17 People Who Should Get A Raise For Their Hilarity

We spend so much time at work. Full-time employees are at their jobs at least 40 hours a week, but many often work more hours than that. That’s about 2,080 hours of our lives every year if we work every week and never take any vacations. So, it’s no wonder that we get burned out and bored at work and come up with hilarious ways to entertain ourselves. We could pass the time by getting the stacks on our desk lower, but why do that when we could come up with office pranks? Some people are also so brilliant in their work pranks that they should get a raise just for their hilarity. These people took time out of their busy work schedules to make a day at the office just a bit less dreary. You can lose your soul without losing your mind.

17 These dentists who wanted to make their patients less afraid of dental procedures

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Dentists know that people hate visiting them. As beneficial as a professional teeth cleaning and exam are for your health, it’s not fun to feel the instruments in your mouth. And cavities can be the worst when you have to have them drilled and filled. Don’t even get us started on root canals. So, these dentists wanted to put their patients more at ease and thought it would be a good idea to have funny smiles painted onto their face masks. But it’s actually rather terrifying. Imagine being under laughing gas when one of these dentists start working on your mouth. You would probably be laughing so hard that the dentist wouldn’t be able to finish cleaning your teeth. It’s still a really good effort that should give this dental team a raise!

16 These employees who made a robot by stacking condiments

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Who hasn’t stacked condiments at least once during their shift at a restaurant? But we highly doubt that many of us would have considered making a robot out of the condiments. That requires time, creativity and some serious skill. Maybe it was a slow day that this employee was able to put this condiment robot together, or perhaps they know how to work quickly. Creativity like this could be a great asset at work, and it’s hilarious enough that their boss should have given them a raise or at least some paid vacation. Paid sick days are a nice benefit as well. Stacking these out on the floor would definitely get some laughs from customers who came into the restaurant, but the masterpiece wouldn’t last very long out there.

15 These servers and bartenders who just want to have fun after work

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Serving can be a tough and thankless job. You have to be on your feet for hours on end and often deal with rude customers who can’t keep their rude comments to themselves. Then there’s the fact that servers make only $2-3/hour for their base pay. Without tips, a server wouldn’t be able to survive. And these servers and bartenders want to have some fun after work and don’t care who knows it. Maybe they weren’t getting enough tips and wanted to give their customers an additional incentive for tipping them. This sign is hilarious and perhaps even a little inappropriate. But it was probably really effective in convincing customers to tip them a little more this time around. These servers just wanted to have a great time getting drunk and naked after their shifts.

14 The person who made this tiny caution sign for an ant problem at work

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Ants can take over the office at work. You might spot an ant trail in the hallway and wonder why your company hasn’t hired anyone to take care of the problem. Well, this employee decided to make a tiny little sign that says “Ants Working.” Then they placed it right along the trail of ants. Talk about throwing some shade at the management who’s neglected to take care of the ant problem. The ants might be even more hard-working than the employees at this point. We’re chuckling at the simple hilarity of this little sign in the middle of the hallway. How long was it there before anyone noticed it? Hopefully, management saw the humor in it and decided to call the exterminator.Those ants won’t stand a chance.

13 These employees who made a toilet paper dress for a display

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These employees took recyclable fashion to a whole new level. For the toilet paper display, they made a dress out of toilet paper on a mannequin and then stacked the rest of the toilet paper around the display. The dress is actually kind of cute as far as toilet paper dresses go, and it probably took a ton of time to do that. Customers were probably in awe when they saw this particular display, which we doubt was sanctioned by corporate. But the employees who did this should totally get a raise just for being funny AF in the way they design their displays. Work is probably never boring with this crew. They probably got in trouble for opening a package of toilet paper, though. Probably not approved by the boss.

12 This employee who taped a photo of her head to her computer to make it look like she's hard at work

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Some employers want to believe that their staff is so dedicated to their jobs that they never go home. It’s unrealistic and unhealthy, but that’s the world we live in. This employee figured out how to get the upper hand. She made a photo cut-out of her head and positioned it on her computer so that it looked like she was hard at work at her desk from a distance. The only way you could tell that she’s not really there would be to get up close to her desk and see that the photo is attached to the computer screen. This is really clever and borders on diabolic genius. It’s the sophisticated version of placing a bunch of pillows under your blankets for when you want to sneak out at night against your parents’ wishes.

11 This employee who wanted to make sure everyone ate enough veggies

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Getting your staff to eat healthier can be a challenge, so these employers decided to take a humorous approach and play a cruel prank. They placed a veggie tray inside of a Dunkin' Donuts box and a plain bowl of fruit next to each other. Then they made a sign that told employees to choose wisely. If an employee chose the doughnuts, they soon discovered that they were tricked. What’s even funnier is the sign inside of the doughnut box that tells employees that they’ve chosen poorly. But they don’t get doughnuts now at all. It’s the fact that they tried to choose doughnuts over fruit. Veggies and dip can be a great snack, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the sweet softness of a fresh glazed doughnut.

10 This motivated employee made from plastic cups

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Why show up to work when a plastic cup robot can easily take your place? That’s what this employee did. He stacked together some clear plastic cups and made a replacement for himself. It’s an ingenious plan if you think about it, but not as good as the woman who taped a photo of her head to her desktop computer screen. This particular prank happens to be funny, yet it wouldn’t be able to fool even the casual observer. The boss would know that he’s definitely not at his desk right now. Maybe he made it after a work party or perhaps it’s just a slow day at the office. Everyone needed a life. This employee found an hilarious and weird way to deliver that laugh.

