These 17 Kids Are Blessed To Have These Awesome Siblings

For those of us who grew up with siblings, all we can say is that sometimes it can be kind of, well, challenging. From competing for our parents' attention to claiming that they get the best of everything and we don't, there's always a lot of hurt feelings and resentment. That's not even mentioning those long family road trips where we can't help but argue the entire time (yeah, I'm sure that our mom and dad loved those vacations, too....).

That being said, having an older brother or sister (or a younger one, or a whole bunch of them) can be a totally rewarding experience. Who else can show us the ropes of life and teach us things that our parents wouldn't dare? We might not always want to admit it, but we really love our siblings and feel lucky to have them. Life just wouldn't be the same. There are a lot of siblings who feel the same way and it really couldn't be any cuter or sweeter. These 17 kids are blessed to have such awesome siblings, and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

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17 Dinner Date

What could be better than an older brother helping his younger brother out with his love life? Nothing. Nothing could be better because this is one of the best things that I've ever seen.

This guy decided to help his bro out by cooking dinner for him and his bro's crush. Pretty genius, I say. She really enjoyed the food, and as the big brother described in the thread—which continued for a few posts—they hung out in the living room for a bit and hugged. Awww!

It was a successful evening, all because this guy decided to do something nice for his brother. He posted a sweet throwback pic of them and wrote, "I'm incredibly honoured to nurture him into a man." More siblings should follow this guy's lead for sure.

16 Christmas Day

What do you and your siblings do on Christmas Day? Eat breakfast (preferably with cinnamon rolls or something sweet and full of carbs)? Open presents? Sure, you probably do all of those things since they're pretty traditional things to do on that winter holiday.

This brother and sister did something else one Christmas Day, though. They went to help out with an ambulance. Yup. They posted this photo before they were going to do this good deed and it's really sweet and heartwarming. It's so nice to see people giving back, especially siblings, and it's not something that we see every day or very often.

We're so used to seeing brothers and sisters fighting, but instead, these two were all smiles and doing something good for the community. 

15 Adoption Day

Oh man, this is just the cutest thing that I have ever seen, and if anyone doesn't agree with that statement, they don't have a heart or any feelings at all.

Just kidding (kind of).

But this post about siblings is really heartwarming. This little boy was finally adopted and became part of a family, and we can see the intense happiness on his face. He looks like he loves his new family; like this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. His sister is looking on with a big smile, and we can just tell that she's over the moon that he's going to officially join her family. There is definitely not going to be any sibling rivalry or drama here. And I can't help but love his little suit and tie.

14 Tattoo Memory

When their dad passed away, these siblings wanted to get a tattoo to honor his memory, and decided on Calvin and Hobbes. This is such a beautiful, moving example of teamwork and a family that really cares about each other.

The arm tattoo is really something special, right? None of us really want to grow up, if we're being completely honest, because being a kid is so much fun. So let's just agree that we're all kids at heart.

Of course, if we interpret the statement on this tattoo to mean that we never really grow up, then that means that nothing ever makes sense... And, well, that's pretty true. But one thing does make sense, and that's how awesome siblings can be. These are a great example.

13 Too Funny

If you can't laugh with your siblings, who can you laugh with? This family definitely has a sense of humor and they must have the most fun vacations and holidays, judging by their expressions. Or at least, that's what we can interpret from this photo, and it seems to be the truth.

These siblings are so awesome because they decided to make a calendar for their mom of family photos. There was one super creative and unique thing about this calendar, though: they decided to re-take some old family pics... with the best results ever. 

This one is a shining example of siblings who love each other and have so much fun together. I love how detailed this photo is, right down to the crazy and silly slippers that one brother is wearing.

12 Brotherly Parade

This guy posted on Reddit and said, "My brother passed last year but there was no way he was missing this parade!" Yup, he brought his brother's ashes with him so they could walk through this parade together.

So if you don't have a tear in your eye – get one! This is one of the most sentimental stories I've seen.

This is the sweetest example of brotherly love in the city of Brotherly Love. It's almost too much to handle. If anything was both sad and happy, it would be this photo. I can tell that this guy cares about his brother and really misses him, and this photo is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. It's really nice that his brother was there with him in spirit and that he was still thinking about him after the tragedy of losing him.

11 Family Photo

Old family photos are really something special. Sure, they're nostalgic and remind us of a simpler time when we lived in the same house as our siblings and could hang out all the time. It can really suck to live so far away from our brothers and sisters and only see each other a few times a year for the holidays. But old pictures are great for reminiscing.

This photo from 1993 is definitely a prized family portrait, but their 2015 version is even better. If siblings have such a great sense of humor and can re-take a photo that is so silly and ridiculous, they're blessed to have each other in their lives. They probably had such a great time taking this new photo and it must have been a moment to remember.

10 Brother Bonding

When their dad turned 50 years old, these two brothers decided to take a look at some family photos and re-take them. Talk about a brilliant and sweet birthday gift, especially for such a milestone birthday.

It's pretty funny to have a photo of two brothers when one of them was in the middle of brushing their teeth, which is what makes this so fun. I can totally tell that these two brothers have a great bond and that it has lasted over the years.

The brother on the right definitely looks exactly the same in both photos, which is always charming to see. It's also pretty funny that he has the same shirt, except the one that he's wearing in the more recent picture is a brighter orange. That's commitment to the smallest details that I can respect and admire.

