17 Eva Marie Fitness Pics That’ll Make Vince McMahon Miss Her

She entered WWE totally green and the company didn’t do her any favors, putting a camera on her every move on Total Divas. Looking back, she needed time to develop without a camera, for months. Instead, we saw a lot of the drama pertaining to her rise and that cast a dark shadow from the get-go.

She improved dramatically alongside Brian Kendrick. Just when things appeared to be getting interesting, she mutually parted ways with WWE.

Since her departure, Eva has only gotten better, especially with her look, Eva’s in the best shape ever. In this article, we’ll pay homage to that work ethic with some workout pics we can’t look away from and likely, neither can Vince! Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

17 Home Workout

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We see this more times than not, celebs or WWE stars opting to train at home instead of at the gym. We can understand that - it isn’t exactly ideal being heckled for a picture while trying to exercise.

Eva’s full of focus in this picture, as she uses a kettlebell working the squat into her rotation.

16 Checking The Abs

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During her time away from WWE, we can say that Eva’s been putting in the work, especially in the gym.

She’s absolutely shredded, especially in terms of her ab development. Even Vince must be freaking out when it comes to her new look. It wouldn’t surprise us if he’d call her once again for a return opportunity.

15 Gym Pic

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When you look that good, it is only right to stop and take a pic, admiring all your hard work.

The hard work started even before WWE. Eva was a talented soccer player, though she would eventually decide to quit the sport due to self-confidence issues. Nonetheless, we can safely say that it all worked out really nicely for Eva Marie.

14 Lunge Work

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It must’ve been a lower body day for Eva Marie. She pulls off the lunge in the picture above.

She’s strengthening the hamstrings by doing so – but yeah, we definitely don’t have to tell her that. Maybe she can even keep up with Vince in the weight room!

13 Workout Ready

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WWE wasn’t always on Eva’s radar and in fact, the opportunity really came out of nowhere... like an RKO. WWE loved Eva’s brief audition, so much so that she was given a WWE contract.

Now the downside is that Eva would make her debut on Total Divas without wrestling experience. That instantly hurt her credibility.

12 Black Hair

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Eva changed her hair color more than a couple of times. Prior to WWE, she was rocking a brunette look. That’s the same hair color she used once she decided to get into modeling and acting, moving to LA in search of opportunity.

When WWE came calling, she totally changed her look, switching over to a red hair color.

11 Workout Partners

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Let’s be honest here, going to the gym becomes that much easier alongside a friend. We all like that alone time but getting it done with someone by your side can be just as great, if not even better.

That’s what Eva does in the workout pic above, she also likes to train alongside her man, Jonathan.

10 With Her Forever Partner

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Speaking of Jonathan, here he is alongside his wife. The two have been through it all, from the ups and the downs. They married way back in the summer of 2014 and have been happy ever since.

As evidenced by past episodes on Total Divas, Jonathan is a great support system for Eva when times get tough.

9 With The World’s Strongest Man

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Given her run with WWE and crazy work ethic inside the gym, Eva is afforded lots of opportunities. One of them, was working a shoot alongside the world’s strongest man, Thor, who’s a legend in the fitness community.

The two are sponsors for the company Reign. Wouldn’t they make a great WWE duo?

8 IG Post

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Fans that miss Eva Marie can keep up-to-date with the former WWE star via IG. She’s very active on the social media platform, especially when it comes to stunning gym pics and well, stunning photos in general whether it be before a night out or just relaxing at home.

7 The Real Weights

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Such a cool picture, one that shows all the types of work ethics needed in order to climb up that invisible ladder, known as life.

Although some might call her WWE run a failure, we must appreciate that other word in the picture, persistence – something Eva had plenty of despite the hard times.

6 In The Zone

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She’s ready to go and quite determined. That was the same case when joining NXT and getting sent down. Eva worked alongside Brian Kendrick, dramatically improving her in-ring work during the time period.

She would return to NXT with a brand new move-set and one that impressed the fans.

5 Reflection Time

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We assume Eva had a lot of time to reflect on her WWE career. Just as things started to get interesting with Eva’s new character, she was let go by the company, a mutual decision ultimately.

Despite the release, Eva hasn’t closed the door on a return just yet – it would make for quite the moment if she did.

4 Upper Body Day

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Eva isn’t scared to work her upper body, she’s shaping her shoulders in the pic above, going for a lateral raise.

Eva knows how key it is to touch on all the muscles, yes glutes and other lower body movements are important, but keeping proper proportions is also very key as well.

3 Putting The Gloves On

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She has her boxing gloves in the photo above. Eva’s a fighter, that we know. Following her WWE career, she embarked on several other projects, most noticeably taking part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Ultimately, she was ousted due to her prowess in competitions, especially those of the physical nature.

2 More Home Workouts

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Really doesn’t get better than this, working out in the comfort of your own home while getting photos taken at the same time.

Eva has it all under control during her time away from WWE – she has numerous sponsorship deals. She’ll only add to that as time goes on.

1 Shoulder Press

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Who knows if Vince will invite Eva back, in truth, if she is to return it’ll be Vince’s call and likely not Triple H, who has more of an interest in pushing the young and new talent. Vince is all about making headlines and an Eva return would do exactly that without a doubt.

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