17 Obvious Mistakes In Movies That Editing Should Have Caught

Movies are magical, amazing creations that take hundreds of people to create. The professionals watch and re-watch every section of the film, editing and perfecting every frame. So when there are so many people taking charge of every little detail, it’s not possible that anything gets overlooked, right? Someone would have noticed if there was even the slightest thing wrong. Well, that’s what you might think, but it’s not reality. In fact, some of the highest regarded movies have obvious mistakes in them that really should have been caught during the editing stage. Are the professionals watching so mesmerized by what they have created that even they couldn’t see these mistakes? It’s a wonder that someone along the line didn’t catch them before they hit the big screen for all to see.

17 Cowboys are the pirates of the west

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The Pirates of the Caribbean is full of swash-buckling pirates that wear hats of all kinds. But we’re pretty sure none of them wore cowboy hats and sunglasses. Sure, you could consider cowboys to be the pirates of the wild west, and apparently they sometimes wore white hats and showed up on board the Black Pearl along with Captain Jack.

Some crew members need to learn the terminology behind filming.

When they say “action,” that means they are filming and you should not be standing behind the star while they do so. Perhaps this crew member was an actor wannabe who just wanted to be in the movie, however he made it happen. But someone should have caught this before he actually made it into the film.

16 When modern and ancient days collide

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Braveheart is filled with bloody battles, but it’s supposed to be encased centuries ago. However, when you look closely at the battle scenes, you will notice that the horses are charging away from a line of white vehicles. There’s a van in the lower right corner of this shot, for example. And there are other examples of the modern day in this film as well. Just watch for the cars in the background and you’ll quickly bring yourself back around to the modern day. Could that stuff not have been edited out somehow? It ruins the whole effect of the film when we realize the battles weren’t taking place on an ancient field as we were trying to believe. Perhaps there should be a no parking zone next time.

15 The extra cast member in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

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The Harry Potter movies have a lot of characters in them, many of which are children. They had a limited filming schedule because of that fact. So is that why no one noticed that this scene had an extra person in it? A person who happened to be holding a camera and shooting the scene from another angle?

Rule number one in filming is to stay out of the camera’s view when you’re not in the movie, right?

And rule number one in editing is to catch any of those mistakes that camera people inadvertently make. Sure, there are a lot of characters wearing black in this film, but still, if we can spot the camera, surely someone else could have caught it earlier as well.

14 Food can take on any number of forms

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Have you ever noticed in Ocean's Eleven and the other Ocean's movies that Brad Pitt’s character never seems to stop eating? It’s a wonder he stays so svelte throughout the film. But what’s even more amazing is that his food can change from one thing to another in the same scene. Take this example. First, he’s holding a cocktail glass complete with shrimp. Then, all of a sudden, he has a plate to snack from. How did that happen? Movie magic, of course, but a lot of the magic is in the details and someone wasn’t paying close enough attention to those very details. Did someone in props get fired over this mistake or was it the editor who really should have noticed? A snack is a snack, but the delivery is noticeable.

13 Is Frodo dead, asleep or undecided?

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It would be downright awful to get caught in a huge amount of spider webs. We’ve all walked into one at some point so we can all shiver together when we think of what this would be like.

But when it happens to Frodo in Return of the King, part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Sam assumes Frodo is dead when he finds him.

But should Sam really have thought that? After all, his eyes go from open to closed throughout the scene and then they open again. We’re positive they were meant to be one of the other, but with all of the details wrapped up in this movie, who can remember which was they did it in the last scene?

12 Teeth ailments can really sneak up on you

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In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, it’s hard to get over how gross Captain Barbossa is at times. However, there are times when the good captain looks almost presentable. Take a look at his teeth here. They look fully brushed and even a little white. So what happens a minute or two later when his teeth are suddenly beyond gross and riddles with disease and dirt like a true pirate? Did he eat some tar in the midst of battle or did someone forget to add his gross elements before that scene during a certain take? And how did no one notice as they watched the film over and over again, editing for details large and small. This might seem small, but it’s glaringly obvious too.

11 Julia Roberts really is magic

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We love Pretty Woman. It’s one of those classic films that doesn’t make much sense overall, when you think about it. But it’s still a love story and it helped Julia Roberts rise to where she deserves to be in the Hollywood world today. But there are things that are glaringly wrong with this film, beyond the strange plot elements.

For example, did she just start eating a croissant and then end up with a pancake?

How did that happen, exactly? She doesn’t get regular meals, we understand that so maybe she quickly finished the croissant and then started in on the pancake when the shot moves back over to her? Or perhaps, more likely, someone messed up in what they gave her for the scene.

10 What comes first, the bullets or the holes?

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If you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, you probably remember this iconic scene. But have you ever stopped to notice that the bullet holes exist behind the stars before anyone even takes a shot? We understand that there have to be a lot of liberties taken in movies, but part of their making is trying to trick us into believing these things are real. When they obviously show their hand, it doesn’t come across as believable. They can’t cover up the holes until they are necessary? They probably meant to and maybe in other takes of the same scene, they were covered. But the scene that they actually used? They’re there! And anyone watching the film can see the mistake so it’s strange that the professionals in the editing booth didn’t notice.

