17 Celebs Who Are Bigger Fans Of Disneyland Than You

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Bottom line. No questions asked. So if you lived and worked really close to the magical kingdom, why wouldn't you be there every day? Especially if you could use your fame to skip the lines and get up close and personal with all of our Disney faves. I would visit daily if I were in their position. I would probably just swing by for a meal each day. But sadly, I'm not a celeb and I don't live in LA. But these famous folks below are celebrities and do live or at least work in LA. And they are not throwing away their opportunity to get face time with the main mouse himself. These celebs are total Disney freaks! They can't get enough of Splash Mountain and the nightly fireworks. They are all about Disney. It doesn't matter if they're old or young, male or female, parents or single — their love for Disneyland is unmatched.

17 Ariana Grande

So you may not think that the pint-sized sultry pop princess would be a Disney fan, but she totally is. In fact, the word fan might be putting it lightly. When she's not belting out high notes all over the world, you might catch Ariana riding Space Mountain—her favorite ride—at Disneyland. In fact, she's such a huge fan that she decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at the park! Most 21-year-olds like to celebrate their first legal birthday at a bar or a nightclub. Y'know, somewhere where they can legally order a drink. But Ariana opted for a kid-friendly amusement park. Adorable! She spent time with Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Mickey Mouse. She even got this Cinderella themed cake created by the Disney Pastry Chefs. The music video for her song "Break Free" is even inspired by Space Mountain. Oh and on her birthday, she rode Space Mountain five times. #HugeFanAlert!

16 Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively


Last Christmas, Ryan and his wife Blake decided to celebrate the holiday season with their faves: Mickey and the crew. How much fun are these two gorgeous people having? The most fun! Look at those bright smiles. I also like that they're both taking this visit very seriously. They have running shoes and jackets on so they're ready to race around the park and stand in line wherever they have to.

After a fun day at the park, Ryan shared this photo on social media with the caption: "Went to Disneyland because my daughter's obsessed with Mickey Mouse. She was so excited when I got home and told her." If you follow Ryan on anything, you know he's sarcastic and enjoys his dark humor. But is this one true? Did Blake and Ryan really head to an amusement park for kids without their kids? Ouch. But I guess the little ones would've just slowed them down.

15 Serena Williams

Serena Williams is not shy about her fandom for the happiest place on Earth. She is a huge Disney fanatic and always posts her visits on social media. Recently, she visited the park and spent a lot of time with Princess Merida. Since Disney doesn't have a tennis playing princess, Serena will have to take their archer, which is the next best thing. Serena has even said that Merida is her favorite princess because she identifies with Merida's strength and bravery. During her trip, Serena even got to enjoy private archery lessons with Merida! And because she's amazing, Serena was a natural and hit the target. I mean, of course she did. Check out those arms! And those abs! Girlfriend is a beast. Can't wait to see her back at the park with her new baby sometime soon!

14 Kourtney Kardashian


This fall, Kourtney and Kim took their kiddos to Disneyland along with some other gal pals and their little ones. It's always more fun to head to Disney with the whole gang! And, of course, they got the star treatment. Everyone wore their Disney finest and got to meet all of their favorite characters. But Kourtney is more of a Disney fan than the rest. Not only does she frequent the Los Angeles' Disneyland often—especially with her nieces, nephew and three kids in tow—but she also visits the international parks as well.

In September Kourtney visited Disneyland Paris with her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. They wore matching white outfits, packed on the PDA, and got soaked on some water rides. They weren't afraid to pose for photos and even joined in on a little dancing in the main square. Disney just brings out the inner child in all of us!

13 Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham, in case you don't know, is the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham. He's followed in both of his parents footsteps, playing soccer like his dad and modeling like his fashion designer mom. He's also made waves in young Hollywood for dating famous actresses and models. So is it really any surprise that he's between Anna and Elsa from Frozen? Now, these two sisters didn't let any man come between them in the movie. It was always sisters first. But they hadn't met Brooklyn Beckham... So maybe the gloves are off and the best sister shall win. But they'll have some competition, though. Brooklyn has been known to bring his girlfriends to Disneyland. He's been there on dates with Chloe Grace Moretz and model Sonia Ben Amer. Very smooth, Brooklyn.

12 Ricky Martin & Family


As evidenced by this photo, Ricky Martin is a HUGE Disney fan. And luckily, he doesn't have to stand in line for the rides alone. He gets to bring his fiance, Jwan Yosef, and twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, who are all huge fans of the mouse, too.

Last Christmas, the Martin family headed to Los Angeles for some one on one time with Mickey and the rest of the gang. It looks like they're all into it — except for one of the twins. Oh well, he was probably just too excited to strike a funny pose.