9 These employees who might actually be from 'Star Wars'

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What could be more fun than coming into work dressed as a character from Star Wars? Probably nothing. It looks like they work in a video or electronics store. Maybe it’s Halloween or perhaps they don’t have a strict dress code at this job. So, putting on a costume from Star Wars was how they decided to come to work. Imagine being rung out by Darth Vader as your cashier. Totally weird, right? Kids probably loved it, and adults probably did as well. It would totally change the atmosphere at work if everyone came in Star Wars costumes for the day. Maybe even take this to the boardroom as well. Going in for work would way less boring if we could come dressed like this!

8 These office employees who found a clever security cam hack

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Apparently, the boss wanted to keep closer tabs on his employees and decided to put up a camera to watch what they were doing in their cubicles. But the employees found a clever way to outsmart the boss by placing a photo of their cubicles at an angle for the webcam. That way, he’s getting the wrong feed and won’t see when they joke around or get out of their desks. The boss will probably find out about it soon enough, and someone will be in trouble. Maybe the boss will have a sense of humor about the whole thing, right? This was a creative way for the employees to solve their problem of being spied on. But even if we think they should get a raise based on hilarity alone, it’s not going to work that way in the real world.

7 Someone covered a car with colorful post-its in the company garage

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Covering a car in a bunch of post-it notes would take some time and dedication. But it’s a hilarious prank to play on one of your co-workers to cover their car in these little sticky notes. The prank works best for those employees who always park their cars in the same spot. You want them to be able to find their car, or the prank would just be cruel. The co-worker who did this should get a raise for all the effort they put into this prank. Hopefully, they put this much effort into their work in the office. It’s a brilliant plan because it doesn’t hurt the car at all to cover it in sticky notes. Much better to do this than to spray paint the car or something. That would be a mean prank. This one, however, is rather funny. But we wouldn’t want to be the one who has to pick off all those sticky notes before we can drive home from work.

6 When you come back to work and see that your desk has had a kitty explosion

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Do you have a co-worker who prefers dogs and dislikes cats? This person played an office prank by making the cubicle all about cats for their co-worker. From the screen full of kitties to all of the mouse pads covered in images of cats, this desk would be a kitty-lover’s paradise and a dog lover’s worst nightmare. It would also be a huge distraction from work. Everyone loves looking at cat videos online, even people who aren’t fond of cats. Cats have literally taken over the internet. And now they’ve taken over this person’s cubicle. But this prank probably still improved the day at the office. At least it was different and not as boring. We’ll take that over the monotony that working in an office can have on a daily basis.

5 This guy who brought the fun to his office cubicle because he couldn't go to the fun

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Sometimes you just can’t get away from the office. Your workload is so heavy that stepping away will mean you get so far behind that there’s just no end in sight. Well, this guy decided to bring the fun to work with him and made one of those colorful ball pits around his chair. It’s very clever, kind of sad, definitely hilarious. When he gets frustrated with his calls, he can just fall out of his seat into the ball pit and work off some of his stress. Maybe even stick his head in it ostrich-style and scream into the colorful void. At least he now has an outlet to deal with the stress thrown at him at work. Talking to people all day can be its own kind of hell.

4 Because nothing says forever like a cubicle full of Twinkies

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Somebody really loves Twinkies at this office. Or maybe they were buying them up after they heard about Hostess going bankrupt. Remember that? People were super-worried that Twinkies and other favorite Hostess snacks would no longer be sold, so they were buying as many as they could. Thankfully, the Hostess brand was preserved and we don’t have to live without our snack cakes. But this employee was REALLY worried and decided to stock up while he still could. He filled his entire cubicle with the sweet treats. And Twinkies supposedly have a long shelf life, so he will be able to enjoy those for many years to come. Or maybe he shared them with his co-workers like a good person would. That’s too many Twinkies for one person to eat!

3 Tricking your co-workers into thinking 'The Grudge' has come to the office

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Make a photo of a creepy ghost from a horror movie that will cover one of the ceiling tiles, like someone at this office did. It’s completely unexpected. And the photo looks so realistic that a bleary-eyed co-worker will freak out when they first look up. Has Kayoko from The Grudge shown up at the office? Is everyone about to die from some ghost revenge? This can be a hilarious prank that will freak out a lot of people and keep the day from being boring as hell. Co-workers will have a hard time working with Kayoko looking down on them. You’d probably never hear the end of it, too. Some people might consider it going too damn far….

2 These employees who raised their desks to the roof

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Working on the floor is so last year. These employees found a way to suspend a desk and chair in the air for a unique office experience! Okay, it’s probably not very safe. But the idea could be improved upon and make the day more fun at work if you could feel weightless and free. It could also make it difficult to work when your desk doesn’t stay very level. Crashing to the floor wouldn’t be any fun. But this would be hilarious to find when you come back to the office! Standing desks are a new thing that some offices are trying, but floating desks would something completely new. These employees wouldn’t be bored at work if they had to concentrate on not succumbing to gravity!

1 Work is just a rat race anyway

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Have you heard of the term “rat race” when referring to work? People just seem to be scurrying to work and scurrying home. We’re grabbing whatever cheese we can in order to survive. Well, these employees made it literal and filled an office with a bunch of plush toy rats. Imagine walking into this one day and being unable to find your desk. These plush rats are actually kind of cute, so we would likely keep a few of them for ourselves. This would definitely be an unexpected surprise when we walked into the office on Monday morning. Would you laugh or cry if you saw this? It’s a hilarious prank that would have made the start to the day just a tad more fun.

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