9 So Many Years Later

This was part of the same family birthday gift as the photo above, and it's just as great.

Honestly, this pose is too adorable for youngsters and definitely puts a grin on me face. Do you think that this little girl came up with that pose on her own or did her parents tell her to do that? Either way, it's pretty awesome and proves that they are totally precious siblings.

I can't help but love that the brother has the same adorable, slightly lopsided smile on his face in both photos. 

He looks exactly the same... except for the fact that, you know, he's not a baby anymore in the photo on the right. I wonder if this family liked doing this so much that they decided to re-take family photos every year? It's a really fun way to bond with your siblings.

8 An Amazing Story

What if you had a brother and sister but just had absolutely no idea? It might sound like something out of a movie or TV show, and you might think, "That would never actually happen IRL." But this did happen to two brothers and it's a pretty amazing story.

In December 2017, college student Kieron Christian Graham found out that he had a brother. After taking a DNA test, he learned that there was a strong chance that a guy named Vincent Ghant was his biological brother. He messaged him on Facebook... and not only were they brothers... BUT THEY WERE ALSO ATTENDING THE SAME COLLEGE. turned out that they were both going to the same college.

How wild is that?! The two men eventually met and realized they only lived 15 minutes from one another.

7 Sweet Dreams

If you have an older brother or sister, did they sit with you when you were sick and made sure that you fell asleep? Did they literally rock you to sleep and hold you in their arms?

It's great in thought, but probably not... Not everyone is as incredibly kind as this little boy. And that's what makes him such an awesome sibling for his little sister to have. You can just see the love in his eyes and you can tell that he'll always take care of her and be there for her. You can almost see him getting worried about her staying out too late when they're in high school or wondering if her first significant other is good enough for her.

Also, let's talk about her adorably chubby little legs for a moment. It's just too much to deal with!

6 Sibling Love

This mom posted this picture on Reddit with the caption, "My daughter only have eyes for her brother" and it's just too adorable; you can actually SEE the love in her eyes.

First of all, this brother and sister are really cute and have adorable smiles, so that automatically makes this a great photo. The fact that she is staring at her brother with such love in her eyes makes it pretty magical. 

From this single photo, we can gather that she idolizes her big brother and that she's always going to think that he's the greatest person ever. She's always going to support his accomplishments and be proud of him and they'll probably rarely fight. (I'm serious, I doubt these two munchkins will argue.)

5 FaceTime Math

There are only two types of people in this world: those who are good at math (and love it) and those who are pretty bad at it (and who, therefore, totally dislike it).

A guy posted on Reddit and shared this adorable sibling story: "My roommate FaceTimes his little sister every week to help her with Algebra," and I couldn't possibly love it more.

When someone does something really sweet for their sibling that is out of the goodness of their heart, they're definitely an awesome human being. This girl is so lucky to have a brother like this and it's not something that most people would be willing to do. More people should be like these siblings and help each other out when life gets hard (and when they have math homework).

4 Stop With The Cuteness

Yeah, those two siblings are pretty adorable. It's impossible not to smile when looking at this picture of them which was submitted to The Huffington Post for a story about adopted siblings.

When this pic was snapped, the family had adopted this little girl, and she had only been living with them for a few weeks. The little boy was thrilled with his sister and was looking after her, including making sure that she didn't cross the street when there were cars. If that's not an awesome sibling, I'm really not sure what would qualify in that category because that is a really kind and amazing older brother. Who wouldn't be lucky to have him!

 No, you're crying, I'm not crying... I swear that I'm not crying...

3 Matchy Matchy

A lot of people say that their dog is like a brother or sister to them, since they care about them so much. Though they're not humans, they're an important part of a family.

A lot of us couldn't have gotten through our childhood and teen years without our family pet. They just mean so much to us and are there for so many special childhood moments.

Is there anything cuter than this family photo of two siblings and the family dog? I would say "no way" and think that most people would agree. Okay, maybe everyone would agree. The cloud PJs are even too cool to talk about. They're something that I would love to wear myself, even though, of course, I'm not a kid anymore.

2 Fam Jam Tattoos

The family that gets tattoos together stays together. Sure, that might not be the actual saying, but it should be, at least based on these epic siblings.

These four siblings proved that they love each other and are totally awesome by getting matching tattoos. Their tattoos say "1 of 4," "2 of 4," and so on to show that there are four of them and I think that's a really brilliant idea.

It's really nice to do something that reminds you of your siblings and makes you feel super close to them — even if you all live far away and only see each other for family holidays or other get-togethers. This is another joyful example of siblings who get along instead of just fighting all the time.

1 One Big Happy Family

Thanks to this Reddit post, we know about this awesome family. They are really something special: a couple already had five kids of their own, but they learned about six siblings who were in the foster care system.

When they realized that the siblings could be put in different homes and therefore wouldn't be together anymore, they adopted all of them. Yup. All of them.

Now this is really one big happy family and there are now 11 siblings in total, and it's too sweet for words. With all of the bad news that we hear all the time, it's super nice to see a happy story like this one, and it really gives us hope. Anytime that I'm having a bad day and need to smile, I'll think about these awesome siblings (and the others on this list) and that will totally do the trick.


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