17 Hilary Duff Workout Pics That Are Too Hot For Lizzie McGuire

It seems like she’s been around forever, yet Duff is only 32 which is pretty remarkable. As a teen, she exploded to fame with her hit Disney show, Lizzie McGuire. Years and years after the show, fans are still talking about it – the program is among the more popular options currently available via Disney’s streaming service.

Despite her hectic lifestyle, which features two kids and a busy work schedule, Duff still finds the time to get in a workout. Of course, the paparazzi are always there to snap a photo, but Duff really doesn’t mind, unlike some of the others in Hollywood. In this article, we’ll celebrate candid pics of Duff rocking some sleek gym clothing.

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17 Time For A Jog

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We respect the fact that Duff isn’t afraid to live her life, despite the madness known as the paparazzi, constantly monitoring everyone’s moves.

It doesn’t stop Duff, not one bit. Here she’s enjoying a jog, instead of her usual workout or fitness session. Never a bad idea to mix things up.

16 Yoga Ready

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She looks a little sleepy in the pic above. Given her grueling schedule, we can imagine that Duff might’ve been running late to her yoga session.

Nonetheless, she appears to be more than ready, with her water bottle in hand and yoga mat. She always finds a way to get in a workout. No excuses.

15 Post-Workout

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Following a workout, the metabolism is revving and clearly, it is ready for some food or a protein shake.

Duff goes to Starbucks instead, opting for a healthy and fresh beverage, basically something that’ll boost her energy just a little bit more for the rest of the day.

14 Pre-Workout

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Caught by the paparazzi and she doesn’t even know it – basically a classic pic by those darn lurkers, ready to pounce when you’re least expecting it.

We assume Duff’s picking up a beverage prior to the workout. We all have those days that the beverage is completely forgotten, though we only notice once we’re halfway to the gym.

13 Getting In The Car

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She’s leaving, yet, there are still several paparazzi around her. We wonder what’s going through her mind at this point – you’re trying to talk on the phone only to see several photographers just snapping away.

Unlike a lot of Hollywood stars, Duff handles it with true class.

12 Time To Go

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We’re really not sure how Duff does it all. She finds time to workout and not only that but she’s taking care of two kids back at home as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lizzie McGuire is set to make a huge return to television, with Duff of course as the star of the show.

11 Walking Away

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Duff has a tremendous resume and one that fans and critics would applaud for an entire career. Yet, she’s not even close to being done and the real kicker? She’s still only 32. All those accomplishments and starting a family at a young age, Duff is definitely a super mom.

10 Enjoying A Laugh

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Let’s be honest here, entering the gym or a yoga class is a lot easier alongside a friend. You’ll wake up that much quicker with a friend nagging you via text message.

Duff might have that advent, as evidenced by the photo above as she shares a laugh post-workout.

9 Roaming The Streets

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She’s roaming the streets and once again, the photographers have to take a pic.

In truth, we can already follow Duff via IG, where she posts pics on the regular. She also has quite the following with over 13 million supporters. Yeah, she’s still just as popular nowadays.

8 Pulling A Smile

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Now that takes some serious commitment. Not only are you entering the gym and on the phone but you still find the time in that good heart to bust out a smile – one towards that much-disliked paparazzi.

She’s all class and that’s once again evident through this candid photo.

7 Walking Down The Street

Duff did it all at a young age from singing to acting to even the ballet. She kept active and it would all pay off at an older age.

Of course, her biggest success and breakthrough would come with Disney, as the main character on Lizzie McGuire. The show enjoyed so much success that a movie was also made.

6 More Starbucks

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She’s got the drink in hand and ready to tackle the day. Speaking of her busy schedule, Duff would even manage to get engaged back in May, to her new partner Matt Koma.

They also have a daughter together, Banks Violet Bair, who was born at home in a water birth.

5 On The Go

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She’s draped in fitness gear and on the go in the picture above. Once again, she hardly notices the picture, she’s too busy living life and talking to a friend.

She’s all-natural in the pic which shows what a true beauty she truly is. Duff doesn’t hide behind makeup.

4 Exit Time

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She’s taking off and likely headed back home to take care of the kids. Duff isn’t afraid to take trips either, she works so hard that a bit of off time with the family is also needed.

Of course, the paparazzi are almost always there, she has lots of vacations pics from the past taken by, of course, those darn lurkers.

3 LA Life

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She basically sums up the LA lifestyle in the pic above. On the go, carrying a bag, while staring intensely at her cell phone.

We hope that text was in relation to a Lizzie McGuire return – fans can’t wait to see it on the Disney Streaming Service. So many classic episodes that the younger generation needs to watch.

2 More Post-Gym Snaps

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When you’re moving you just can’t feel bad. That’s the beauty of fitness, once you’re done, you feel like a totally different person.

A lot better than getting up off the couch after a Netflix marathon, feeling bloated and sore everywhere. You have to earn that Netflix marathon and Duff knows all about that life!

1 Fancy Gym Gear

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She has it all going on in the pic above from her flashy and clean Nike shoes to her yoga pants, which also look pretty darn new and clean.

It is another successful workout day for Duff, she’ll be feeling pretty darn good for the rest of the day, that’s for sure.

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