17 Facts About The Ford GT That'll Make John Cena Feel Regret

When Ford announced the newest generation of their GT supercar, celebrities turned up in droves for a chance to buy one of the $450,000 supercars. However, most potential buyers – along with gearheads around the world – were pretty disappointed to hear that Ford was only planning to build one GT per day.

One of the lucky few who managed to get his hands on a GT was wrestler-turned-actor John Cena. But just like everyone else, Cena had to sign a contract before he took the car home that stipulated he could not resell it for 24 months. Instead, he sold the car after just a few weeks. Everyone lawyered up immediately, and Cena eventually reached a settlement with Ford in 2018.

But as any gearhead knows, Cena definitely should have kept his GT. Keep scrolling for 17 stunning facts about the Ford GT that will make John Cena feel regret.

17 Collectible Values

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The biggest mistake John Cena made when selling his Ford GT was that he sold his Ford GT. These cars are going to be collector's pieces with insane values. In fact, the very car that Cena sold proved this fact immediately.

Since parting with it, it sold at Monterey Car Week for $1.54 million and then again at Mecum for $1.32 million, as reported by Classic Car Journal.

16 Mid-Mounted EcoBoost V6

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If John Cena is fine with throwing away the money that comes along with collectability, that's one thing. After all, the guy is loaded. But he should be a bit sad about ditching the beautiful twin-turbocharged, mid-mounted EcoBoost V6 engine that serves as the beating heart of the Ford GT (similar to the much larger Ford F-150 Raptor).

15 Horsepower Ratings

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That twin-turbo powerplant doesn't just sit behind the passenger compartment of the Ford GT, either. Just like the Raptor, the GT was built to run hard. John Cena should certainly be kicking himself for throwing away his chance to step outside and mash the throttle to  set free Ford's claimed 647 horses.

14 Torque Figures

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While the horsepower rating of the Ford GT places it solidly in supercar territory, the glory of the twin-turbo setup on the 3.5-liter V6 is the low end grunt. Ford claims the GT makes 550 lb-ft of torque, which is, simply put, neck-snapping power. Even someone with as thick a neck as Cena would have trouble keeping their head off the headrest!

13 Actual Dyno Testing

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As if Ford's power claims about the GT weren't enough to make John Cena immediately regret his decision to sell his unique supercar, it turns out those figures might be pretty drastically underrated.

Famed online vlogger Schmee150 (aka Tim Burton—but not that Tim Burton) put a GT on the dyno and saw peaks of 590 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, meaning figures at the crank would be about 20% higher!

12 Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Gearbox

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Not just any old car leaves the factory with underrated power figures that are still as impressive as the Ford GT's, but then again, not many cars are built to handle that kind of beefiness. The GT puts all that power to the ground through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that would definitely have been as smooth as John Cena could have hoped for.

11 Sprinter Style

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Overall, the Ford GT's insanely aerodynamic body, its underrated EcoBoost V6, and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission come together in a near-perfect package. The result is a claimed 0-60 mph time of three seconds even—though whether the sleek car would be able to do so while carrying a massive hunk of muscle like John Cena is another story.

10 Drag Strip Monster

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These days, supercar manufacturers are only worried about 0-60 times when it comes to advertising. In reality, these monsters are built to go much, much faster than 60 miles per hour – and the GT does just that, running the quarter-mile in only 10.8 seconds at 134 miles per hour, according to Car and Driver.

9 Top Speed

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It takes a lot of research, design, and development to create a car such as the Ford GT. Not only is it futuristic, sleek, and gorgeous, but it backs up the looks with insane performance. Ford's claimed top speed for the GT is 216 miles per hour – though if that wasn't enough for John Cena, plenty of aftermarket companies can probably tune that twin-turbo V6 to put out a few more horses.

8 Super Lightweight

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These days, cars just seem to be getting heavier and heavier. Even sports cars such as the BMW M3 have swelled in weight, in this case to around 3,500 pounds, as quoted by BMW M.

But Ford kept the GT's curb weight relatively low, at around 3,054 pounds when weighed by Road & Track. And Cena could have stripped the interior, if he felt it was still too heavy.

7 Pedals and Steering Wheel Adjustment

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The problem with stripping the Ford GT's interior, though, is that it's a superbly designed, driver-focused cockpit unlike just about any other car out there.

Obviously, anyone picturing John Cena contorting his massive frame into such a tiny sports car might giggle, but Ford designed the interior so that the seat itself doesn't move – instead, the pedals and steering wheel have adjustable positions.

6 Voice Commands

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John Cena is a well-documented lover of muscle cars, so maybe the Ford GT just got a little too futuristic for him. Many car owners, after all, lament that their vehicles come with confusing navigation systems and too many buttons and dials to use while driving.

But the Ford GT's nav uses voice controls, which is just another reason Cena should have kept his car!

5 No Driver's Aids

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Anyone who owns a modern car and loves to drive it fast soon becomes accustomed to switching off the various driver's aids, such as traction control, automatic braking, lane departure warnings, and more so that they can have a bit more fun.

Maybe Cena never pushed his GT hard, but if he had he would have quickly discovered the GT has none of those nannying functions installed.

4 Unlimited Mileage Warranty

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One huge question mark surrounding the recent unveiling of the Chevrolet Corvette and its new mid-engined layout, price tag, and performance claims revolves around durability. How can a car with that much power be reliable when it's so cheap?

Maybe John Cena thought the Ford GT would fall apart on him – but Ford sold the car with an almost unheard-of three-year warranty with unlimited miles.

3 Five Drive Modes

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Most high-end cars these days come with various driving modes, from sportier and firmer to softer and more efficient. The Ford GT comes with a whopping five different drive modes, three of which activate an anti-lag function for the turbos to keep power instantaneously available. Drive Tribe describes the system, which was purposefully installed even though it ruins the GT's MPG ratings.

2 Stomped the McLaren 675LT and the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Ford has a long history of taking on the likes of Ferrari – just check out the new Matt Damon and Christian Bale movie about just that. In actuality, true victories have been few and far between since the original GT in the late-1960s.

However, for the current GT, Ford tested their car against both a Ferrari 488 GTB and a McLaren 675LT, with the GT besting both in track testing, as claimed by Ford.

1 Track-only GT MkII

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John Cena sold his Ford GT, despite the fact that plenty of gearheads would give an arm and a leg to drive – much less own – one of the world's premier supercars.

If all the various reasons listed above were enough to make Cena regret his decision, there's a new iteration of the GT called the MkII that's a track-focused monster with even more performance-oriented options. Maybe Cena can go and get himself one of those – though Ford probably won't let him anymore.

Sources: Road & Track, Drive Tribe, Car and Driver, and Ford.

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