17 Gypsy Brides Who Were Upstaged By Their Own OTT Dress

Many girls dream of getting married in a big, poufy princess-style dress... but the reality TV series Big Fat Gypsy Wedding definitely takes things to another level. The Channel 4 show aired for four seasons from 2010 to 2015 and there has been a U.S. version as well.

While it's definitely awesome to wear the dress of your dreams and everyone should feel gorgeous and special on their big day, there are tons of dresses out there that really take the cake in terms of extreme wedding gowns. Whether there's a huge train or they're a bright color, these items of clothing are a lot to take in. We can't help but wonder if these were really hard to walk and move around in.

Here are 17 Gypsy brides who were upstaged by their own OTT wedding dress.

17 This Bride's Dream Dress Is Our Nightmare

via Daily Mail

The bridesmaids in the background of this photo look a little concerned, which might prove that, yup, this dress is a bit much.

The skirt is honestly so incredibly poufy that it looks like it weighs thousands of pounds. It would be tough to move in this thing, that's for sure.

16 She's Totally Being Swallowed Up By This Gown

via TLC.com

When you need your bridesmaids and best friends to literally hold onto your wedding dress for you, that might be a sign that it's OTT.

If that wasn't enough, this bride's wearing a huge crown as well. We think that this is all very intense... and even the bridesmaids are wearing intense dresses.

15 Orange You Glad This Isn't Your Wedding Dress?

via Starcasm

When brides are picking out their wedding gowns, orange isn't exactly a typical color. And having a massive orange rose on the side of your dress might not be what many brides have in mind, either.

It's safe to say that this bride was also upstaged by her completely over-the-top dress. At least her groom is matching?!

14 Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue... And This Isn't The Wedding Dress For You

via Boston Herald

Sure, white roses are often part of a bride's bouquet or the wedding decor on the tables for the reception. But roses on the dress? That's another story.

This is another bride who is totally overshadowed by her massive gown. In this case, she wore a dress on her big day with roses on the bottom of the skirt, and it's a lot to deal with.

13 There Are Princess Gowns... And Then There's This

via The Irish Sun

This bride is also wearing a completely OTT wedding gown that totally swallows her up, like many of the others on this list.

In this case, this pink confection makes us realize that while a princess-style gown is really nice, this takes things a bit too far. And the pink is too bubblegum.

12 The Dress Is As Big As An Entire Room

via vittnerpartner.com

Ballgowns are one thing, and we would venture to say that this particular wedding dress is even bigger than a typical gown that a princess would wear to a fancy ball.

We'd love to measure this skirt and figure out just how big it really is. It seems so overpowering.

11 It's Short And Long At The Same Time

via Starcasm

Honestly, when it comes to wedding dresses (or even dresses in general), it's a good idea to choose a short or long gown and call it a day.

This bride opted for a super long train but the front of her dress is really short, revealing some light blue fabric underneath. The combination is very OTT.

10 We're Not Even Sure Where To Start

via Radio Times

Wanting to wear a wedding dress that isn't your typical and traditional white gown is one thing.

Wanting to wear a wedding dress that has a white bodice, red stripes on the front, a big red bow on the side, and black and white polka dots on the skirt? We have to say that this isn't something that you see every day...

9 Not Sure About A Blue Bridal Gown

via TLC UK

It's totally traditional to wear "something blue" on your wedding day... but many people who follow that route will do something small.

Not every bride wants to wear a bright blue wedding dress. While being creative is cool, this dress is too intense for us. This shade is too OTT and so is the design.

8 No Wedding Dress Should Have A Crop Top

via HuffPost

Okay, so we think that wedding dress shopping should have one major rule: don't pick out a dress that has a crop top included.

The truth is that this wedding gown would be too much and too OTT even without the cut-out in front, but this looks like a bikini top was attached to a huge poufy gown.

7 Where There's Smoke, There's.... An Ugly Wedding Dress

via The List

Sorry but... what's with the smoke here? And the sparklers? And the tall crown and, oh yeah, this super confusing wedding dress?

This dress honestly isn't flattering at all and we're not sure why the bride picked it out. It looks super uncomfortable, and shouldn't you be at least a little bit comfy on such a special day?

6 Can She Even Walk In That Dress?!

via Pinterest

Most brides would love to be able to move around on their wedding day. Sure, it's a long day of photos and greeting guests, but you don't exactly want to feel like you're going to trip no matter which way you turn.

It's tough to imagine this bride being able to walk and move. Her skirt is so massive.

5 You Don't See A Hot Pink Wedding Dress Every Day

via In Touch Weekly

Hot pink is a tough color to pull off even when it's not a fancy wedding gown. You really have to want to stand out in a crowd when you choose this shade.

And this bride does stand out... or should we say that her dress does. The more we look at this pink gown, the brighter it seems to get.

4 What's Worse, The Bridal Gown Or The Bridesmaids Dresses?

via RTE

While pink bridesmaids dresses can be beautiful and that's a fairly classic way to go, hot pink is a lot. It's pretty extreme.

When looking at this photo, we can't help but think that both the bridal gown and the bridesmaids' dresses are really OTT. The bride looks totally taken over by her dress.

3 Everyone Wants To Look Like A Mermaid On Their Big Day

via The Telegraph

It's impossible to look at this and not think that this wedding dress looks like a mermaid's gown. It might be the pineapple in front. Or the bottom which honestly looks like plastic bags.

We have a lot of questions. Most of all, we're wondering what the theme of this wedding was?!

2 Something Borrowed, Something Blue

via Flowers Healthy

When choosing a wedding gown, a light blue might even be super risky. It's not really the route that many brides go down. White is more classic and traditional, and we'd have to say that's probably for a reason.

This bride chose a turquoise dress and it's another example of a totally OTT design.

1 Maybe Kind Of A Weird Wedding Vibe?

via TLC.com

Finally, we have this bride getting overpowered by her black (yes, black) wedding dress.

The skirt literally looks like it's made of black feathers and even her bouquet is black. It's kind of a depressing look for what is supposed to be such a happy, magical day. And we would definitely have to say that this is OTT.

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