17 Father Daughter Pics That Are So Not Normal

The bond between a dad and his daughter is always considered to be a super special thing. Dads are sometimes the ones who agree to a junk food dinner (maybe even ice cream or cake instead of an actual meal), who want to buy that extra gift at Christmas, who want to be seen as the goofy, silly, fun parent.

But then we see pictures of fathers and their daughters and the snapshots don't seem like something that should have been taken at all. This is always really confusing, and today we're taking a look at these types of images.

Here are 17 father-daughter pics that are not so normal. From the background or the way that they're standing, these photos are really out of the ordinary.

17 Should She Even Know What A Tattoo Is?!

via Guff.com

It definitely seems like a girl of this age should barely know what a tattoo is, let alone actually be drawing one on her dad's leg.

This is a really strange picture and it's not something that is ordinary or common, that's for sure. (Also, why would you want your entire leg to be covered in tattoos?!)

16 A Creepy Dating Rule

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It feels like since the dawn of time, fathers have been saying that they totally forbid their daughters to date. Call it annoying, call it archaic and old-fashioned, but it's still something that dads tend to joke about.

This father took things to another, creepy, and weird level with the t-shirt that he had his daughter wear.

15 That's Just Not The Way You Pose For A Picture...

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What's so frustrating about this particular father/daughter photo is that it could have been so adorable. If this dad had just posted normally with his three girls, we would have been saying "awww" instead of "what's going on?!"

We don't even want to know whose idea it was to have this little girl's feet in her dad's face. It's so weird.

14 A Father, Two Daughters, And A Really Weird Photo

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Again, this father/daughter photo could have been normal and even cute if the two daughters had just stood next to their dad and smiled at the camera.

Instead, we got this odd image of a dad looking totally freaked out and/or smirking (we can't really tell which) and his daughters each kissing his cheek. No thanks.

13 This Is Bad On Every Single Level

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If we're going to take a photo of someone looking into another person's eyes, they really have to be in a relationship or otherwise romantic situation. They really can't be father and daughter. Because, well, that would just be strange.

And this photo is definitely on the strange side. The mauve background and tigers make things even worse.

12 He's Old Enough To Be Her Father... Oh, Wait, He Is

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This photo totally brings new meaning to the popular saying "old enough to be her father."

We're not sure that's what they were going for... but if you don't want to look awkward and odd in a photo, why would you pose like this? We can definitely see the resemblance in their faces, and this father/daughter photo would have been perfectly normal if they had just been standing side by side.

11 Time For The Big Dance (With Your Dad?!)

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IRL, high school dances are rites of passage. On TV shows, they're springboards for wild amounts of drama.

And in this particular father/daughter photo that isn't normal at all, a dance is apparently the opportunity for some creepy vibes. And this image has a lot of creepy vibes, including the straps on the back of her fancy dress.

10 A Purity Ball That Doesn't Seem So Pure

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Many people have an issue with purity balls, which feature dads and daughters going to a dance that basically celebrates them saving themselves for their husband.

There are lots of pictures like this online and they mostly feature the parent and their child with their eyes closed. This one doesn't, but it totally looks like she's marrying her father. Just no.

9 Angelina And Her Dad Share A Romantic Look

via Female First Forum

Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, have had a turbulent relationship over the years. But they certainly seem to be all lovey-dovey in this photo of them.

The way that she's staring into his eyes and the fact that his hand is on her head like that? Let's just say it's not normal... and we're not sure why this is happening at all.

8 This Literally Looks Like A Pic Of A Bride And Groom

via HuffPost UK

Here's another picture from a father and his daughter before attending a purity ball, and like the other one, it's got major bride/groom vibes.

And that's just not a feeling that you want to get when you see a photo of a parent and their daughter. It's just not. What's with the field and the horses in the background?!

7 Yup, That's Ashlee Simpson And... Her Dad?!

via E! News

Ashlee Simpson is holding onto her dad, Joe, so tightly that it's just not your typical or normal father/daughter snapshot.

She's got her lips pursed, he's got a weird expression on his face, and what's even worse is that it looks like he's literally wearing a blanket instead of an actual shirt.

6 A Little Close

via Today.com

There's a certain way that dads and daughters should pose for photos. It's totally fine if the dad puts his arm around his daughter. No big deal. That's expected.

But this dad is holding onto his daughter so tightly that she doesn't look super comfortable. And as a result, we're feeling pretty uncomfortable, too.

5 Um, Ouch?!

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It's not super normal to snap a photo of a dad holding his toddler daughter who is literally yanking on his hair. And he looks like he's having the worst time ever.

The little girl is super cute, though, so we bet that this would have made an adorable picture if it had just been more ordinary.

4 Seems Like The Right Call (Not)

via Reddit

Dads and crop tops don't mix, and we have perfect proof of that with this Snapchat. What's worse, the fact that this father totally took his daughter's t-shirt and actually put it on himself, or the fact that he was wearing a t-shirt that said "trophy husband?"

Okay, okay, both things are bad.

3 Totally Winning Halloween... For Being Creepy

via Bored Panda

On the one hand, it's kind of adorable that a dad and his daughter would choose to wear similar Halloween costumes. On the other hand, perhaps that's not the greatest idea ever because then you get a result like this one.

If the daughter was wearing something more age-appropriate, we'd be a lot happier. As it stands, though, she looks way too old, mature, and grown-up.

2 Why Are They Both Looking At The Camera Like That?!

via gladhesnotmydad.wordpress.com

And then there are father/daughter photos that are so creepy because they're staring at the camera with the strangest expression ever. This is a good example of that kind of situation.

They honestly look like something out of a horror film, and we're just not here for it. We're not here for it at all.

1 The King And Queen Of Weird Dad/ Daughter Photos

via Today.com

We get that many dads think that their daughter is their little princess. And that can be cute... even if you're not big on the whole princess thing.

But literally saying that you're the king and you and your little girl have to wear crowns? We're going to pass on that. This is another father/daughter pic that just isn't normal.

Sources: Today.com, Elitereaders.com, Guff.com

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