17 Modded Cars That Shouldn't Have Passed Inspection At The DMV

At some point during the daily commute, when economy cars trudge along next to each other in lockstep and barely moving, everyone wishes their car was a little more special or had a bit more power. All the nearly identical cars being produced by most major manufacturers don't help drivers feel like they've got something special on their hands, either.

Not everyone has the funds, time, or knowledge to undertake a custom modification project on their car. On the other hand, many of the people who do have the time, money, and skill to do so lack a crucial ingredient: wisdom. A huge proportion of modded cars turns out so ugly that they should be illegal. In some cases, the changes actually do result in cars being unable to pass safety and smog inspections.

Keep scrolling for 17 modded cars so terrible that they should be outlawed.

17 Join The Rebellion


This car has been modded to look like an X-Wing from the original Star Wars movies, and was actually used as a prop car by Stan Lee at Comic Con. But there's absolutely zero chance that this car is safe to drive. From the tacked-on body panels to the enormous droid blocking the rear window, this car would be dangerous even in slow traffic.

16 Underglow

via Neon Underglow Laws

Underglow lighting on cars is illegal in most regions because it can confuse other drivers. Another cause for concern is that amateurs installing electrical wiring throughout a car are likely to cause an increased fire risk. And yet, plenty of modders figure out a way to skirt around the rules and get underglow installed on their cars.

15 So Ugly

via Dorkly

Dodge scored a massive hit with the Viper when it debuted all the way back in 1991. This car was simple, powerful, and awesome to look at. Most terrifying was the V10 engine paired with zero driver's aids. Though sales never quite matched expectations, the Viper remains famous. All except this one, that is, which is so ugly it should be banned from the roads.

14 Pig Nose

via Motor1

The two enormous turbochargers on this Camaro definitely would never be allowed on a road-going car. Any smog station attendant would just shake their head, knowing there's a zero percent chance the car would ever pass emissions or safety testing. This is so egregious, it's probably not even allowed in most drag racing categories.

13 Air Force None

via BestRide

One of the most considerable deterrents to private plane ownership is the fact that planes have to be taken apart to the nuts and bolts essentially once a year to remain approved for flight. This terrible modded car, though, won't ever have to be taken apart to stay on the roads, though for safety reasons alone, that tail and the prop should be against the law.

12 Donk Plow

via Reddit

Donks are bad enough that many of them shouldn't be allowed to drive—even if they can barely drive at all because of their absurd suspension, wheels, and low-profile tires. But turning a donk into a snowplow is not about to help anyone drive around in the winter. The driver will be out of control in any slippery situation.

11 Riveting

via Dorkly

There are so many terrible fan-made Batmobile renditions out there that it's almost amazing there isn't a specific piece of legislation outlawing such silly modding projects. All those rivets holding this car together look relatively professional. But where was that skill during the design phase, when anyone could see that this project was going to turn out terribly?

10 Bug Cheval

via Pinterest

This custom project looks like a strange combination between a Volkswagen Beetle and a Citroen 4CV. But whatever the builder was going for, the result could barely have been uglier. The transition from the front fender to the quarter panel is about as bad as possible, almost looking like the car was in an accident already.

9 Clean Diesel

via DrivingLine

Modders who obsess over the Fast and Furious movies love to bolt absurd exhaust pipes onto their JDM-inspired imports. Those setups are about as useless as this one, which is strictly hilarious rather than functionally important. There's no way a truck with this mod would ever pass inspection; luckily, exhaust tips are relatively easy to swap out come smog test time.

8 Roll That Coal

via YouTube

Rolling coal must be one of the absolute silliest automotive fads—and in a world where stance nation has become popular, that's truly saying something. Adding charcoal to an exhaust system just to upset eco-conscious Prius drivers may seem funny for a second, but the reality of the joke wears off in about seven seconds.

7 Stance It Up

via Stance:Nation

Speaking of the fad known as stance nation, this highly modded Honda Civic is a reminder of just how many cars the trend has ruined. There's nothing wrong with a Civic, to begin with, but they're just not sports cars and even with all the money thrown at this coupe, it's not going to perform well. Of course, these specific mods wouldn't make even the best sports car perform better, all the while increasing the likelihood that the oil pan tears off.

6 Not So Mini

via Engine Swap Depot

BMW brought the Mini Cooper back with a stellar design and some respectable engine options, especially on John Cooper Works editions. But plenty of Mini owners have gone one step further, modding their cars with ridiculous engine swaps like the V8 turbo-powered example. But that engine bay just won't allow this car to both feature a V8 and pass inspection.

5 Please Don't

via Jalopnik

This maniac took his McLaren SLR and turned it into a Hot Wheels-inspired monstrosity that should never be allowed to take to the streets. Any modder or tuner who would be willing to ruin such an awesome car will definitely not have the talent to match their vision, and there's a good chance those plastic body kit pieces might fly off at any moment.

4 But Why?

via Miata Forum

This Corvette is just baffling. Is it a Batmobile? Definitely not. Is it a Corvette still? Not quite. Will it ever be salvageable? Please. This car should never be on the streets and hopefully, any smog attendant will fail it so fast that the owner won't even know what hit them. Is that actual grease on the outside? Maybe.

3 So Fast

via Motor1

This heavily modded Porsche looks like a child's rendition of a sports car, with all the absurd aero bits and the intake scoop above the cockpit. But in reality, they're all necessary since this 996 Turbo reportedly cranks out 1,000 horses. But there's simply no way a car with all the engine mods necessary to produce so much grunt would ever be legal to drive on the street.

2 Beefy Blower

via Pinterest

Not all modding projects turn out terrible. Some, like this Saleen Mustang, look pretty wicked (even if that front lip and those wheels are a bit much). But the blower poking out of the hood takes this car into full-on Dom Toretto status and pretty much guarantees that this project will never be street-legal in any region with actual regulations.

1 Double Down

via Legendary Speed

Sometimes, backyard mechanics and professionals with their own shops will start a project just to show off what they can do. This Camaro is the perfect example of a car that is so absurd that it will attract a ton of attention at any car show. Getting it to a car show is another story, however, since all the intake work almost entirely blocks the windshield.

Sources: Wikipedia, Jalopnik, and California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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