17 Dog Memes That Will Help You Get Through The Week

Let's face it: there are seven days in a week, and if you're constantly busy with studies, work, or the kids, you'll need some kind of motivation to get you through the week. Well, what's better than looking through a ton of dog memes? One of the reasons as to why these memes will be hilarious comes down to the fact of how relatable they are.

There will be a ton of memes that remind you of things you do with your dog on a regular basis, some of which will reassure you that you're not the only one going through those hectic moments of finding out your dog has chewed up your brand new shoes, or giving into those puppy dog eyes once again because they wanted another treat. We've gathered together some of our favorites that are bound to keep you smiling—at least until Sunday.

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17 Any excuse is better than none

via Buzzfeed.com

When your dog makes this particular face as if their chaotic actions have helped you in any way. Then again, with that adorable face, you just can't stay mad at them for too long. Yet in these kind of situations, it can be incredibly frustrating since your dog isn't trained to clean up the mess that they've created, meaning that if you had a long day and find yourself in a room that's been completely scattered, you'll find yourself annoyed with the fact that the person who created the mess won't be cleaning it up.

It is said that dogs usually only create a mess when they've spent a considerable amount of time inside because they love being outside and playing with other dogs; they have to let out their energy somehow. Could you perhaps be one of the people who finds themselves leaving their dogs in the house for too long because of other priorities?

16 The day your dog motivates himself

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Sometimes, all it takes for a dog to achieve one of their biggest challenges is to take a good look in the mirror and have a quick talk with themselves.

If you've ever found your dog doing this kind of facial expression, trust me when I say that they are deeply contemplating doing something that'll catch you off guard. Most of the time, it'll be something hilariously stupid. With that said, most dogs don't even have that attention span to look at themselves in the mirror since they are usually known to freak out at seeing a duplicate of themselves. But if you are one of the few who has found their dogs doing something like this, not only must your dog be very determined, but he's also got to be very smart.

15 When one can't contain their emotions

via Tumblr.com

You would think that dogs would be good at hiding their emotions, but judging by this one right here, a long day seems to have weighed heavy on him. Aww. Bulldogs, in particular, make some of the funniest facial expressions; most of them are just never up for a challenge. Getting them to do something out of the house can be tricky because all they want to do is chill at home and make next to no body movement as they find a comfortable spot to sleep all day.

The funniest thing about the whole situation is that bulldogs won't even make the effort to chase after a treat, so if you think you can excite them by holding a treat over their head, unless you are going to drop it right in front of their face, bulldogs will not even attempt to jump for it. They are just simply unbothered most of the time by anything and everything around them.

14 From regular dog to burglar

via Tumblr.com

It's always frightening to catch your dog threatening you to give them treats, especially when they've disguised themselves with a mask. Best to give them everything in the cupboard. Okay, a little exaggerated, but how many of you have ever dressed your dog up with some of the old clothes in your closet? I know I have.

There's nothing funnier than dressing up your dog in some weird disguise because the looks they usually give you when this happens are less than amusing. Well, at least for them. While dogs tend to love being free from any sort of clothing, dressing them up probably has them thinking why their owner is trying to annoy them.

13 The innocent look

via Tumblr.com

If you're a dog owner, you've come across this expression one too many times, particularly when returning home and finding your dog having done something bad. But those eyes—they'll win you over easily. Literally, how many times does your dog give you this look? And this particular stare that dogs make doesn't just happen when they are being told off for doing something bad—they also give this look when their owner has been away for too long, which is kind of cute.

Other instances you can see this happening is when your pet is craving some treats, but you are being extra strict because they haven't done anything to deserve one. Again, when your dog approaches you with those eyes and begins to make those squealing noises, you, myself included, and the rest of the world, have to give in. Accept the fact that this look will always find you giving in to whatever you pet desires in that particular moment.

12 Cat versus dog

via Tumblr.com

When the owner of a cat and a beautiful dog hilariously snaps a photo of the two, the cat looks anything but impressed. Is the dog's weight suffocating that poor thing? Aww. It's kind of adorable when cats and dogs can play together, but dogs are known to go overboard sometimes, forgetting that a cat is much more fragile than them.

I mean, just by looking at the photo above, it is clear that the cat isn't amused by having a rather large dog rest his entire weight on her body. She's literally crying for help by looking at her owner, wondering whether they are going to put the damn phone down and step in.

11 Camouflage, anyone?

via Tumblr.com

Playing hide and seek will never be the same when this dog is involved! I used to be obsessed with these pets—you know, the ones you can play camouflage games with, something along the lines of trying to find the dog. Of course, this game would only work if your dog was very well-disciplined and can stay still for a couple of minutes as everyone looks around the room, trying to figure out where they have hidden.