Ricky and Jwan, however, have been engaged since November 2016. So why haven't they made it to the altar yet? Well, it takes a while to plan a wedding as big as the one Ricky is imaging. He said, "Planning a wedding is super overwhelming. We want to do it right, hopefully next spring. We’ll do the three-day event as I call it. And we still don’t know where we will do it, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico or in Sweden, where my fiancé is from, or in Spain, where I am also from."

11 Jessica Alba & Family

Jessica Alba and her family, husband Cash Warren and daughters Honor and Haven, are all huge fans of Disneyland. And why wouldn't you be when you get to have a personal photo shoot with the Big Cheese?

Being one of Jessica's kids must be amazing. You get the best Disney experience every single time. But this isn't just for the kids. Jessica herself is a huge fan of Disney, as well. In fact, after this family photo opp, Jessica posed for some selfies with just Mickey. And later, her husband captured a video of Jessica kinda freaking out when she got to meet some of the princesses. But the best part? Her kids weren't even in the room! So Jessica was just genuinely thrilled; she wasn't putting on a show for her daughters. And she's such a fan that Jessica and her family were spotted back at Disneyland the very next day.


10 Carrie Underwood


Look at how freaking excited Carrie Underwood is to be meeting Minnie Mouse. Isn't that so cute? I love that famous celebrities get all excited to meet these mascots (who are really  just college kids on Spring break wearing a huge costume). But thanks to the magic of Disney, meeting these characters is still the coolest thing in the world. For this visit, Carrie brought her husband, Mike Fischer. And since she's such a star and a huge fan, Minnie met them at the entrance and escorted the pair to the Animal Kingdom.

Like many women, Carrie has been a lifelong fan of Disney. In fact, she's such a big fan that she contributed a song to the 2007 live action Disney movie, Enchanted. The song "Ever Ever After" is by Underwood. Think she's jealous that Amy Adams got the lead in that movie instead of her? Actually, after watching her acting skills in the TV version of The Sound of Music, it's probably better for Carrie to stick to singing only.

9 Neil Patrick Harris & Family


It should come as no surprise that Neil Patrick Harris is a big fan of Disney. He's a pretty awesome guy and Disneyland is an awesome place — so it makes sense that the two go together. Plus, he's got two young kids who probably love their frequent trips to Disneyland. Let's take a look at his fandom. Checking out this tweet above, not only is NPH a fan of spending the day at Disneyland but he's even spending the night. And he's doing it in style by spending the night at Cinderella's castle. Not just anyone is able to sleep in the castle, so that's already pretty cool. But on top of that, NPH is often the celebrity narrator for the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. He's also hosted the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade. He said, "I’m a big fan of old-school Audio-Animatronics, so I also am a big Spaceship Earth fan. Haunted Mansion is probably one of my favorite designs ever, so I always have to go see that." NPH celebrates the anniversary of Disney opening on Twitter. And for his birthday one year, his husband David Burtka gifted him a trip to Disney. Best gift ever!

8 Corbin Bleu


Corbin Bleu got his start as a High School Musical star on the Disney Channel. So, of course, he's a big Disney fanboy. But not only is he a fan of Disney and a frequent visitor to the theme park. he's even made Disneyland part of his love life. No, I'm not saying he did anything with a princess after hours on a roller coaster... Corbin proposed to his now-wife, Sasha Clements, in front of Cinderella's Castle back in 2014. The cutest part? He placed the ring inside of a glass slipper. How romantic is that? Only a true Disney fan would plan and pull off something like this. Also, can we take a moment to admire that sparkler? That ring is a perfect fit for a princess!

The next year, Corbin and Sasha appeared on TLC's Say Yes To The Dress to help Sasha find a princess-perfect dress for their big day. And then in July of 2016, they got married in Santa Susana, California. Do you think Mickey was invited?

7 Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison, former star of Glee and Grey's Anatomy guest star, is also a huge Disney fanatic. In fact, he likes to celebrate his October 30th birthday at the park because it's all decked out for Halloween! Matthew said, "I just love this time of year and I love what Disneyland does during Halloween." Amen! Disney at Halloween is the coolest. It's almost as cool as Disney at Christmastime.

Some of Matthew's favorite rides include Indiana Jones Adventure and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. But, of course, the best part is always meeting up with Mickey. If you're as big a fan as Matthew and some of the other celebs on this list are, does Mickey start to recognize you? It's not like you're meeting for the first time. It's like catching up with an old friend! Of course, it's probably a different college kid under that head but it is the same old Mickey.

