17 Hilarious Photos That Prove Parents Shouldn’t Text

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17 Hilarious Photos That Prove Parents Shouldn’t Text

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Parents, we love that you have learned to text. It makes our lives easier in so many ways, but maybe you should just put the phone down. And it’s not because we don’t want to talk to you. It’s just that sometimes, well, many times, you have no idea what you’re doing. BUT, it is funny. Actually, it’s hilarious. Oh, what am I saying?! Go ahead, keep texting us but maybe, just maybe, look before you hit send?

I cannot think of anything funnier than parents texting. The decoding of ‘language’ or the misuse of acronyms always ensues laughter. Below are some of the most hilarious photos that prove maybe, just maybe, parents shouldn’t text. Or at least not until they have learned a few things first.

17. ‘LOL’ does NOT mean Lots Of Love – Eek!


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16. Texting is NOT the same as Google


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15. Please don’t use our acronyms in a serious ‘mom’ way…


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14. Or refuse to let us teach you how to use acronyms


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13. Because then we can avoid things like this


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12. The space bar is crucial to our conversations. Otherwise it looks like a hashtag, without the #


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11. And if you want to text us, for the love of everything holy, please type something!


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10. Don’t be surprised if things like this make us want to tease you for life


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9. Your epic texting fails are quite hilarious, but they make us think of situations that we often don’t want to think about…


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8. Or make us realize that you may be clinically insane/awesome


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7. And we know you think you’re hilarious but sometimes it hurts our feelings


Via: pinterest.com

6. Or humiliates us


Via: lovethispic.com

5. You do give some good advice though. This may not be it but…


Via: ifunny.co

4. Best advice there is


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3. Ah, words of wisdom


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2. And just a few last reminders… Those emoji’s you use may not mean what you think they mean

FullSizeRender (5)

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1. And please, please, please… double check who you think you’re texting. Then we can avoid things like this


Via: pinterest.com

Here endeth the lesson…

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