17 Children Of Current WWE Stars That Are Unrecognizable

Life on the road as a wrestler is long, tough and can sometimes be debilitating. A lot of the current crop don’t have families to go back to. It’s tough to find that special someone when constantly being away. Then, if and when it happens, there’s sacrifice and it’s even tougher to try and maintain something resembling a normal relationship. Let’s face it, being with a wrestler, with someone in that industry, living that lifestyle, isn’t normal. If kids are in the picture, it just adds to the heartache when going away, staying true to professionalism and commitment.

There are some wrestlers in WWE that are fortunate enough to have families to come back to. Some are mightily private about their kids, don’t want them to be thrust in the spotlight because of their wrestling pedigree. Others love nothing more than sharing cute, adorable snaps of them and their kids. It’s a world away from wrestling. Have a look at these images. Would you be able to tell who their wrestling parents are? Some of these kids are just unrecognizable, don’t look anything like their WWE star parents.

17 Brock And Mya Lynn Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is notoriously private. He even uprooted his family and went to live in the Canadian wilderness to escape it all. There aren’t many pics of his kids, but this one has surfaced. Mya Lynn looks to be going down the athletic route like her dad, but the similarities stop there.

16 Sting, Steven, Garrett And Gracie Borden

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Steve Borden, aka Sting, has been in the industry since 1985. He’s still with WWE, signed under a legend’s contract. When wrestling fans see Sting, he’s in character, in costume and has his face painted. It’s tough to comprehend that he has a family, has kids, envisage him playing with three little ones. His kids aren’t little any more and bear no resemblance to the menacing-looking bodybuilder wrestling fans have grown accustomed to seeing in the ring over recent decades!

15 Bray Wyatt And Kendyl Rotunda

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The big, bearded man-mountain that is Bray Wyatt has had a hugely successful time of things with WWE. The guy’s a massive monster in the ring. It’s difficult to envisage him cradling a baby or getting down on his haunches playing with his daughter. Kendyl Rotunda is absolutely adorable. She wasn’t born with a beard, with arms and legs like tree trunks and with tattoo sleeves. She’s unrecognizable from her dad.

14 Daniel and Birdie Joe Danielson

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Daniel Bryan’s persona is that of someone who’s a bit rough and ready. His character dictates that he goes for the rugged look. His wife, on the other hand, ex-pro Brie Bella, looks like a model. Their baby is still young, but both are probably crossing their fingers hoping that Birdie grows up and takes after her mom in the looks’ department.

13 Kofi Kingston, Khi And Orion

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Kofi Kingston’s one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry. He’s loved the world over. From the looks of things, he’s got a sweet, loving family too. His three-year-old son, Khi, looks a tad like Kofi. But little Orion definitely looks more like his mom, Chi Chi Sarkodie-Mensah. Christmas time at the Kingstons must be a hoot!

12 Jey Uso’s Kids

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The Usos, consisting of brothers Jimmy and Jey, have been with WWE for a decade now. Their popularity increases year after year. Jey certainly seems to be a popular daddy figure with his two boys. It must be cool having a dad like Jey, belonging to the Anoa'I family, a wrestling legacy.

11 Karl Anderson, Caedon, Cylus And Cruz

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Look at this pic and who’d think that Karl Anderson is a professional wrestler? He resembles an average Joe. That’s probably what he wants it to be like at home. Karl’s hitched with Christine Bui and they have four kids. Here are three of the little munchkins, all of whom look like their mom.

10 Mickie James And Donovan

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Mickie James has had some crazy personas during her time in the industry. It’s tough to envisage what she’s like backstage, at home when it comes to family life. Judging by this pic, she’s an absolute sweetheart, loves nothing more than playing with her son, Donovan, who’s a bundle of cuteness.

9 Apollo Crews And Sade

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Apollo is used to sacrifice. He comes from a military family, went to a military school, and is all about discipline and sacrifice. However, it must have been seriously tough being on the road when he had a daughter, Sade at home. She’s two years old now, was born right around the time Apollo really started to make a name for himself.

8 Roman Reigns And Joelle

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Roman Reigns likes his privacy when it comes to his family. He’s got a stable life at home and doesn’t want anything to rock it. Five years ago, Joelle was born into the legendary Samoan family. It’s a super-sweet pic and it’s evident that there’s plenty of love between the two. But look at little Joelle and it’d be tough to tell who her dad is.

7 Cedric Alexander And Adessah

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Cedric Alexander’s a beast of a wrestler. He resembles a bodybuilder in the ring. Little Adessah on the other hand, epitomizes cuteness. By the looks of things, she’s well aware of what her daddy does, and is already a wrestling fan. This was taken from a little meet and greet event, during which Adessah got to meet her favorites.

6 Randy And Alanna Orton

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Randy Orton’s time in the limelight, time in wrestling, has had its ups and downs. At times, it’s been a rocky road. Family life hasn’t been plain sailing for Randy either. But he’s now married to Kim Marie Kessler, they have a daughter, Alanna, and things look to be on the up and up. Does Alanna bear resemblance to either of her parents? It’s tough to find many similarities.

5 Cory Grave’s Daughter

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Ok, so Cory is no longer a wrestler but he’s still contracted to WWE in a commentating capacity. This allows him more time to spend at home with his daughter. See that smile? How can anyone resist that smile, how could he stay away? Perhaps it’s because Cory’s image is so out there, but his daughter doesn’t look like him at all.

4 Heath Slater And Remedy Monroe Miller

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Heath’s got skills in the ring and has perfect comedic timing when on the mike. Many feel that he’s extremely underrated. It’s tough not to love his character.

In 2011, Heath Slater married Stephanie and they’ve since welcomed two kids. Evidently little Remedy has her dad’s acting capabilities, can already pull a face and play to the camera. She doesn’t have Heath’s ginger hair and doesn’t particularly look like him. She may take after him as an in-ring talent though. Time will tell.

3 Curtis Axel’s Kids

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Posers! Here’s a pic of Curtis Axel and his three kids all suited and booted, looking fancy at an event. Not sure if Curtis had to coerce them into their dapper attire and into coming along and posing, but they all look mightily pleased to be there. It’s a nice family pic and it showcases a side of Curtis we’re not used to seeing. The kids look alike but don’t look like their dad.

2 Erik Rowan’s Daughter

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“Husband, Father, Crush skulls by day, listen to metal at night.” That’s what’s written on Erik’s IG, the persona, the image he portrays. But he’s softy at heart. Why else would he film his daughter being all cute and share the moment with his thousands of adoring fans? Erik may be built like a rock but he doesn’t have a heart of stone.

1 Maryse Ouellet And Monroe

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It’s tough to tell whether or not babies look like their parents. As they get older, then any similarities tend to become more noticeable. This bundle of cuteness, Monroe, is Maryse and The Miz’s kid. At the moment, she doesn’t resemble either parent. Both Maryse and The Miz are good looking individuals, so when Monroe gets older and genetics come to the fore, she won’t have any worries.

Sources: WWE.com

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