17 Of The Worst Gifts Ever Given On Mother's Day

Mother's day sign fail

Since Mother's Day only comes around once a year, it's the best holiday to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Because she is your mom, you know that she will love anything you buy or make her... or almost anything, at least. We're not so sure that the gifts featured below were necessarily appreciated. But hey, I guess it's the thought that counts?

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Baby with mom tattoo
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17 Most mothers get angry when their children turn 18 and start getting tattoos. Let's just say this kiddo is getting a head start!

Baby with mom tattoo

16 What mom doesn't love shoes and pancakes? Combine both and you get... well, a lumpy blob sprinkled with powered sugar and syrup.

Pancake shoe fail

15 This kiddo "doesn't know" why they love their mom but look on the bright side: at least they think she looks young and thin?

Mother's day fail yellow card

14 Because cleaning up after everyone every day of the year isn't special enough? Thanks so much for the thoughtful cleaning products!

Mother's day fail cleaning supplies

13 Nothing says "treat yo self momma, you look older with each year that passes" like a thoughtful gift card for some botox!

Mothers day botox

12 These guys recreate the word "love" on the beach for their moms and the results are a little less toned and a lot more hairy!


11 This little one is thankful for the ever revolving door at the Bank of Mom. Who can argue with that?

Mother's day money card fail

10 Show mom how special she is by getting her these shoes that allow her to clean while she walks!

Mothers day cleaning shoes

9 The woman grew and nourished you in her body for nine months! Does "okayest" really cut it?

Mother's day mug fail

8 That moment when your child tries to makes you a thoughtful Mother's Day card, but really they just end up airing out your dirty laundry!

Mother's day card- mommy likes drinking wine

7 Somehow dad always turns out to be the "cool" parent, even on a day that's supposed to be dedicated solely to the motherhood!

Dad is better

6 When you have seen one too many horror movies and the wording of the advertisement is just so wrong...

Mother's day advertisement fail

5 It's safe to say that pancakes are a bit risky on Mother's day, maybe stick to eggs and toast?

Rainbow pancakes fail

4 When you really love your ma but don't exactly have money to buy her a card to celebrate Mother's Day...

Mother's day used card fail

3 Today your Mother's Day breakfast in bed comes with a lot of love (and a few hairs) in it!

Mother's day breakfast in bed

2 The poor soul who buys this for their mother may not live to celebrate another Mother's Day!

Mother's day carb control

1 This card skillfully combines Mother's Day and Shark Week into one! At least there are hearts?

Mother's day shark card fail

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