9 Objects are sometimes closer than they appear

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In Willy Wonka, everyone loves the children, right? They would never do anything to harm them—or something like that. So then why does the candy man pay so little attention to the kids in front of him that he whacks a little girl in the face when he lifts the counter to talk to them?

And she doesn’t even complain!

They just go about their business as if everything is normal. And, we guess, for the movie business, it is. But no one noticed this and called out “cut” so they could run it again? This is the shot that made it into the movie? Surely they had others from which to choose so why is child abuse included when they could have chosen another?

8 The moving allergic reaction

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Will Smith took on an infamous rom-com when he signed on for Hitch. He even had to do some makeup work to make his handsome face rather large and hard to look at. When he has an allergic reaction, you might notice that only one side of his face swells up in a huge manner. It's the right side, correct? But later in the night, it seems to be the left side of his face. And then even later yet, the swelling switches back to the left side. So which side is it? Could they not decide or did different people take charge of makeup on different days of filming? Those are the kinds of details that you’d think someone would have noticed, at least in editing.

7 Batman doesn't always wear eye makeup

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Okay, so it’s hard for us to believe that no one recognizes Batman just because of a mask. But it’s more believable because his eyes are shadowed with the black makeup that blends the suit in with his face. This is a staple that Batman has always had. No matter who has played him throughout the years, the eye makeup is there.

But for some reason, on this day of filming, someone forgot to apply it.

Was Bruce Wayne in too big of a hurry to get the makeup applied before rushing off to save Gotham? Of all the shots they could have used, they used the one that had the missing eye makeup in it. They had to have had others. Was he not properly made up in those?

6 Elves have the magic to change their eye color

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This mistake happens over a series of movies that are supposed to go together and coordinate. In the “Lord of the Rings,” you’ll see that Orlando Bloom’s character has startling blue eyes, which goes along nicely with his white-blond hair and other elfin qualities. Once he reaches “The Hobbit,” however, his eyes are dark again, almost black. Did someone forget the contacts or did something that happen in the movie warrant the change? Do people change eye colors that easily these days? Elves might have a little magic in them, but it doesn’t seem like eye changing would be at the top of their to-do list. We get that there are a lot of details in these books-turned-movies, but shouldn’t some editor have noticed the change?

5 The magic of movies takes over

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Ah yes, the magic of movies. It all comes together in a neat little package in the end, right? We’re supposed to put our common sense aside and just go with it, much of the time. However, there are some jumpy things that just don’t make sense, even in the movie world.

We give movies like “X-men 2” a lot of leeway, but when papers jump into blue folders with no explanation in a matter of seconds, even we can’t explain it. Our common sense can only be put by the wayside for so long and for so many things.

The President in the movie is a great actor, but even he can’t transfer papers that fast. And why should he? It’s not in the script for him to do so, right?

4 Clean up on aisle 4!

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It’s nice to work on a movie set. There are people for everything! If one of the stars is hungry or thirsty, there’s someone to bring them just what they need. When someone has hair out of place before a big scene, there are people on the job. And, apparently, when there’s a spill—even a necessary spill—there’s someone to clean it up as quickly as possible. However, sometimes movie workers are too good at their jobs. In this scene in Spider-Man, Mary Jane slips on spilled juice, but in the very next frame, the spill is gone. Do we have a case of self-cleaning floors that come into play before their time? A really fast intern who was just trying to impress? Or an obvious editing mistake?

3 The extreme wind on a set

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There are times that movies have to use wind machines. They need to blow hair here or there or they need to create a special effect. But why should it be windy inside this house during Forrest Gump? Is there a reason the iron fell over or did someone just accidentally move it between takes?

We’re pretty sure there’s no reason for it so it must have been an editing mistake.

Perhaps there were too many people eating chocolates from the tell tale box of life to pay attention to the iron’s position over Jenny’s shoulder as she filmed this scene. Ah yes, mistakes happen to everyone. But when movies this big contain mistakes, what can you trust in the Hollywood world of mystery and intrigue?

2 Not every costume is handmade from scratch

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As much money as they spent on Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, you’d think they’d get the little details just right. And yet, you can clearly see that Johnny Depp’s costuming isn’t completely original. It wasn’t handmade and stitched from start to finish. In fact, it’s really just a bandana from Adidas. And that’s fine—as long as we don’t know it. But when the tag is hanging out during a close up and no one in editing notices—it’s begging to be discovered. There are enough mistakes in this movie to make it a part of movie mistake history! And yet we still enjoy it, as long as we don’t look too closely at the details in order to distract ourselves by the mistakes.

1 Did she eat the apple or not?

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There are many things that are certain in movies. When Snow White is presented with the apple in the age old Disney movie, you know she eats it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need the prince and she wouldn’t get to live happily ever after.

But other Apples come into other films as well and their use is not as clear.

For example, in 50 Shades of Grey, she took the Apple computer home to work, but then once she got home, the Apple emblem had disappeared. Did someone scrub it off during the ride home or what? Did she stop by a computer store for a quick exchange that we didn’t get to see as part of the making of the film? Someone in props messed up!

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