6 Ginnifer Goodwin


Ginnifer Goodwin being a Disney fan is just too perfect. Because on TV's Once Upon A Time, Ginnifer plays Snow White. So she kind of is a Disney Princess! I wonder if she meets up with the Snow White at Disneyland when she visits and they compare notes. Whose skin is really as pale as snow? Who has the more ruby red lips? But on this visit, she was hanging with the Beast. Maybe her Prince Charming was unavailable, so she's going for the next best thing?

Ginnifer was on hand at the park for the grand opening of the New Fantasyland. Because of course they have to invite the other princesses out there in the world. She's also shared that she loves riding It's A Small World (I guess the song doesn't drive her as crazy as it does the rest of us). And Ginnifer loves to search for the hidden Mickeys throughout the park. Sounds fun, can we come with?

5 Demi Lovato

Reunited and it feels so good!!

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Demi Lovato is another star who came up on the Disney Channel. She got her start on Camp Rock and Sunny With A Chance. So, of course, she's got love for the big mice. Like Brooklyn Beckham, Demi likes to take her love interests to Disneyland. She's been spotted there with ex-boyfriends Wilmer Valderrama and Joe Jonas. Most recently in September, Demi was spotted at Disney with DJ Lauren Abedini. The two were spotted holding hands and rumors began to fly about Demi's sexual orientation (as per usual). This was the very first time Demi and Lauren had been spotted together and the first time Demi has been spotted with a female love interest. Neither has confirmed whether or not they're in a relationship. But whether they are or are not, Disneyland doesn't care. As long as you're there for a good time with a smile on your face, you're welcome to the happiest place on earth.

4 Rebel Wilson

Bellas Do Disney!! Crushin it with @chrissiefit @kelleyjakle @haileesteinfeld x

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Here we have Rebel Wilson and the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect prancing around Disneyland. If there's one thing the park is missing, it might be perfectly in tune a capella. What better way to celebrate nailing a dance move or hitting a new high note than riding all the rides at Disneyland?

Even though Rebel is a native Australian, she actually has a long standing history with Disneyland. In fact, she's related to Walt Disney. Yes, you read that right! Rebel Wilson's great-aunt, Lilian Bounds, was married to Walt. Rebel revealed that she had unlimited access to Disneyland as a child. And now as a famous adult, she has exclusive membership to Club 33: a prestigious Disney club. And she can apparently access other secret clubs like a hidden restaurant in New Orleans Square that serves booze. How cool is that? Rebel, take us to Disney!

3 Katy Perry

Even though she can travel all over the world and hang out with the biggest stars, Katy Perry still says that Disney World is the best place around. In fact, she has the time of her life when she visits the magical theme park. Back in 2014, Katy took her entire tour group to Disney World to celebrate. So much fun! And, of course, she couldn't resist goofing around with Goofy and the rest of the crew. Katy is such a fan that she even celebrated her birthday at Disney. But she didn't just wear the birthday badge and ride on the roller coasters all day. Katy hosted a pizza party in the Cinderella Castle Suite. How cool! Where was my invite? Only the most VIP people get to hang in Cinderella's Castle. If you made the list for Katy's birthday party, consider yourself very lucky.

2 Josh Gad


Of course Josh Gad is a big Disney fan. Just look at that huge smile on his face! And you'd be smiling too if you got to control the World of Color water fountains. That's like behind the scenes backstage Disney stuff. Maybe you have to be turned into a Disney character to get that kind of access. Josh Gad is not only an actor of stage and screen, but he's also the lovable voice behind Frozen's Olaf. Yup, that man right there loves warm hugs and dreams of summer. How cool would it be to run around Disney and see a mascot dressed up as your character or to see your character's face all over mugs, t-shirts and backpacks? The coolest! And as a Disney character, he must get perks at Disneyland, right? I mean obviously he gets to control the water fountains. But what else? Does he ride for free? Does he get to skip the line ups? Does he get one on one time with the Mouse whenever he wants?

1 John Stamos

John Stamos might be the biggest celebrity Disney fan of them all. You wouldn't think the middle aged bachelor would be that into a theme park for kids but he absolutely is. John loves Disney so much that he spent over $30,000 to buy an old Disneyland entrance sign. Does he have it in his house? Probably. John is a frequent visitor to the parks and a known member of the secret Disney clubs. Maybe he and Rebel Wilson hang out there a lot. The cast members at the park know to look out for John and to always make sure he has the most magical time. And John makes no secret about his love for the parks. He even reposted a meme on his Instagram account that read "Sorry I like Disney more than the average six year old." Live your truth, John! Just invite us the next time you need a buddy for Splash Mountain.


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