17 Less Than Flattering Photos Of Tom Brady And NFL Players

Sport is guaranteed to do one thing. It is guaranteed to produce great memories, moments that stick out in history and we will cherish forever. Drama and excitement aplenty, and a lot of hair raising moments that make us go ‘wow’ again, and again, and again.

It can also produce many embarrassing moments as well. And those we will remember for a long time too. No series does embarrassing moments quite like the NFL.

With a rough nature and a lot of grabbing and tackling going on, there is always going to be room for a few misdemeanors here and there in any game.

So, here are some rather unflattering moments from NFL games of players getting caught in uncompromising positions, or just some good old funny facial expressions.

Some are definitely worse than others, but hopefully, you get a good laugh out of the lot of them. It’s what they are here for!

17 Cutler goes for it

via The Ranker

Former Bronco’s player, and now Miami Dolphins player, Jay Cutler is certainly not having the best of times here in this photo. Just look at that facial expression, is that one of a man having fun? I don’t think it is. No one falling in this situation is ever going to enjoy it, and Cutler really isn’t enjoying himself.

16 Cowboys

via Imgur

This certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Ride ‘em, cowboy’! You have to feel so sorry for the player underneath though, that really does not look fun. As with all players, Jason Witten is a big guy and so I think everyone in their right mind would feel uncomfortable with him sitting on top of you.

15 Antonio Garay

via Yahoo Sports

Not an uncompromising position, but…well, it speaks for itself. Antonio Garray has owned this Smart Car with the Hello Kitty on it for some time, and we are not really sure why he does so? Hey, there isn’t anything wrong really with Hello Kitty, but is it an image that some NFL players perhaps want to be associated with? Well, Garay certainly doesn’t mind!

14 A bit of Trolling

via YouTube

We aren’t sure what the heck is going on here. Does it look like a bit of japing and trolling might be going on? It can on occasion be a part of the game, as players look to seek a psychological advantage over their opponents and wind up the opposition. It can certainly produce some entertaining results!

13 An awkward face

via YouTube

Okay, we have all pulled faces like this before but not all of us have had the misfortune to have it captured live on TV. Sadly, for this player that moment was captured for the whole of the US, indeed for the whole world, to see. Still, as you will see on the list here, it’s not the worst thing to have been shown on TV.

12 A blow from the Referee

via Tie Breaker

I think the number one rule really, or one of them, is to never hit the referee. So what if the referee hits you? Well, that is surely just as bad! This ram felt the almighty force of the referee's fist, although his helmet certainly protected him from most of the blow. Weird things can happen in any sport.

11 Sanchez gets a butt in the face

via Writtalin

Poor Sanchez. What did he do to deserve this? This butt-fumble from Mark Sanchez has certainly done the rounds on the internet and has become quite famous, it having been dubbed as “epic” in some quarters. It was certainly memorable, and if any butt-fumble's occur now they often refer to Sanzhez’s like the ‘original’ fumble.

10 Tommylee Lewis

via Fox News

Whilst playing for the New Orleans Saints, Tommylee Lewis was snapped mid-air in what looked like a rather uncomfortable situation. Not as bad as getting a player's butt in your face it must be said! Whatever happened after we can only imagine, but it doesn’t look like it was going to be the most comfortable landings for Lewis after this incident.

9 More butt fumbling

via IndyStar

Like I have said, butt-fumbling seems to have become quite famous and quite a popular awkward moment for photographers to snap in the NFL. And why not? It is perhaps the simplest of ‘awkward poses’ to see but it is also the funniest, nothing gets a giggle quite like the butt fumble.

8 Terrell Owens snack

via Mulpix

What do you do if you are watching an NFL game and get hungry halfway through? Well you're going to grab a snack, aren’t you? Of course! But players might not be able to do so. Terrell Owens didn’t care a few years back as this picture shows, he just went right in for some good old popcorn to fill his stomach up.

7 Jacoby Jones

via Twitter

Poor Jacoby Jones. He probably didn’t enjoy seeing this when it popped up on NBC one day. They chose the most appalling photo of him in their little stat box. Not an uncompromising position, but a rather awkward facial expression that I’m sure he didn’t want to be seen on national TV. Hey, maybe he got a good laugh out of it?

6 Fighting the Referee

via Silver and black pride

Yeah, another thing that is not going to be high up on the rule book. In fact, pretty sure it isn’t in the rule book at all. If you’re going to disagree with the referee, don’t go and try and fight him. It is not a professional look and it is just going to land you into a whole heap of trouble. Do you really want that?

5 Reggie Bush

via Pinterest

He may now be retired, but that hasn’t stopped us from finding a picture of former running back Reggie Bush to add to this list. Whatever he saw in this photo, it was clearly attention-grabbing and surprising enough to warrant this facial expression from him! Hard to tell if it is an approving or disapproving expression from Bush.

4  Gronkowski goes for a throw

via Getty

Now retired but no less a star, Rob Gronkowski is seen here throwing a clipper ball during halftime for a Minnesota Timberwolves game and is clearly having a very good time whilst he is doing it. He might well be retired, but 'Gronk' is clearly still up for some good competitive fun and he more than likely really livened up that half time for the game!

3 Brady knows how to party

via USA Today

Does Tom Brady know how to party? Of course, he does. And he certainly will at the Super Bowl party! This photo in 2017 shows Martellus Bennett hanging out with what looks like a very happy Brady, as well as an equally happy 'Gronk' at the Super Bowl ring party. If you've got that many rings on your hand, why wouldn't you have fun?

2 Is that really the best pose?

via USA Today

Now, we are all probably going to agree that if we have a cool car, we would try and look cool in a photo with it. Tom Brady certainly wanted too with his shiny Aston Martin. Sadly though, whoever was taking the photograph thought that this would be the best pose for Brady to try and pull off. We aren't so sure if that's the case...

1 Kaepernick's face of shock

via Mercury News

We aren't entirely sure what's got former San Francisco 49ers and current free agent Colin Kaepernick looking so shocked. But it has certainly given us a pretty funny photo! Those wide aways certainly get you looking, and it is hard not to give off a laugh at the face Kaepernick is pulling in this picture.

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