got the fans talking for another reason; she’s rocking some tight yoga pants. Yes, she’s more than fit!

7 Going For The Pin

via YouTube

A fan needed to do a heck of a lot of zooming for this candid shot – from afar, nothing looks too out of place – however, once we get a closer look it becomes evident that things don’t look to be in place... not so PG things.

Carmella suffered the malfunction during this pinning predicament.

6 Bayley Shaking It In The Ring

via YouTube

During live events, WWE stars are able to show their personalities a little bit more – WWE Superstars get a kick out of such events, of course, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed.

Bayley is the perfect example as she decides to have some fun shaking it for the audience. Unless she’s in the ring with New Day, we wouldn’t see such a visual on WWE television.

5 Sasha’s Bottoms

via Twitter

The Boss has seen more than a few malfunctions, whether it be botches or those that deal with her wardrobe. She’s lucky though, Sasha’s married to the company’s seamstress – there’s a reason her gear is always on point.

Unfortunately, her gear wasn’t up to par in the picture above as her tights came off, leading to a blackout on television thanks to the delay.

4 Fox & The Running Bulldog

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During a running Bulldog, one of Fox’s favorite moves, she sustained the dreaded malfunction.

She had another malfunction most recently, entering a live event match under the influence. It cost Arn Anderson his job for allowing Fox to step in the ring on the night. We really haven’t seen much of her since.

3 Bayley Entering The Building

via Twitter

Hard to blame this fan for the photo. Likely, Bayley walked passed her and the only other outcome was to take a picture from a distance as she entered the arena.

Given her commitment to fitness, Bayley has turned into some serious booty goals outside of the ring. Again, Stephanie would rather we think otherwise.

2 Charlotte Split Entrance

via Twitter

A fan catches a timely or, untimely photo, however you want to look at it, of Charlotte during her entrance.

Charlotte has a revealing spot when she pulls the split in the middle of the ring – big credit goes to her days prior to WWE in the world of gymnastics for that.

1 More Bayley Live

via Twitter

It was only fitting that we end the list off with yet another revealing Bayley photo taken in a candid setting during a live event.

In this photo, she’s waiting for the tag innocently, though the picture really isn’t as innocent given a certain asset. Squat day, every day for the Hugger!

Sources – YouTube & Twitter

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