10 To play or not to play?

via Tumblr.com

That awkward moment when your dog has been nagging you to play with them, only to then see them refuse to give up the toy in order to continue playing the game. It's probably one of the most confusing things ever. They go through all this hassle to get you to play the game with them, and then when you try and take the toy out of their mouth, they don't want to give it to you. And as soon as you are completely over trying to force the toy from their mouth, you walk away and within minutes, they'll approach you to start playing again. Ugh.

9 When playing outside is taken to a new level

via Tumblr.com

Dogs have a tendency to take stuff out of context, especially when you tell them to go for a run and keep themselves occupied. Can you imagine the dirt that would come off of this dog's body? At least they've enjoyed their time outside—that's what counts, right? Still, it's one of the most exhausting things getting them back in the house, hoping that all that mud doesn't leave stains on your carpet. Oh, and let's not forget the stained bathroom that's going to take hours to clean up after you've finally restored your dog's beautiful fur to its original color.

8 "Can I eat in peace?"

via Tumblr.com

Those eyes! Tell me I'm not the only one who's given in to temptations from this particular look when all the dog wants is a little bite of your snack. To no surprise, when you give them some, they'll want more and more, to the point where you have to look in another direction just to avoid looking at that sad (yet weirdly cute) face, begging you for more.

I, and many of my family members, actually end up giving the whole thing to the dog because we all settle with the fact that our pets are not going to stop nagging us with our food until they have their share of whatever is being eaten. And usually, it's something like a banana, so why not?

7 Puppy silence

via Tumblr.com

There's something wrong when your puppy is dead silent for more than two seconds. Better go and inspect the entire house to see what they've done wrong. Okay, maybe not two seconds, but anything over five minutes should alert you to check around the house as to what might be broken, what has been ripped, and most importantly, what has been chewed up. Silence among dogs should instantly tell you that your pet has done something bad.

6 The classic barking dog

via Tumblr.com

This sums up what many dogs are thinking in their minds—if they could speak, wouldn't we all want to know why they bark for absolutely no reason at times? I think I speak for many people when I say that there's always that one neighbor with a dog that just can't stop barking for absolutely no reason. It's kind of hilarious that the meme acknowledges this, but at the same time, it can be extremely frustrating getting a good sleep when all you hear is a dog barking for hours on end. And as you gear up for work, you are so tired because, for the entire night, all you heard was constant barking.

5 The dog that cares...

via Tumblr.com

He cares enough to make sure your snacks have been eaten and gives you the "I helped take care of this" look. You check inside the bag and find little to nothing left. Oh, how kind of you. Or when you've spent hours making a birthday cake for someone special, you take a quick nap after all that baking, and before you know it, the entire cake has almost finished by your dog who just couldn't help it. It's frustrating, to the say the least.

4 When you have work in two hours...

via Tumblr.com

Calling in sick because you have no shoes to wear will definitely make your dog happy. But seriously, how frustrating is it when you have a date, or you are gearing up for work, and as you make your way to your closet, you find your dress is chewed up, your work clothes are ripped, and your shoes have holes in them. It's not like your date—or your boss—will excuse the fact that you have a dog who doesn't know how to behave. Obviously, to them, it's just a little bit of fun, but it can be really frustrating... unless it happens to a friend of yours, then it's funny. As long as it doesn't happen to you, it's hilarious, right?

3 The deceiving shadow

via Buzzfeed.com

It'll take some time for dogs to grasp an understanding when seeing their own shadow, particularly if they start resembling the likes of Batman. But will dogs ever understand the fact that the outlining of their body in the sun is nothing more than their shadow? I've actually found myself laughing at my dog trying to work it out for hours on end—one time, he actually chased his shadow around the playground for around 20 minutes before eventually giving up, still confused as to why he was being followed by his shadow. It's kind of the cutest thing you'll ever see if you own a dog.

2 Not all dogs love cats

via Tumblr.com

While many of them tend to get along rather well, some dogs would rather just keep their distance in fear of being scratched to the bone. And while there are owners out there, some of which may include you, who finds their cats and dogs playing with one another all the time, some dogs are actually frightened of them.

Let's face it: cats can be quite aggressive when they feel intimidated or threatened by something or someone—they'd even scratch their owner if they feel as if they are left in an unsettling situation. I, myself, have always kept my dogs away from the cats in the past. It's just better like that.

1 Treats are so delicious

via Tumblr.com

Delicious enough to attempt to see whether the tongue is long enough to reach for the last one behind the door. Don't try and deny that you've done this to your dog before. We all love teasing our pets every now and then, but I don't think I've ever gone as far as to hold the treat on the other side of the door so that my dog can smell it and attempt to reach it with his tongue. Although, it's pretty hilarious. With that said, we've all teased our dogs before with their favorite treats—this example above is just an extreme case of an owner trying to tempt his pet with a little snack. By the look of things, the tongue isn't long enough.

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