17 Candid Selfies Vince McMahon Wishes These WWE Stars Never Took

The life of a WWE Superstar might seem like a dream to fans. However, it comes with a lot of restrictions and proper conduct, especially in candid situations. McMahon is very strict when it comes to this, in fact, we even have an example of a WWE star getting released because of the selfie and the nature of the photo! Don’t take a pic with the enemy, it’ll cost you big-time!

We’ll feature a slew of candid photos Vince wishes WWE stars never took. Some feature the heels looking like babyfaces while other photos show WWE stars unveiling their true identities which is never a great look. Finally, we’ll also look at the steamier selfies along with candid fan selfies WWE stars clearly did not want to take.

Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

17 Orton Snub

via Twitter

When it comes to candid photos with the fans, we could have done an article alone on the Viper Randy Orton. He has all sorts of pics from those he didn’t want to take in a gym setting to those he actually smiled for at the airport.

This one classifies under the forgettable photos. What McMahon doesn’t want us to know is that Orton actually turned down the picture request. According to the fan, Randy said no pictures, but the person couldn’t help themselves regardless.

16 Stuck In The Elevator

via Twitter

Anything showing Taker looking like a normal dude away from his persona is a bad look for both WWE and McMahon. What made the character so special for years is the mystery behind it.

Taker’s in a different place today, so candid pics are aplenty. He would have rather avoided this candid Saudi Arabia pic though, alongside a fan and Mark Henry in an elevator.

15 Rey Unmasked

via Twitter

Similar to The Undertaker, Mysterio is a lot more lenient when it comes to his identity nowadays. We could not imagine such pics when he made a name for himself in WCW’s Cruiserweight division. The mask was a big part of his identity and the same holds true today.

However, via platforms like IG, Rey does take his mask off every now and then alongside his family and peers. Just shhh, don’t tell Vince.

14 Heel Taking A Selfie

via Twitter

Back in the day, such a photo would be forbidden. A heel needed to be a heel off-camera for the integrity of the professional wrestling business.

That still remains somewhat true – however, when it comes to fan interactions, some WWE stars just can’t help but be respectful. Baron Corbin is a rare example and a dude few would expect to be so down to earth with the fans. In fact, he has a lot more airport photos with the fans aside from this one.

13 Sneaking Up On Kofi

via Twitter

Even Kofi, one of the jolliest WWE stars, seems genuinely confused by the photo. WWE fans are everywhere whether it be at the airport or waiting for a WWE star outside the arena.

This fan catches Kofi totally off guard and we can tell by his reaction that he really wasn’t too thrilled with the photo. Not a good look for the current WWE Champion.

12 The Usos & Roman Having A Good Time

via Twitter

What goes on behind the scenes stays behind the scenes. Sure, we know a lot of the road stories thanks to various podcasts, however there is still so much that remains under wraps from behind the scenes.

Surely, the Usos and Roman have a lot of those stories. They’re known as the “back of the bus brothers,” known to have a couple of drinks on the tour bus during overseas tours. That’s not very PG-friendly!

11 Lesnar And A Surprising Selfie

via Twitter

Perhaps the last person most fans would expect on this list, Brock isn’t the easiest to track down for a photo or signature. Wade Barrett released the hilarious story of Brock going off on a fan for stalking him in the bathroom while taking a brief gym pit-stop.

This fan gets lucky, catching Brock on one of his better days. Given his WWE gimmick though, let’s not show the boss this selfie.

10 Taker Getting In The Carbs

via IG

We have to thank Michelle McCool for this one; she posted several selfies to her IG featuring The Undertaker, in truth, these are photos we never thought we’d see.

That includes this picture featuring Taker looking like a normal dude while chowing down a carb-filled and fat-filled piece of pizza. He definitely deserves the cheat meal given his body of work.

9 Seth And A Fan

via Twitter

Seth doesn’t look too impressed and in fact, he has taken to Twitter in the past voicing his displeasure on fans getting flight intel on WWE stars.

It is worth mentioning though that the fan in the picture is a major Seth Rollins fan and meeting him was a dream come true.

8 Angry John Cena

via YouTube

There are respectful ways to approach a WWE star and this fan definitely didn’t read that criteria beforehand. The person decided to stick the camera in Cena’s face without the star’s approval.

John wasn’t happy at all and he voiced his displeasure. The fan tried to pull a fast one posting the selfie and footage to YouTube, though it worked against his favor with fans lashing out at his disrespect for how he approached the WWE legend.

7 Costly Selfie

via Twitter

This selfie actually cost a former WWE writer his job. Jimmy Jacobs made the bold decision to post this photo alongside his close buddies.

The biggest problem though, the wrestlers in the picture are working for the enemy and as if that wasn’t bad enough, they invaded a WWE program on the night. Jacobs got his release papers shortly after the post.

6 Sasha’s Not Pleased

via Twitter

Similar to Seth Rollins, Sasha voiced her displeasure via Twitter with fans stalking her at airports. She even goes a step further calling the fan out after they post the image on social media.

This is yet another example as to why it would be best to avoid Sasha, especially now given that she just turned heel.

5 Kofi Mobbed

via Twitter

When WWE goes overseas, things can get a little too wild. Just ask Kofi who really didn’t know where to turn during his trip to Ghana with images coming from all over the place.

Triple H had to deal with a similar reality during his trip to India. To The Game’s credit, he also stopped for several selfies, though both WWE stars likely wish the security was a lot tighter.

4 On The Beach

via IG

It was a fun 4th of July for Undertaker, his wife Michelle McCool and their daughter Kaia Faith. Such a pic getting posted in the ‘90s during Taker’s prime would be a nightmare for WWE. Thankfully back in the day, our only form of gossip was through magazines and hotlines.

Oh how the times have changed with various rumor mill platforms along with social media.

3 Banks On The Plane

via Twitter

This is an ultra-rare selfie of a WWE star on the plane with a fan. We could only imagine what was going through Sasha’s mind given that she already dislikes fan interactions, to begin with.

At the very least, it was a younger fan so she probably gave him the pass even though he felt the need to snap this selfie – one he likely bragged about at school for months.

2 Beautiful Nikki Bella

via Twitter

We could have done an article alone of steamy selfies taken by WWE stars. Pics like Nikki’s above would make the list, we would also include a slew of others featuring WWE stars like Charlotte, Carmella and Mandy Rose, just to name a few.

These pics seem to be suitable for the Attitude Era.

1 Orton Sneaking A Peek

via Pinterest

Ah yes, it is only fitting to end the list with another Randy Orton selfie. He isn’t telling off a fan in the gym or taking a hotel selfie in Saudi Arabia.

Instead, he’s taking a candid photo with a fan and let’s just say he gets his money’s worth taking a quick peek. This kind of candid photo has Attitude Era written all over it!

Sources – Twitter, YouTube & IG

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